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Resources to assist with preventing and responding to disruptive or inappropriate behavior.


Documenting Disruptive and Inappropriate Behavior Form
Written documentation includes description of what happened, what was said, when it happened, who was involved, what action was taken. Write objectively and give a factual accounting of what happened in a non-judgmental manner.

BIT Referral Form
Submit this form to the Behavioral Intervention Team


PSCC Guidelines for Dealing with Disruptive Behaviors in the Classroom: The 3-D View on Classroom Management

Student Code of Conduct and Due Process, Policy 04:02:00

Disruptive Behavior Process Flow (PDF)

Disruptive Behavior Chart (PDF)

NaBITA Threat Assessment Tool

Article: Dealing with Difficult Students and Other Classroom Disruptions

Email Rules sample

Discussion Board Rules Sample

Appropriate Online Student Behavior - sample statement from Regents Online Campus Collaborative website


Safety and Security Office

Counseling Services


Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

Dean of Students and BIT Chairperson
Travis Loveday