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Pellissippi State Student Award Winners 2015-2016

Below are the academic award winners for the 2015-2016 academic year as follows:


Monday, April 25, 2016
Ceremony 6 p.m.

 This year's Faculty Member of the Year 2016 Recipient is Jerry Sherrod.

Outstanding Graduate Awards

Business and Computer Technology

Administrative Professional Technology
     Business Outstanding Student                                                                 Sheri M. Smith
     Health Care Office Administration Outstanding Student                              Anne Federer
     Accounting Outstanding Graduate                                                             Savanah Carroll
     Culinary Arts Outstanding Graduate                                                          Stephen Waldrop
     Hospitality Outstanding Graduate                                                             Alexander Oster
     AHEAD Management Program Outstanding Graduate                                  Emily Beeler
     Management Outstanding Graduate                                                          Luke Kellam
Computer Science and Information Technology
     Computer Systems Technology Outstanding Student                                  Jakob Myers
     Networking and Communications Systems Technology
       Outstanding Graduate                                                                            Clinton (Bo) Carbonell
Paralegal Studies Outstanding Graduate                                                         Kaitlin R. Johnson
Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs
     ACBSP Student Leadership Award                                                             Julian D. Martinez

Engineering and Media Technologies

Engineering Technology
      Civil Engineering Outstanding Graduate                                                Brandon Ramsey
      Civil Engineering Outstanding Student                                                  Michaela Stanfill
      Electrical Engineering Outstanding Graduate                                         Andrew Kirk
      Mechanical Engineering Outstanding Student                                        Miguel Velez Balladares
Interior Design Technology Outstanding Graduate                                       Fiona Holland
Media Technologies
      Communication Graphics Technology Outstanding Graduate                   Andrea Tedder
      Photography Outstanding Student                                                        Sharleen Foster
      Video Production Technology Outstanding Graduate                               Nick Alfieri
      Video Production Technology Outstanding Graduate                               Vinnie Alfieri
      Web Technology Outstanding Graduate                                                 Megan Charette


English Outstanding Student                                                                    Rebecca Lengfellner
English Outstanding Student                                                                    Brenda Tirado

Fine Arts

Student Art Permanent Collection, Outstanding Student                              Lila Charlotte Holdenried,for her painting titled, “After Oblivion”
Music, Outstanding Graduate                                                                    J. Wyatt Parks
Music, Outstanding Student                                                                      Tuan (Christian) Hoang
Theatre, Outstanding Graduate                                                                 Julianna Meyers

Foreign Language

Excellence in French Award                                                                          Skylar Webb
Excellence in French Award                                                                          Brittany Stevenson
Excellence in French Award                                                                          Bethany Hoskins
Excellence in Spanish Award                                                                        Gabriel Cole
Excellence in Spanish Award                                                                        Ethan A. Vals
Excellence in Spanish Award                                                                        Kayla S. Mumm
Excellence in Spanish Award                                                                        Allison L. Schlang                                                                                  

Excellence in History Award                                                                            Nathan Armistead

Mathematics Outstanding Graduate                                                        Rebecca Lengfellner
Mathematics Outstanding Student                                                          Simon Boka
Mathematics Outstanding Student                                                          Nick Jaser
Mathematics Outstanding Student                                                          Harrison Smith

                                                                                     Natural and Behavioral Sciences

Agricultural Science Outstanding Student                                           William Crofford
Allied Health Outstanding Student                                                     Savannah Silvas
Behavioral Sciences Outstanding Graduate                                         Austin Weaver
Behavioral Sciences Outstanding Student                                           Sydney Mollica
Biology Outstanding Graduate                                                           Zachary Conant
AlliedHealth/Biology Outstanding Graduate                                         Nathan Wells
Biology Outstanding Student                                                             Julian Martinez
Chemistry Outstanding Graduate                                                       Hong (Rose) Do
Early Childhood Education Outstanding Graduate                                Morgan Coram
Early Childhood Education Outstanding Student                                  Jessie Eakins
Physical Education Outstanding Graduate                                           Hannah Craig
Physical Sciences Outstanding Student Award                                     Miguel Velez Balladares
Teacher Education Outstanding Graduate                                           Jordan MacKenzie Satterfield
Teacher Education Outstanding Student                                             Devin Brooke Wilburn

Nursing Outstanding Graduate                                                                            Jessica Brown

                                                                                 Awards of Merit
Engineering Technology/Mechanical Engineering Award of Merit                        Ryan Duncan
Interior Design Technology Award of Merit                                                      Ashley Elcan
Media Technologies/Communication Graphics Technology Award of Merit           Angela Lamberson
Media Technologies/Photography Award of Merit                                              Amanda Swanson
Media Technologies/Video production Award of Merit                                        Sharleen Foster
Media Technologies/Web Technology Award of Merit                                         Chris Goode

                                                                               Nursing Awards of Merit

Jessica Anderson
Faiza Khan
Thea McGhee
Felicia Murret

                                                                   Student Leadership & AchievementAwards
                                                                                    Campus Leadership Award
Outstanding Student Leadership, Magnolia Avenue Campus                                                   Edward Gary
                                                                                                                                        Sasha Hines
Outstanding Student Leadership, Strawberry Plains Campus                                                   Jordan Hill
                                                                                                                                         Ben Yost                                                                                          Service Leadership Excellence Award

                                                                                                                     Abby Breeden
Mariana Marron

Outstanding International Student award

Hong Do
Nashwa Mohammed

Pellissippi State Altruist/Scholar(Shelley Grace Clayton Award)

Mikaela Kami Woods

The following Pellissippi State Community College students made the Dean’s List for their entire college career:

Geena Marie Ausburn
Carmen Nicole Bean
Kendall T. Blankenship
Simon Jude Boka
Jason W. Brewer
Kennedy E. Brock
Lisa Carol Burleson
Jacob Nathaniel Butler
Jennifer Renee Caldwell
Clinton Bocephus Carbonell
Megan B. Charette
Ashley L. Colantoni
Angela Paloma Duran Lamberson
Christina Haley Emitt
Sharleen Howell Foster
Bridgette A. Gardner
Seth Joseph Giles
Michael Christopher Goode
Nicky Alton Greene
Jennifer Dianne Hardin
Anna Julia Humphreys
Nabeel I. Jaser
Leah Katherine Jenkins
Taylor G. Jensen
Kaitlin Rochelle Johnson
Elise Ann Jorgensen
Christian Thomas Klenk
Megan Mackenzie Ladd
Rebecca Sharon Lengfellner
Julian Dominic Martinez
Michelle E. McAlister
Jorge Zavala Mejia
Jacob Lawrence Melton
Conley Andrew Munsey
Melinda Kay Narro
Janelle L. Piper
Kenton M. Pryor
Mahmoud Qasim Agha
Edy Recendez
Nicholas Amadeus Ruggerio
Cassidy Ruiz
Bobby Aaron Russell
Halie G. Sellers
Katelin Maria Sharp
Channing E. Sosville
Darwin T. Spradlin
David Alan Summey
Andrea Michelle Tedder
Noelle Cherie Thomas
Kayla Nicole Thompson
Canh Dan Tran
Brianna Joelle vanderVeen
Tara Annelise Walker
Mikaela Kami Woods


Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges—2015-2016

                                Student                                                              Nominator(s)

                        Victoria Culpepper                                      Lucinda Alexander, Lisa Bogaty,Amy Caponetti, Denise Carr
                        Hong (Rose) Do                                         David Hurt, Mary Monroe-Ellis
                        Christina (Haley) Emitt                               Berta Ward
                        April Gilbert                                               Noah Kover
                        Liat Koenig                                                 Susan McMahon, Patricia Zingg
                        Rebecca Lengfellner                                    Brenda Ammons, Christie Cunningham,Casey Lambert
                        Carlie Sims                                                 Chris Culliton, Lawana Day
                        Courtney Young                                          Dreama Bowers, Moira Connelly, Lisa Stamm


All-USA Community College Academic Team

Brenda Padre Tirado
Mikaela Kami Woods