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Academic Misconduct

The instructor has the primary responsibility for maintenance of academic integrity and can issue appropriate sanctions to student engaged in:

  1. Cheating
  2. Plagiarism
  3. Presenting academic materials that are not student’s own work
  4. Taking a test, quiz, or examination for another student
  5. Providing others with information and/or answers regarding exams, quizzes, homework
  6. Any of the above occurring within the Web or distance-learning environment

Action Steps

Discuss with academic dean and submit evidence.

If sanction is F or 0 for exercise or exam...

  • Meet with student, present evidence and assign appropriate grade and/or sanction for exercise or examination misconduct.

If sanction is F for course...

  • Submit evidence and proposed sanction in writing to academic dean.
  • Academic dean notifies student in writing of decision and appeal process.
  • Refer to Policy 04:02:00 for appeals procedures.