Pellissippi State’s bookstore reports $93,000 in savings for students who rented books

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The bookstore at Pellissippi State Community College reports that students who rented their textbooks for the spring semester saved a total of $93,000 over the cost of purchasing the same books.

Renting a textbook can save students 50 percent compared to purchasing a book, according to Allison Crye, manager of the Pellissippi State store. This semester, the bookstore rented 3,016 textbooks, saving students an average of $30 on each, she says.

The total savings were printed at the bottom of each receipt, and often the amount saved by renting would be more than the total bill, Crye says.

“Students have so many options for renting their textbooks online, it’s great to know that the convenient bookstore close to campus offers real savings,” said Crye. “Plus, there’s the added benefit of students’ being able to pick out their own books and not wait for delivery, hoping the correct book will arrive on time and in good condition.”

The Pellissippi State bookstore is owned by Neebo, a national company that owns 280 college bookstores.