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Student Conduct

Students are responsible for compliance with the Student Code of Conduct and Due Process Policy 04:02:00 and with all institutional policies at all times. Disciplinary action may be taken against a student for violation of the policies which occur on institutionally owned, leased or otherwise controlled property, while participating in international or distance learning programs or at affiliated clinical sites, and while off campus, when the conduct impairs, interferes with, or obstructs any institutional activity or the mission, processes, and functions of the institution. Institutions may enforce their own regulations regardless of the status or outcome of any external proceedings instituted in any other forum, including any civil or criminal proceeding.

Definition of Student

For the purpose of Pellissippi State policies, a “student” shall mean any person who is admitted and/or registered for study at Pellissippi State for any academic period. This shall include any period of time following admission and/or registration, but preceding the start of classes for any academic period. It will also include any period which follows the end of an academic period through the last day for registration for the succeeding academic period, and during any period while the student is under suspension from the institution. Finally, “student” shall also include any person subject to a period of suspension or removal from campus as a sanction which results from a finding of a violation of the regulations governing student conduct.


There may be situations when students, faculty or staff are confronted with or witness of disruptive, concerning or threatening behavior. If this happens, please submit the BIT referral form. If imminent danger is apparent, contact Safety and Security, 865-694-6649 or call 911 (8-911 from campus phone).

If you would rather consult with the Dean of Students initially, please contact:

Travis Loveday, Dean of Students
Student Conduct Office
Goins Building, Room 111

The Student Conduct office has primary responsibility for investigating alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct and Due Process. Through its educational initiatives and disciplinary processes, the Student Conduct office:

  • Engages students to accept responsibility as a contributor to the well-being of our college community and beyond;
  • Promotes student understanding of the harm and consequences of disruptive behavior and academic misconduct;
  • Consults with the campus community to create a climate of respect and civility that supports effective instruction and enhances student learning;
  • Investigates alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct and Due Process; directs adjudication and due process procedures; and imposes disciplinary sanctions when appropriate.

The values of respect, fairness, integrity and accountability are evident in all interactions.