UTK Important Information

Transfer Students beginning Fall 2010 and forward

Transfer students must meet the minimum requirements stated below to be considered for admission to a major within the College of Engineering.  These minimum standards for consideration do not guarantee being admitted to the major.  The final admission decision for the major resides with the department head or designee. 

  • Must have earned a minimum 2.8 cumulative average and a C or better in each of these specific courses, or their equivalent: English 101 , Chemistry 120  (for Computer Science students: Computer Science 102 and 140 or equivalents), and Math 141 (and subsequent courses in the three sequences, if taken). If the student has completed any Physics course, they must have earned a grade of C or better. 
  • The overall record will be evaluated for quality and seriousness of purpose. An excessive number of withdrawals, incompletes, repeated courses, or failures may result in denial.  The Registrar’s Office at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville includes all grades in their GPA calculation. Repeated grades are included in the grade point average calculation.
  • Since there are no articulation or transfer agreements, it is the responsibility of the PSCC student to check the curriculum each year to ensure he/she is taking the correct courses. Courses on older curricula will be accepted at the discretion of the individual engineering department at the University of Tennessee. 
  • Information on this site is only intended for use while enrolled at PSCC. Once enrolled at UTK, the student should use the curriculum resources provided through the Engineering Advising Services at UTK.
  • The residency requirement for graduation stipulates that a student take the last 60 hours at a four year institution and the last 30 hours at UTK. For example, if an engineering major requires 128 hours for graduation, a maximum of 68 hours can be transferred from PSCC.
  • The four hour economics class at UTK , Econ 201,  covers both micro and macro-economics.  At PSCC, macro and micro economics are covered in two courses. Therefore the engineering transfer student should take ECON 2010 and ECON 2020 for his/her two social science general education electives.