Pellissippi State offers credit-by-exam testing to save time, money

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Knowledge from educational or professional experience might carry you further than you think.

Pellissippi State Community College offers the College-Level Examination Program, or CLEP, test—a credit-by-examination program that allows individuals the opportunity to earn college credit depending on their scores—not only to Pellissippi State students but to anyone wishing to take the exam.

“Earning qualifying scores on a CLEP exam can shorten the time it takes you to earn a degree and save money,” said Patrick Morin, a testing technician at the college.  “And it can reduce the number of introductory or general education courses you take.”

Qualifying scores on the CLEP can be forwarded to any college or university that accepts the test for credit, says Morin, meaning test-takers don’t need to attend Pellissippi State to take the exam. The CLEP is offered at the Hardin Valley and Blount County campuses.

“Anyone can take a CLEP exam: there are no age or education requirements,” he said. “We want everyone to know about CLEP so they’re aware of the opportunities available to them.”

The fee for taking the CLEP is $100. Testing hours are available during the day and evening. Most exams are approximately 90 minutes long, with College Composition taking 120 minutes.

The CLEP covers 33 subjects in five larger topic areas: composition and literature, science and mathematics, world languages, history and social sciences, and business. The test covers materials that often are taught in courses taken in the first two years of college.

Students who take the multiple-choice exams receive a score report immediately upon completion, though essay examinations take longer to score.

Test-takers can prepare for CLEP testing by visiting Pellissippi State’s Educational Resources Center. The ERC keeps copies of sample examinations in all 33 subject areas. Sample tests and other study resources also are available at

For more information about the CLEP at Pellissippi State, call the Testing Center at (865) 694-6454 or visit