Pellissippi State presents ‘What Dance Moves?’ faculty lecture March 21

mjenkinswebThe Faculty Lecture Series at Pellissippi State Community College features a range of presentations, from history and hobbits to Shakespeare and economics.

Finding uncharted territory in this eclectic group might not be easy, but Pellissippi State faculty member Maggie Jenkins has done it.

“What Dance Moves?” brings audiences of the Faculty Lecture Series a fresh subject and gives Jenkins a rare venue to talk about how her art form has impacted society.

The event is Thursday, March 21, 12:30-1:30 p.m. in the Goins Building Auditorium on the Hardin Valley Campus.

“I have focused on how dance interacts with, shapes and sometimes downright controls community values throughout history, political movements, social concerns,” said Jenkins.

The scope of the lecture is broad, beginning with the dithyrambs of ancient Greece and moving toward dance in the 21st century. Jenkins does offer one caveat: This is not a dance history lecture. And it promises to be visual.

For the last few months, she has viewed and collected several video clips for her presentation. Some of them come from the world literature classes she has taught for many years.

Jenkins has an ideal background for this lecture. She earned a master’s degree in English from the University of Tennessee in 1972 and followed up with a master’s degree in dance from UT in 1982. While teaching English literature and composition, she also performed with dance companies and ran a dance studio.

She has always seen her vocation and avocation as complementary, with each experience informing the other.

“I enjoyed the balance throughout the years. I did not see anything separate between them, as a matter of fact,” she said. “Every time I’m teaching something in literature class, I’m very much aware of a choreographer or a piece of a ballet, something that would connect historically to what we’re studying. It’s just impossible to separate the two.”

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