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Dual Enrollment Procedures

Dual Enrollment Procedures


The following procedures constitute the dual enrollment process at Pellissippi State.


1. Faculty and administrators from Pellissippi State and the high school identify course that are appropriate and feasible for the high school students.


2. The Dual Enrollment specialist works with high school officials and department deans to determine which courses will be offered and whether they will be offered at a Pellissippi State campus or at the high school. To be taught at the high school, the course section must have a minimum number of students as determined by the chief academic officer.


3. Courses on Pellissippi State campuses are taught by full-time or adjunct faculty members and usually have a mixture of dual enrollment and regular Pellissippi State students.


4. On a high school campus, high school faculty member may teach the course under the following conditions:

  • The faculty member must have appropriate credentials in the subject matter as specified in Pellissippi State Policy 06:01:00 Faculty:
  • for transfer courses, a master’s degree and 18 graduate semester hours in the discipline;
  • for career technical courses, an associate’s degree in the teaching field or a closely related field and three years’ work experience in the field.
  • The faculty member completes a Pellissippi State employment application and fulfills all requirements of Pellissippi State adjunct faculty, including attending required in-service activities.
  • The faculty member is assigned a P-number and an e-mail account and has a file in the Human Resources office containing transcripts and other required documents.
  • The faculty member is observed and evaluated according to the procedures described in Pellissippi State Policy 06:01:02 Adjunct Faculty.


5. Students in Dual Enrollment courses must be juniors or seniors in high school, must apply to Pellissippi State, must meet admissions requirements as specified in Pellissippi State Policy 03:11:00 Admissions, and must be registered for the courses.


6. All Dual Enrollment sections follow the Pellissippi State master syllabus for the course; (i.e., dual enrollment students will use required course materials, including textbooks; complete assignments as specified on the master syllabus; and be evaluated according to the master syllabus).