Business and Computer Technology
ACBSP Accredited
American Culinary Federation Accrediting Commission

Faculty and Staff Schedules

Business and Computer Technology at Pellissippi State
Name Program Phone
Lucinda Alexander Business (ECON) 694-6510
Cynthia Arnold Computer Information Technology, Program Coordinator 694-6436
Tyra Barrett Business (ECON) 694-6465
Tammie Bolling Administrative Professional Technology 539-7032
David Brown Computer Information Technology 539-7149
Regina Buckley Administrative Professional Technology, Program Coordinator 694-6413
Sharon Burlingame Computer Information Technology 694-6588
Amy Caponetti Business/Management 694-6667
Denise Carr Business/Management 539-7058
Lisa Fall Business/Management 694-6745
Tracey Farr Business/Management 329-3136
Mark Fuentes Business/Accounting 539-7259
Thomas F. Gaddis Hospitality/Culinary Arts 971-5246
Cathy Gao Business/Economics 694-6656
Constance Herinkova Paralegal Studies 971-5211
Mae Jean King Administrative Professional Technology 539-7018
Holly Knowling Business/Hospitality 971-5250
Gail Lambert Administrative Professional Technology 981-5365
Amy Lavelle Administrative Professional Technology 694-6402
Sally Lighter BCT Internship Coordinator 694-6597
Linda Manning Administrative Professional Technology 539-7142
Elizabeth McCowan Administrative Professional Technology 694-6470
Deanne Michaelson Business/Accounting 694-6484
Laxman Nathawat Computer Information Technology 694-6490
Gitti Negahban Computer Information Technology 694-6467
Charles Nelson Computer Information Technology 694-6469
Rick Oster Business/Accounting 694-6503
Andrey Puretskiy Computer Information Technology 694-6468
Gerald Richardson Engineering Technician (CIT) 539-7269
Yolanda Roebuck Department Assistant 694-6656
Janice Rowland Administrative Professional Technology 694-6487
Holly Sayne Paralegal Studies, Program Coordinator 971-5225
Jerry Sherrod Computer Information Technology 694-6637
Deborah Szwarc Business/Accounting 694-6491
Michael Wolfe Dean 694-6495
Joseph Zitka Hospitality, Program Coordinator 539-7276