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Student Conduct

At Pellissippi State, it takes everyone to create a respectful and caring campus community; a community where the focus is student learning and student development; a community where everyone contributes to the well-being of our college family. Sometimes inappropriate choices are made and certain behaviors do not align with the good of the community. Pellissippi State has established many resources and services that support a respectful and civil campus community. In addition, the College provides policies that clearly define expectations for students, faculty and staff and assurances of due process when violations of policy occur.

The Student Conduct website offers assistance to faculty, staff and students in the form of policies, procedures and resources relating to

  • The Behavioral Intervention Team and Threat Assessment
  • Student Rights, Responsibilities and Expectations
  • Disruptive Behavior or Behavior/s of Concern
  • Academic Misconduct
  • Discrimination and Harassment

 Faculty and Staff 

There are situations in which faculty and staff may be confronted with disruptive, disconcerting or threatening behavior. Many resources exist to support faculty and staff with troublesome situations. Immediate supervisors, academic deans or site campus deans, the dean of students, Counseling Services, student success coordinators and the Safety and Security office are some of the departments available for consultation. Just speaking with a colleague will sometimes clarify issues and help you resolve the problem.

In addition, the College established the BIT to assist with and respond to disturbing or threatening student behavior. If you feel a student is behaving in a manner threatening to others or to him or herself, or is making you feel uneasy, contact the team: However, if danger is imminent, always call Security, 865-694-6649 or 9-911 first.


As a student you may also have concerns about other students. Often students are the first to hear about dangerous or threatening behaviors or potentially harmful situations involving fellow classmates or friends. If you are aware of these types of behaviors or are concerned about another student’s well-being or the welfare of the campus, please contact the Behavioral Intervention Team,, Counseling Services or Safety and Security offices.

Student Conduct

 Through its educational initiatives and disciplinary processes, the Student Conduct office

  • Engages students to accept responsibility as a contributor to the well-being of our college community and beyond;
  • Promotes student understanding of the harm and consequences of disruptive behavior and academic misconduct;
  • Consults with the campus community to create a climate of respect and civility that supports effective instruction and enhances student learning;
  • Investigates alleged violations of policy 04:02:00 Student Code of Conduct and Due Process; directs adjudication and due process procedures; and imposes disciplinary sanctions when appropriate.

The values of respect, fairness, integrity and accountability are evident in all interactions.


Dean of Students
Mary Bledsoe