Business and Computer Technology
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Business and Computer Technology Advisory Committees

Advisory Committee Handbook
The College maintains an active advisory committee for each of its career programs. The purpose of the advisory committee is to:
  1. assist with assessing occupational needs in order to keep Pellissippi State informed of changes,
  2. review program curriculum, equipment and facilities at least once a year and recommend program changes when feasible,
  3. work closely with faculty/staff to provide information about employment opportunities for students, and
  4. serve as a link to the community to foster public relations for Pellissippi State to business/industry and the general public.
Advisory Committee Operations
Faculty and staff support the operation of each program advisory committee. The following provides general information regarding committee membership and operational procedures.

Appointment of Committees
The dean, after consultation with the program coordinator(s), submits recommendations for committee membership to the vice president of Academic Affairs. Prime considerations for committee appointments include (1) technical specialty, (2) representation, and (3) position held in business/industry. Appointments to committees are made by the president in the summer of each academic year. During the spring semester, the program coordinators and dean review committee memberships to determine recommendations for re-appointment the following year.
Each advisory committee meets at least twice a year. Special meetings may be called by the program coordinator responsible for the program. In addition to members of the advisory committee, faculty members from the program, the program coordinator, and the dean attend the meetings. The following College staff periodically attends meetings: director of Placement, internship coordinator, and the vice president of Academic Affairs.

The program coordinator is responsible for developing a meeting agenda. At least one meeting each year is held on campus. The dean compiles and distributes the agenda and materials at least two weeks in advance of the meeting. In addition to the members of the committee, the following are notified of meetings: president, vice president of Academic Affairs, director of Placement, and internship coordinator.

Minutes of Meetings
The program coordinator, or a designated faculty member, is responsible for taking minutes of all meetings and distributing copies within ten working days to committee members and others notified of the meeting. The official copy of the meeting minutes is kept on file in the dean's office.

Pellissippi Mission Statement:
The mission of Pellissippi State Community College (PSCC) is to serve its community by providing college-level and non-credit courses and learning support instruction using a variety of delivery methods, including distance learning. The College provides support for teaching and learning, training and workforce development, and opportunities for life, civic and cultural enrichment.

BCT Mission and Goals:
The mission of the Business and Computer Technology (BCT) Department is to meet the educational needs of present and future business, computer, hospitality, and paralegal professionals.

The goals of the BCT Department are to provide the following:

  • quality credit courses, certificates and degrees to meet student interests and the assessed employment needs of the service area;
  • quality instruction by placing emphasis on the teaching/learning process, professional faculty development and selection/retention of outstanding faculty;
  • quality instruction that promotes strong communication with the community that fosters local, state, regional, national and international recognition; and
  • quality instruction that prepares students to succeed in upper-level courses should they continue their education at four-year colleges.
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