Business and Computer Technology
Two APT students
APT student Jessica Tipton

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a good job after finishing my degree or certificate?

Yes, in fact, our most recent statistics (2015) showed 100 percent placement for APT students.

Can I test out of any APT courses if I feel I already have the competencies?

Students may take a PSCC Credit by Exam for these courses:

  • ADMN 1302 - Keyboarding/Formatting I
  • ADMN 1306 - Medical Terminology I
  • ADMN 1311 - Word Processing I
  • ADMN 1313 - Spreadsheet Applications

Students may also take the CLEP exam for INFS 1010 - Computer Applications.

Students who pass the CPS and CAP exams may also get credit for certain Business and Computer Technology courses:

Do you offer short-term certificate programs in addition to the AAS two-year degree?

Yes. We offer the following certificates: