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Pellissippi Alerts: College's emergency text alert system

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What Are Emergency Text Alerts?

Pellissippi State can send you emergency alerts via text message if there are any alerts or emergencies on campus — which may include alerts about emergency drills and notifications, closures, delays or inclement weather.

Your cell phone number is safe with us. We will never use your number for any notifications other than emergency alerts. Your number will never be shared with a third party.


How Can I Receive Emergency Text Alerts?

All faculty, students, and staff can sign up to receive emergency alerts — including closure and delay announcements due to inclement weather — in MyPellissippi. On MyPellissippi’s home page, under the “Online Services” tab, choose “Sign Up For PSCC Emergency Text Messages” and provide your cell phone number. If you’ve already provided your cell phone number, you don’t need to provide it again unless your number has changed.

Emergency alerts and inclement weather announcements will always be available on the College’s homepageFacebook page and Twitter account. Emergency alerts are also sent to all campus email addresses. Finally, inclement weather alerts will be sent to media outlets — including newspapers and radio and television stations — for broadcast.


What Should I Know About Inclement Weather Delays & Closures?

In general, the College will stay open as long as it is safe to do so. However, in the event of severe weather, the College may delay classes or operating hours, or may close. Any closing or delay due to inclement weather always applies to all College locations.

The terminology “one hour late” and “opening at 9 a.m.” mean the same thing, since the standard workday begins at 8 a.m. For staff, this means offices open at 9 a.m. For faculty and students, this means that classes beginning before 9 a.m. are canceled — even if they would be ongoing during the 9 a.m. hour — and that classes beginning after 9 a.m. meet at their usual time. These same rules apply to delays of two hours or more, and to early closures.


What If the College Is Open, But I Can’t Travel?

Once you arrive on campus, you’re likely to find that campus is safer than area roads — thanks to the efforts of the Facilities crews who arrive early to clear walkways and parking lots. If the College is open but an employee is unable to reach work, that employee will need to take annual leave or leave without pay. However, your safety is important. If you don’t feel that it is safe to travel, don’t. Alert your supervisor if you will not be coming to work. If a student is unable to attend a class, that student will need to contact their instructor.

More information for employees about emergency closings is available in Policy 06-15-00.


For more information or for help, contact the Helpdesk, or 694-6537.
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