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Advising - TN Reconnect

If you’re over age 24 or you’re qualified as an “independent” on your FAFSA, and you want to earn a degree — either as a returning or first-time student — then you’re a TN Reconnect student.

Adults may qualify for Tennessee Reconnect. You may be required to complete advising every semester of your college career, and to maintain a certain GPA and/or be enrolled in a certain number of credit hours each semester.


Complete PAWS to help you learn about your occupational personality.

Purposeful Advising With Students (PAWS) is a module designed to help you choose a career goal that matches your interests. When it directs you to take an assessment, be sure to take the 60 question version in order to get the best results. PAWS must be completed before meeting with an academic advisor. They will ask you about your results and provide resources for additional exploration.


Meet with an academic advisor.

Students are required to meet with an advisor their first two semesters at Pellissippi State. To set an appointment with an advisor, log in to the Navigate mobile app (App Store or Google Play) or desktop platform within myPellissippi and follow these instructions.


When you meet with an academic advisor, you will discuss the type of degree you wish to earn and what you intend to do with it — like transferring to another college or joining the workforce. Your advisor can help you select the correct classes plus special options that may be available, like weekend or evening classes or degrees offered as part of a cohort. Be prepared by researching this information:


Decide if you’re a Career or a Transfer Program student.

  • Loading... let you earn your degree from Pellissippi State and then pursue your career

  • Loading... let you earn a degree from Pellissippi State that is designed to transfer to a four-year or other institution


Get familiar with all of our Career and Transfer pathway options.

  • Transfer Guides are special agreements with specific higher education institutions that we’ve worked out for you to make transferring credits easier. If your degree program has a Transfer Guide, you can transfer your credits seamlessly to that other institution.

  • Tennessee Transfer Pathways are a type of transfer program. Specifically, you can transfer TTP concentrations (and there are lots) to any other Tennessee Board of Regents institution, public state university or University of Tennessee institution.

  • Loading... are flexible transfer paths that let you take the classes that will fit your intended major at another institution. This is a great deal, but there’s important fine print — you are responsible for ensuring that all the credits you choose to take will transfer and are appropriate for your major. We’re happy to help you, but the responsibility is yours.

  • Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association pathways help you seamlessly transfer credits to private or independent four-year institutions in Tennessee. TICUA pathways might be fully transferable or transferable with modifications.


Decide how you want to take your classes.

We not only have traditional class times during the day, we have lots of options to fit your schedule and your preferences: evening classes, online classes and even hybrid classes, which are offered partially online and partially on-campus.

Find out more about each option:
Evening Classes
Online Classes


Determine if you fall into a special student population.

Do you want to be a teacher?

If you’re an education student, you have special advising requirements. All education students — in our Associate of Science in Teaching, Early Childhood Education and General Transfer Degree programs — go to one place for advising. Contact Cindy Sauer for all the details.

Do you want to be a registered nurse?

To enter Pellissippi State’s Nursing program, you must apply to the competitive program after you’ve been accepted to Pellissippi State. Additionally, Nursing students have unique advising requirements once they're accepted into the program. Most students must complete nursing prerequisite courses before they apply for the Nursing program. Speak to an advisor for more details.

Are you interested in a cohort pathway?

Some Transfer degree programs are offered as Guided Pathway Cohorts, which means they are block-scheduled.

If you’re a cohort student, you have special advising requirements. All cohort students go to one place for advising. Contact Brock Evans for all the details.


Find out if you qualify for Prior Learning Assessment or Academic Fresh Start.

If you have tried college before, with perhaps not-so-great results, Academic Fresh Start can help you start over by calculating your GPA and credit hours toward graduation only on courses for which you have earned a "C" or above. You have to meet certain qualifications and apply to take advantage of Academic Fresh Start.

Prior Learning Assessment, or PLA, means that you can earn college credit for your life experience, military service, previous career and even volunteer work.

If you’re interested in Academic Fresh Start or PLA, ask your advisor.


Register for classes.

Once you’ve met with an advisor, he or she will send you instructions for how to register for classes in myPellissippi. Your advisor will send you instructions for how to register through myPellissippi. Once you’re registered for classes, remember to confirm your schedule and pay any fees before the appropriate deadline each semester.

Everyone must confirm their attendance. Even if you receive financial aid that covers tuition and fees you must confirm your schedule, or it will be deleted.

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