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Who's Who 2013-2014

For over sixty years the WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES program has recognized students in over 1,400 colleges and universities for academic excellence, college/community service, and potential for future achievement. In addition to grade point average, faculty recommendations and extra curricular activities/community services were criteria considered in the selection process. The following Pellissippi State students were selected for membership to this prestigious, national program. The membership is published nationally each year in WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES.

NameFaculty Nominator(s)

Leina Beckner

Jerry Burns, Patricia Zingg

Katherine C. Chambers

Marsha Hupfel, Christine Plunk, Tom Richey

Betty Gayle Edwards

Becky Harmon, Betty L. Weaver

Timothy Andrew Frantz

Becky Milam, Kim Thomas-LaRue

Lisa Grunwald

Thomas Gaddis

Christian Harris

Berta Ward

Tresse Hicks

Ann Satkowiak, Chuck Wright

Joyanna Hirst

Stewart Taylor

Chisa S. Huffman

Susan M. Heyde, Marcia C. Hurt, Marshay N. James

Christina Augusta Kampas

 Michael Rose

Morgan Lay

Heather Schroeder

Belinda Nichole Lewis

Denise Reed, Gayle Wood, Joseph Zitka

Cassie Lopez

 Ken Swayne

Lori A. Monroe

Jerry Sherrod

Michelle Morgan

Linda Manning, Janice Rowland

Whitney Oslonian

Christie Cunningham

Neel Mahesh Patel

Tony Crossland, Mary Kocak

Sandra Pringle

Betsy Boyd, Diane Swanson

Ethan Richardson

Jerry Burns, Diann M. DeJulia

Chelsea Temple

Jacob Hamric, Christopher G. Milne

Jordan Toney

Lawana Day, David F. McNeill

Janice L. Vowell

Elizabeth Wade