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Dual Credit Procedures

Dual Credit Procedures


The following procedures constitute the dual credit process at Pellissippi State.


1.   Faculty and administrators from Pellissippi State and the high school system identify courses that are appropriate and feasible for the high school students.


2.   Faculty from both institutions work together to designate which courses can reasonably be expected to be completed successfully by high school freshmen and sophomores.


3.   Each student who will enroll in a dual credit course completes an application to Pellissippi State and is assigned a P-number.


4.   Before the course is offered for the first time, the designated Pellissippi State faculty member and the high school teacher of the course, along with other faculty from both institutions as appropriate, work together to develop the course, including

  • for general education courses, ensuring that the high school course includes all the student learning outcomes on the Pellissippi State syllabus;
  • for career technical courses, creating a crosswalk that shows comparability between competencies in the high school and college courses and ensuring that all college learning outcomes are covered;
  • for all courses, determining appropriate assignments and activities for achieving the learning outcomes/competencies.

This planning may be done by curriculum teams; discipline faculty from both institutions must be involved. The respective PSCC department dean reviews the syllabus.


5.   Before the course is offered for the first time, the Pellissippi State appropriate curriculum team develops an appropriate end-of semester assessment to ensure that the high school students successfully attain the outcomes for the college course. This might be a final exam for credit, a portfolio of work accumulated during the semester, etc. Pellissippi State faculty designate the specific results on the assessment that will constitute mastery of the learning outcomes. The end-of-semester assessment for the dual credit course is the same as or comparable to that for the college course.


6.   During the semester, the Pellissippi State faculty member maintains contact with the high school faculty member, answering questions, reviewing assignments, reviewing ongoing assessment activities, and visiting the high school as needed. This process of collaboration and review continues in subsequent semesters.


7.   At the end of the semester, the Pellissippi State faculty member collects the end-of semester assessments and determines whether each student has attained the learning objectives for the course. This may involve grading a final exam, reviewing a portfolio of work, etc. For each student, Pellissippi State faculty provide a final evaluation showing the extent to which the student has achieved the desired learning outcomes. Students will be determined to have passed the course if they achieve the predetermined level of mastery.


9.   The Pellissippi State faculty member provides to the department dean a list of the students who have earned credit, along with an “artifact” constituting evidence of the student’s having earned credit (e.g., a spreadsheet showing each student’s results on the rubric or the exam; electronic versions of students’ portfolios, etc.). These artifacts are kept on file in the department, along with syllabi for both the college and high school courses.


10. The dean reviews the list and the evidence and approves the results, then forwards the list (on a spreadsheet including name and P-number of each student) to the bursar, the registrar, and the designated official at the high school. This step is completed as soon as possible after the end of the semester.


11. The bursar invoices the school system, which pays $25 per student per course.


12. After payment is received, the bursar credits the individual students’ accounts and sends an e-mail to the registrar authorizing granting of credit.


13. The registrar’s office records credit (a P grade) on each student’s transcript. Credit is recorded by midterm of the following semester.