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Pellissippi State students save classmate’s life

row of 5, male and female students with security officer at end of row
Pellissippi State Community College student Eric Flynn, center, suffered a heart attack during a class in early December. He was aided by, from left, students Jordan Sugg, Alice Holt and Mary Elizabeth Sands, and security officer Doug Walston, who administered CPR and provided other emergency care until emergency medical professionals could arrive.

For Eric Flynn, the 2013 holiday season was a time to feel particularly blessed.

During an English class in early December at Pellissippi State Community College, Flynn collapsed at his desk after suffering a heart attack. Two classmates, Alice Holt and Mary Elizabeth Sands, administered CPR and emergency care until help arrived—and aided in saving Flynn’s life.

“If they hadn’t been there, I wouldn’t be here,” Flynn, a single parent, said of Holt, Sands and Doug Walston, Safety and Security supervisor at Pellissippi State. “What [they] did means the world to me, to my children and to my family.”

During a small ceremony Monday, Dec. 16, L. Anthony Wise Jr., the college’s president, recognized Holt, Sands and Walston for their actions by presenting them each with a Pellissippi State shield.

“The Pellissippi State shield symbolizes power and strength,” he said. “The gold color symbolizes wisdom. You used all of those things to take care of Eric and give him the best possible chance of success. We thank you for your great and heroic action.”

Flynn, a Business Administration/Management student, says he was making his way from the parking lot to his classroom when he began to feel tired. He remembers walking into English class but doesn’t remember collapsing.

Holt and Sands, both Nursing students, noticed Flynn slump at his desk and immediately began administering CPR.

“We were working on portfolios, heard a noise and looked up to see Eric sort of slumped over,” said Holt. “We jumped up and ran over there.”

Another student called 911, and Walston and Jordan Suggs, a lab assistant, helped the first responders find Flynn and get him on his way to the hospital.

Sands, who works at Parkwest Medical Center, where Flynn was taken, checked in on him frequently, as did Holt, Walston and others. Flynn was hospitalized for 11 days and underwent an angioplasty and stent placement, a surgical operation that opens a partially blocked artery.

“Everyone was going the extra mile. You’ve had a lot of people pulling for you, even if you didn’t know it,” Walston said.

“It’s overwhelming to know how many people care,” Flynn said.

For more information about Pellissippi State, visit or call (865) 694-6400.

Pellissippi State puts out casting call for ‘Unnecessary Farce’

Comedic actors and actresses: Try out your talents at Pellissippi State Community College. Auditions get under way at the end of this month for the play “Unnecessary Farce.”

Auditions are open to everyone. They take place 7-9 p.m. Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 27-28, in Room 156 of the Alexander Building on the college’s Hardin Valley Campus.

“Unnecessary Farce” is the tale of a police sting gone awry after a bumbling mayor, a pair of lusty civil servants and a Scottish hit man are thrown together. This is a fast-paced, physical comedy that will require performers to have perfect timing and boundless energy.

Rehearsals will be 7-10:30 p.m. Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Pellissippi State presents “Unnecessary Farce” at 7:30 p.m., April 4, 5, and 11 and at 2 p.m., April 6 and 13. Tickets will be available at

“Unnecessary Farce” is one of the events that make up Pellissippi State’s arts series, The Arts at Pellissippi State. The series brings to the community cultural activities ranging from music and theatre to international celebrations, lectures, and the fine arts.

For more information about The Arts at Pellissippi State, visit or call (865) 694-6400.

Pellissippi State students named to fall semester 2013 dean’s list

Pellissippi State Community College has named 966 top students to the fall semester 2013 dean’s list. Students are eligible for the dean’s list upon completion of 12 college-level hours per semester of college coursework with a 3.50-4.00 GPA. Pellissippi State honorees include the following:

Thomas Adams
Jordan Adkins
Devon Aeschlimann
Hunter Albert
Jenna Albrycht
Kaitlyn Aldridge
Jayson Alexander
Cody Alford
Daniel Allen
Savannah Amanns
Tyler Ammons
Julianne Anders
Avery Anderson
Tiffany Andrews
Garrett Angel
Robert Anthony
Ben Aptaker
Mobin Araghi
Aaron Archer
Luke Armitage
William Arwood
Winston Asher
Megan Aslinger
Karolina Assadova
Alexandria Atkins
Jenna Aungst
Keegan Austin
Michael Avery
Oscar Avila
Denisha Avrett
Eric Ayala
Alvaro Ayo
Krystallee Bailey
Jordan Baker
Timothy Baker
Victoria Baker
Jacob Balfe
Destiny Ballew
Frankie Ballew
Jason Ballinger
Peramuda Bandara
Travis Banks
Jordan Barbour
Kaitlyn Barger
Carrie Barnawell
Courtney Barnes
Sierra Barnett
Renee Barnum
Christopher Bartell
Desiree Bates
Abigail Baumann
Allie Bays
Amy Beam
Carmen Bean
Barbara Bearden
LeIna Beckner
Stephen Behan
Chelsea Belcher
Eric Belew
Nick Belitz
Brittany Bell
Erdenesuvd Bell
Taylor Bellisle
Charles Bennett
Amie Berney
Caroline Berrong
Alex Berry
Titus Berry
Ryan Best
Travis Bigwood
Felicia Bishop
Kourtney Blackburn
Cain Blanchard
Kendall Blankenship
Gabriela Bledsoe
Patrick Bledsoe
Johnathan Blevins
Dagny Block-Ward
Jesse Blum
Simon Jude Boka
Taylor Boothe
Jordan Boring
Chris Botsis
Caitlin Bowen
Carmen Bowers
Jason Bowers
Joshua Bowers
Samantha Bowers
Steven Bowling
Elizabeth Bradley
Erikah Bradley
Troy Bradley
James Bradwell
Alyssa Bragg
Nathan Branch
Shaylee Bratton
Heather Breazeale
Krista Breedlove
Renee Breiner
Lauren Brennan
Kendra Brent
Cory Brewer
Jason Brewer
Jessica Bridges
Cullen Briere
Amanda Brock
Kennedy Brock
Adam Brock-Dagnan
David Brooks
Jennifer Brooks
Anne Broome
Anna Brown
Joshua Brown
Raymond Brown
Sydney Brown
Tyler Brown
Kevin Brudecki
Bailey Bryant
James Bufton
Petr Bulkhak
Kyle Bumpus
Wyatt Bumpus
Krista Burchfield
Jackson Burdette
Landon Burke
Lisa Burleson
Clint Burner
Dustin Burnette
Katherine Burns
Summer Burns
Jacob Butler
Justin Bybee
Mercedes Byrge
Lauren Byrum
Jennifer Caldwell
Jeremiah Caldwell
Jonathan Caldwell
Billy Calwell
Cori Camp
Kaitlin Campbell
Kelli Canan
Vincent Cannon
Sokun Carathers
Christian Cardona
Zachary Carey
Kristen Carlson
James Carmichael
Dillon Carpenter
Miranda Carpenter
Cameron Carr
Daniel Carrell
Alicia Carter
Lancia Carter
M. Carter
Phillip Carter
Chris Caserta
Jesse Cate
Tyler Cate
Michael Cavitt
Angela Celaya
Rebecca Cesare
Brandon Chapel
Tiffany Chaperon
Carolyn Chapman
Elizabeth Chapman
Jeremy Chapman
Sharon Chapman
Jonathan Chase
Eric Childers
Taylor Childres
Edwar Aguiar Chinchilla
Dylan Chun
Justin Church
Nicholas Ciparro
Elizabeth Clanton
Ellen Clark
John Clark
Keira Clark
Rachael Clark
Casey Clarke
David Claybourne
James Clenney
Nathaniel Clifton
Trevor Cloninger
Maycie Cochran
Zachery Coffey
Darcy Coffy
Ashley Colantoni
Claudia Coleman
Devan Coleman
Daniel Collins
Emily Collins
Kristan Collins
Tara Collins
John Cook
Austin Cooper
Nick Coover
Meghan Copeland
Alex Corlew
Lakan Cornett
Micaela Cornett
Jaclyn Covington
Kaitlyn Cox
Laura Cox
Adam Crabtree
Rachel Craig
Brandi Crass
Catherine Crockett
Dwight Cross
Kelly Crotty
Nick Csercsevits
Betty Culver
Amy Cupp
Kendall Cupp
Jonathan Curtis
Nathan Curtis
Samantha Curtis
Douglas Dagley
Cassandra Daniels
Jason Daniels
Frank Darwin
Niraj Dave
Allan Davis
Allison Davis
Angela Davis
David Davis
Emily Davis
Howard Davis
Matthew Davis
Emanuelly Maria De Oliveira Sobreira
Kenneth Deal
Erica Dean
Natalie Decker
Jennifer DeFoe
Samuel Degregorio
Edward Deiderich
Amanda Del Moro
Joseph Delaney
Lindsay DeLay
Sarah Dennis
Kurt Denton
Robert Denton
Madison Dentz
William Derington
Jonathan Diegel
Brian Diggs
Alexis Dillard
Joni Dipatri
Victoria Dishner
Jacob Dohm
Christopher Donaldson
Kristy Donaldson
Guillermo Dorado
Kirsten Douglas
Michael Douglas
Brett Downey
Taylor Drinnen
Kimberly Duncan
Darren Dunlap
Thomas Duran
Angela Duran Lamberson
Katrina Duval
Joshua Eakle
Sarah Edens
Allyn Edmiston
AnnaMarie Edwards
Christopher Edwards
Jake Elkins
Kevan Elkins
Daulton Ellis
Payden Ellis
Cody Elswick
John Estes
Kristin Eubanks
Leslie Eubanks
Janelle Evans
Jordan Evans
Mikeala Evans
William Evers
Cody Ewing
Daisy Falin
Christopher Fancher
Megan Fandrich
Cody Ferguson
Leslie Ferrer
Lowell Fields
Gabriel Figueroa
Richel Finfrock
Almondo Fiori
Kaitlyn Fisher
Tyler Fisher
Whitney Fitzgerald
Emily Fitzpatrick
Devin Fladd
Tawney Flores
Brent Floyd
Sandra Fonseca
Ashley Fortenberry
Justin Foster
Savannah Foster
Sharleen Foster
Brooklyn Foust
Aaron Frank
Marissa Frankel
Matt Franklin
Samuel Franklin
Amanda Freuler
Bridgette Fritz
Christopher Gallaher
Steven Gallaher
Vasile Garbulet
Daniel Garey
Alice Garland
Charles Garrett
Kristina Garrett
Matthew George
Anthony Georgiafandis
Natasha Ghezawi
Matthew Gibbs
Margaret Gicheru
Rachel Giles
Shimikia Gillespie
Estille Gilliam
Erin Gilliland
Scottie Godfrey
Christopher Goetze
Jonathan Goggans
Madison Gold
Rebeca Gonzalez
Rosendo Gonzalez
Natalie Goodin
Zara Goodlaxson
Elissa Goodson
Analiza Gordy
Richard Grant
Darren Green
Gus Green
Nicky Greene
Caleb Grider
Jeanne Griswold
Christian Groff
Lisa Grunwald
Christopher Guider
Clarissa Guidry
Logan Gunter
Igor Gussev
Zachary Guzman
Rebekah Gyger
Nicholas Hager
Joshua Halcomb
James Hamblen
Jesse Hamby
Andrew Hamilton
Anna Hamilton
Valerie Hamilton
Riley Hammett
Laura Haney
Holley Hannah
Carleigh Harbin
Christian Hardin
Jennifer Hardin
Tommy Hardin
Abigail Harmon
Adam Harms
Ashley Harrell
Alyssa Harrelson
Christian Harris
William Harris
Ashton Harrison
Cassie Hart
Nathaniel Hartley
Janet Hastings
Brighton Hatfield
Brent Hattley
Avery Hawk
Kaitlyn Hay
Jackie Hayes
Jessica Haynes
Lauren Heath
Heather Helton
Scott Henderson
Erik Heng-Fischbach
Alana Henley
Rocky Henry
Aaron Hess
Katilyn Hibbert
Eric Hickman
Jeffrey Hickman
Christopher Higgins
Holly Hill
William Hill
Chelsea Hines
Steven Hines
Connor Hinkle
David Hodge
Hannah Hodge
Amy Holloway
Kelsey Holloway
Rachel Hopkins
Jason Horner
Jacob Houston
Ryan Howard
Kerry Howell
Bryan Huddleston
Sarah Huddleston
Wesley Huffaker
Candice Huffstetler
Jerad Hughes
John Human
Anna Humphreys
Kelsie Hunt
Samantha Hunt
Kathryn Hunter
Jacques Hurst
Rachel Hutchens
Erin Hyde
Kristin Hylton
Courtney Irwin
Harold Jackson
Jonathan Jackson
Taylor Jackson
William Jaggers
Heather Jannett
Brittany Janous
James Jardet
James Jarnigan
Nabeel Jaser
Leah Jenkins
Taylor Jensen
Jared Jett
Megan Jewell
Kimberly Job
Audrey Johnson
Bret Johnson
Juliana Johnson
Kaitlin Johnson
Lacy Johnson
Luke Johnson
Brandi Jones
David Jones
Forrest Jones
Maleah Jones
Michaela Jones
Brian Jordan
Elise Jorgensen
Richard Justice
Hailey Kachmarchik
Ali Kameh
Christina Kampas
Matthew Kane
Stephanie Kaser
Whitney Kaul
Noah Keener
Marc Keirn
Erin Keith
Robert Keith
Lindsey Kelly
Jason Kennedy
Otis Kennedy
Emily Keyser
Christian Kidd
Kevin Kidder
Hearan Kim
Sharyllynne King
Hunter Kitts
Matthew Kleinschmidt
Christian Klenk
Melanie Knapp
Rebekah Knause
Tanya Kocer
Maggie Kubarewicz
Matthew Labelle
Megan Ladd
Lucas Lafond
Lauren Lamson
Anna Land
Andrew Landguth
Jessie Lane
Michael Lane
Pierce Lane
Rosita Lane
Lauren Lange
Ashley Lawson
Sarah Lawson
Janie Lay
Morgan Lay
Nhu Le
Cade Leach
Kandyn Leach
Haley Ledford
Hope Ledger
Ji Ho Lee
John Lee
Riitta-Maija Lehtinen
Andrew Leming
Rachel Lemons
Rebecca Lengfellner
Christine Lentz
Chelsea Lessard
Charles Levan
Belinda Lewis
Kandyce Lewis
Nathan Lewis
Warren Lewis
Robert Lilligren
Joshua Lindamood
Michelle Lindsay
Mary Lindstrom
Anthony Lis
Candice Littleton
Jason Littleton
Olivia Lobertini
Wesley Logan
Lee Logsdon
Emmanuel Lokure
Amber Long
Angela Long
Caitlin Long
Victoria Long
Jennifer Loveday
Cynthia Lozano
Shirley Ludington
Dallas Ludwig
Seth Luedtke
Jose Luna Garcia
Tia Luneke
Brandon Lusby
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Edward Lyman
Taylor Lyon
Justin MacDonald
Daniel Mace
Austin Madden
Logan Madden
Boubacar Maiga
Daniel Maley
Caleb Mangum
Jade Mann
Kristen Manning
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Quynh Ngo
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Khoa Nguyen
Trang Nguyen
Van Nguyen
Julianna Nikolai
Abbie Nipper
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Hannah Noe
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Thomas Noll
Sydney Norman
Amanda Ogle
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Kacie Reynolds
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Macon Rowan
Hailey Rudd
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Tiffany Rullan
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Amanda Smith
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Laurie Spoon
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Boyd Wade
Stephen Waldrep
Leslie Walker
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Macy White
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Sydney Youngman
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Stacey Zupka

For more information about Pellissippi State, visit or call (865) 694-6400.

Pellissippi State student awarded local, national EWI scholarship

Widow. Parental caretaker. Displaced worker trying to earn a college degree to improve her value in the workplace.

If anyone needed a helping hand to pursue an education, it was Barbara “Lugene” Bearden.

Bearden is a student at Pellissippi State Community College, and her need—and efforts to do well in school—did not go unnoticed by the Pellissippi State Foundation and the Knoxville Chapter of the Executive Women International. The two entities partner each year to distribute $3,000 in scholarships to deserving candidates.

Bearden was recently recognized by the EWI local chapter with an ASIST (Adult Students in Scholastic Transition) Scholarship. The support was awarded by the Pellissippi State Foundation.

The mother of two grown children, Bearden is one of three students at Pellissippi State who each received a $1,000 scholarship from EWI Knoxville Chapter this year. She has since been named one of the 12 winners of a national EWI scholarship for $2,000.

The ASIST scholarship is available to adults facing economic, social or physical challenges who are looking to improve their situation through educational opportunities.

“The Pellissippi State Foundation is proud to partner with Executive Women International to provide scholarship opportunities to women who are working to better their lives by going back to school,” said Peggy Wilson. Wilson is the college’s vice president of College Advancement and executive director of the Pellissippi State Foundation.

“We like to recognize these women’s hard work as they pursue opportunities to improve their lives.”

Bearden was born and raised in Knoxville. She has been a widow for 10 years. After she lost her job due to downsizing, she cared for her mother, who passed away in 2011. Bearden is now studying Business Administration, concentrating in Management, at Pellissippi State and maintains a 3.65 GPA.

“While searching for a new job, I found that all the companies hiring for the position I knew how to perform required a minimum of an associate’s degree with work experience,” she said. “At age 54 and as a widow, I could not afford to start back to work at minimum wage and work my way back up.

“I need and want to find employment with a company where I will be of service, and where I will be well compensated for my expertise. With more than 25 years of working as an administrative assistant, along with my education from Pellissippi State, I feel confident that I will make a top-notch manager in any office.”

EWI Knoxville Chapter also awarded $1,000 scholarships to Pellissippi State students Leslie Ferrer and Riitta-Maija Lehtinen.

Ferrer is a native of Indiana and has three adult children with her husband, Jeff. She is pursuing Spanish and maintains a 3.8 GPA. Lehtinen immigrated to the United States from Finland and is majoring in Interior Design Technology. She maintains a 4.0 GPA.

For more information about the Pellissippi State Foundation and its many giving opportunities, visit or call (865) 694-6528.

Pellissippi State earns statewide accolades for student success in pre-college-level math

Pellissippi State Community College took top honors in the state in a number of recent reports involving learning support mathematics courses. Learning support mathematics prepares students for college-level math courses.

A National Community College Benchmark Project report for 2012 and 2013 recognized Pellissippi State as having the highest completion rate of all community colleges in Tennessee for students taking developmental math classes.

“Learning support mathematics is designed to help students become ready for college-level math classes in one semester,” said Mary Monroe-Ellis, the college’s dean of Transitional Studies.

The learning support mathematics program at Pellissippi State includes two hours per week in a regular classroom, two hours in a computer classroom and two hours in the Learning Commons, where students get support from faculty and tutors.

Another study, by the Tennessee Board of Regents, found that Pellissippi State’s learning support mathematics students were 189 percent more likely to pass their courses in their first term of enrollment than students in similar developmental math classes at other community colleges. TBR is the governing body for all Tennessee community colleges.

“Students are eligible for learning support when they score below 19 on their ACT math results,” said Monroe-Ellis, “and they then take a placement test to determine at what level they enter the program or, in some cases, to test out of it and begin college-level courses.”

Learning support mathematics students must pass five core competencies, with at least an 80 percent mastery level. Once they pass, they can move on to the college-level math classes required by their degree program.

A third study, the 2013 Metric Report for the Complete College Tennessee Act of 2010, showed that Pellissippi State students are among the top in the state to complete learning support mathematics classes. They also were found to be among the top in the state to succeed in finishing subsequent college-level math courses.

“That’s where the real success is,” Monroe-Ellis said. “We want students to pass learning support mathematics, but we also want them to be able to successfully complete the college-level math courses they take later.”

For more information about learning support at Pellissippi State, visit or call (865) 694-6400. To find out about all of the college’s program offerings, visit or call (865) 694-6400.

Pellissippi State students named SouthEast Bank Scholars

group of people holding a check
Pellissippi State Community College and SouthEast Bank officials presented Pellissippi State students with scholarships in November. Pictured, from left, are SouthEast Bank president Monty Montgomery, Pellissippi State vice president of College Advancement and executive director of the Pellissippi State Foundation Peggy Wilson, student Sydney Youngman, Pellissippi State president L. Anthony Wise Jr. and SouthEast Bank scholarship director Tommy Schumpert. Additional student recipients Jerri Reed and Michael Smith are not pictured.

The Pellissippi State Foundation and SouthEast Bank announced last month that three Pellissippi State students have been selected to receive the SouthEast Bank Scholars award for the 2013-2014 academic year.

The recipients are Jerri Reed, Michael Smith and Sydney Youngman. The scholarship will provide each student with $3,000 annually to reduce the cost of education and assist in accomplishing academic and personal goals.

“We are very appreciative of SouthEast Bank’s generous support of these deserving students,” Peggy Wilson. Wilson is the college’s vice president of College Advancement and executive director of the Pellissippi State Foundation.

Reed, Smith and Youngman join a prestigious group of students chosen by their respective postsecondary institutions around the state for exceptional character, academic commitment and community involvement.

“SouthEast Bank is proud to support Pellissippi State Community College in awarding scholarships that help keep our future leaders right here in Tennessee,” said Monty Montgomery, SouthEast Bank president.

“We are a true community bank operated by local employees who live and work alongside the people we serve, and we are committed to using our resources to reinvest in our schools, organizations, and neighborhoods.”

If a Pellissippi State student furthers his or her education at a Tennessee four-year university, the funds extend two additional years.

For more information about the Pellissippi State Foundation and its many giving opportunities, visit or call (865) 694-6528.

Pellissippi State plans New Student Orientation sessions

Preparing to attend Pellissippi State Community College during the spring 2014 semester? Make plans now to attend a New Student Orientation session.

The free sessions are required of all first-time degree-seeking freshmen. Orientation also is recommended for transfer students and those who have been out of school for a while.

The sessions give new enrollees the opportunity to meet with Pellissippi State students, faculty, and staff; learn strategies for college success; explore degree, major, and transfer options; and discover campus services and resources such as financial aid. Pellissippi State encourages parents, spouses and others supportive of the student to attend as well.

A total of nine sessions are offered. Students are urged to reserve their place in an orientation session as soon as possible. Dates, times and locations are as follows:

Tuesday, Dec. 3, 5-8 p.m. at the Hardin Valley Campus

Thursday, Jan. 9, 5-8 p.m. at the Magnolia Avenue Campus

Monday, Jan. 13, 10-noon at the Blount County Campus

Monday, Jan. 13, 1:30-3:30 p.m. at the Blount County Campus

Monday, Jan. 13, 2-4 p.m. at the Strawberry Plains Campus

Monday, Jan. 13, 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Strawberry Plains Campus

Tuesday, Jan. 14, 1-4 p.m. at the Magnolia Avenue Campus

Wednesday, Jan. 15, 9-noon at the Hardin Valley Campus

Wednesday, Jan. 15, 1-4 p.m. at the Division Street Campus

Pellissippi State’s spring 2014 application deadline is Jan. 6. Classes begin on Jan. 16.

Visit or call (865) 694-6400 to make your reservation. To request accommodations for a disability, contact Disability Services at or (865) 539-7153.


Pellissippi State Community College is a member of Tennessee’s Community Colleges. Tennessee’s Community Colleges is a system of 13 colleges offering a high-quality, affordable, convenient and personal education to prepare students to achieve their educational and career goals in two years or less. We offer associate’s degree and certificate programs, workforce development programs, and transfer pathways to four-year degrees. For more information, please visit us online at

Pellissippi State: Dual enrollment registers record number of high school students

The number of high school students taking classes in the Fast Forward Dual Enrollment program at Pellissippi State Community College this semester is at an all-time high, and overall enrollment for the group has jumped nearly 40 percent since last fall.

Dual enrollment allows high school juniors and seniors the chance to take college-level classes at their schools or at Pellissippi State and receive credit simultaneously for high school and college.

This fall, Fast Forward registered 1,128 students. That reflects a 29 percent rise in enrollment in Blount County, a 44 percent increase in Knox County, and a 35 percent jump in home school and other students.

“Fast Forward is a program that allows high school students who are ably prepared to complete college courses,” said L. Anthony Wise Jr., Pellissippi State president. “We are very proud that those students and their parents and counselors recognize the quality of our classes and faculty.”

“This is what it’s all about: helping students reach their goals,” said Spencer Joy, head of the Fast Forward program. “Our success is attributable to more dual enrollment classes being offered at local high schools and to building new relationships with high school counselors and parents.”

A Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation grant pays for eligible high-schoolers to earn up to 12 hours of college credit, and dual enrollment students can take additional classes if they choose, at their own cost.

Fast Forward offered 39 classes at high schools in Knox and Blount counties this semester, up from 22 last fall, and dual enrollment increased at 13 of the 19 schools where the classes are offered. Among those with record enrollments: Bearden High School, with 103 participating students; Farragut, 115; Halls, 96; and Maryville, 82.

About half of all dual enrollment students are taking classes at their high schools, with the other half opting for classes on Pellissippi State campuses. Fast Forward students make up 10.5 percent of the college’s credit enrollment.

Pellissippi State is looking toward continued growth in the Fast Forward program, and it offers numerous options for parents and students to learn about dual enrollment opportunities. In early 2014, Pellissippi State will host Fast Forward information sessions as well as a home school open house. The free events—both of which are open to the public—will feature presentations and question-and-answer sessions.

“Dual Enrollment allows high school students to double up on their learning and take up to four 3-credit classes that count for college credit,” said Joy. “Those students then get a jump-start on their college education, entering college as freshmen who already have 12 credits under their belt.

“The academic experience is very beneficial, but in many ways, the best part of the program is that high school students find independence by taking part in the transitional process of becoming a college student early, by registering for classes on their own and pursuing other formative college experiences.”

For more information about Fast Forward, visit or call Spencer Joy at (865) 539-7349.

Pellissippi State students earn second place in Knoxville Film Festival

Five Pellissippi State Community College students recently placed second in the student competition of the Knoxville Film Festival for their Civil War-inspired short film.

The six-minute film, titled “If You Don’t Run Fast Enough, the Past Will Catch Up to You,” is based on the story of Gen. William P. Sanders, who was killed in a skirmish only weeks before the Battle of Fort Sanders in November 1863.

The film was produced by Jared Lovette and his company, JXL Productions, in conjunction with Pellissippi State’s Video Production Technology concentration. Students Michael Hutchins, Jim Clenney, Robert Wills and Lori Fuller shared in the award.

“The film is about two modern-day runners who are running by the plaque commemorating Gen. Sanders, and he shows up magically,” said Lovette. “The long and short of it is, Gen. Sanders is not aware that he is dead and the modern-day characters must convince him that he is.”

Others involved in the film are Ted Lewis, Les Fout, Katie Lovette and Ross Bagwell Sr. Gen. Sanders is portrayed by a Civil War reenactor, Bill White.

“This was my very first film festival,” said Jared Lovette, “so this was a great debut for me. Who knows? Maybe next year, another team from Pellissippi State can enter and win.”

Jared Lovette and several others involved in the making of “If You Don’t Run Fast Enough” are Video Production Technology students. VPT, along with Communication Graphics Technology, Photography and Web Technology, is one of four concentrations in the Media Technologies degree program. VPT students learn techniques in all phases of video production—from script writing to budgeting, shooting to editing.

“Our students registered for the film festival in August and only had a month to complete and submit their short film,” said Katie Lovette, a VPT instructor and Jared’s mother, “so they worked incredibly hard, and achieved a great deal. We’re very proud of them and how well they did in the professionally judged student competition.”

This was the inaugural year of the Knoxville Film Festival. Formerly the Secret City Film Festival, the event is now under the umbrella of the Dogwood Arts Festival. The Knoxville Film Festival was Sept. 19-22 at Regal Downtown West Cinema 8. The festival showed a wide array of local, regional, and national filmmakers’ independent movies and short films.

The student competition was open to high school and college students. It was judged by film industry professionals John Feld, Dr. Earl J. Hess, Bill Larsen and Joan L. Merkel.

For more information about Pellissippi State’s VPT and other courses, visit or call (865) 694-6400.

Pellissippi State grad accepted to prestigious Atlanta photography review

Female smiling at a desk with portfolio open with portraits
Nicole Carnival with photographs from her portfolio, which features men and women in natural settings.

It was about a 1 in 20 shot, and Nicole Carnival, a Pellissippi State Community College graduate, made it.

Carnival has been accepted for participation in this year’s Portfolio Review, part of the annual Atlanta Celebrates Photography conference taking place this month. The Oct. 12 Portfolio Review allows photographers to meet with curators, editors and photography agents from across the U.S.

“More than 1,000 people apply, and the ACP only accepts 52. So to be chosen the very first year I applied, at age 21, was really incredible,” Carnival said.

Carnival’s submitted portfolio included three images of her fine arts work, all depicting women in natural settings.

“It was a difficult process to choose only three images, since I’d usually have to submit 15 to 20 for a competition,” she said. “John Edwin May, my Photography professor at Pellissippi State, helped me with the selection process.”

An image submitted by Carnival to the Atlanta Celebrates Photography conference’s Portfolio Review depicts a woman against a background of bamboo.
An image submitted by Carnival to the Atlanta Celebrates Photography conference’s Portfolio Review depicts a woman against a background of bamboo.

Carnival, who now is attending classes at the University of Tennessee in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in photography, earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Media Technologies, concentrating in Photography, from Pellissippi State in December 2012. Samples of her work can be viewed at

For more information about Photography and other Pellissippi State offerings, visit