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Pellissippi State sponsors successful Habitat building project

Hammers were swinging throughout the day of Saturday, Oct. 13, at the Hardin Valley Campus of Pellissippi State Community College, as the school hosted an alternative fall break event called “Shed Happens.”

One hundred volunteers joined forces at the college with the Lowe’s Home Improvement Heroes Project, Loudon County Habitat for Humanity, Smithbilt Homes and TnAchieves to construct 18 sheds to be donated to the Loudon County Habitat.

Habitat will present each of its families with a storage shed upon the completion of the family’s home. The building project will provide the Loudon County Habitat with an 18-month supply of sheds.

The event was part of the Pellissippi State’s Service-Learning program, launched last year. Service-learning integrates community service and academics to make education relevant and exciting for students, according to Tara Lynn, an English faculty member who facilitates the program with Annie Gray, also an English faculty member.

“We hope this consortium of businesses, nonprofit organizations and our college will become a model for community and civic engagement endeavors throughout the state,” Lynn said.

Six of the college’s classes currently have a service-learning component. More than 1,000 Pellissippi State students are engaged in service in the community in some way, whether through service-learning courses, the Gnosis student service club, or TnAchieves, Lynn says.

For more information about Pellissippi State’s Service-Learning program, visit or call (865) 694-6400.

Pellissippi State hosts Oct. 13 Habitat shed-raising event

Eighteen sheds. Seven-and-a-half hours. One hundred volunteers at Pellissippi State Community College.

Hammers will be swinging on the Hardin Valley Campus on Saturday, Oct. 13, 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m., as the college hosts an alternative fall break event titled “Shed Happens.”

Pellissippi State is joining with Lowe’s Home Improvement Heroes Project, the Loudon County Habitat for Humanity, Smithbilt Homes and TnAchieves to construct 18 sheds to be donated to the Loudon County Habitat for Humanity.

The Loudon County Habitat presents each family it works with on building a home with a storage shed upon the house’s completion, and the Pellissippi State partnership’s efforts will provide the nonprofit organization with an 18-month supply of sheds.

The college’s participation is part of its Service-Learning program, launched last year.

Service-Learning integrates community service and academics to make education relevant and exciting, says Tara Lynn, who facilitates the program with Annie Gray. Lynn and Gray are both English faculty members. Lynn says she and Gray hope that the partnership among businesses, nonprofit organizations, and the college will become a model for community and civic engagement efforts throughout the state.

“Six of our classes currently have a service-learning component,” said Lynn. “There are approximately 1,000 to 1,500 Pellissippi State students engaged in service in the community in some way, whether through Service-Learning courses, our Gnosis student service club or TnAchieves. This event is our single largest Service-Learning volunteer effort for fall 2012.”

For more information about Pellissippi State’s Service-Learning program or the shed-raising event, visit or call (865) 694-6400.

Corn hole comes to Pellissippi State tomorrow

Got good aim? Show it off at Pellissippi State’s first-ever Corn Hole Challenge!

Student Life and Recreation and the Entrepreneurs of Pellissippi student organization are hosting the competition in the Courtyard on the Hardin Valley Campus, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. tomorrow, Friday, Sept. 21.

Several boards will be set up, and all students, faculty, and staff are invited to compete. To make it even more challenging, boards will be positioned at various distances. A leader board will keep track of individual scores.

The corn hole craze is spreading across the country, with players everywhere throwing bags filled with resin (or dyed corn) at a raised platform some 27 feet away. The object is for the bag to stay on the board, or even better, go in the hole.

“There will be lots of great prizes, including gift cards and a $50 grand prize,” said Wesley Steese, Entrepreneurs of Pellissippi president.

For more information, contact Steese at (865) 255-8448.

Pellissippi State presents summer dean’s list

Pellissippi State Community College has named 61 top students to the summer semester 2012 dean’s list. Students are eligible for the dean’s list upon completion of 12 college-level hours per semester of college coursework with a 3.5-4.00 GPA. Pellissippi State honorees include the following:

Brian Bailey
Caroline Barton
Christopher Bass
Megan Beckler
Dominique Blue
Andrew Bobbett
William Bohon
Steven Bowling
Kelly Bridges
Kevin Buckner
Kristyn Burnette
Cayla Cannon
John Carter
David Clark
Callie Crane
Charles Deaderick
Elizabeth Donaldson
Hanane El Moutii Thompson
Ashley Fugate
Vasile Garbulet
Jonathan Giles
Jennifer Grooms
Colleen Hedtke
Aaron Hess
Linda Hinkle
Seth Howerton
Davis Hu
Christine Jensen
Corrie Jones
Joe Junemann
Cassandra Kerr
Jordan Kerr
Jordan Kooijman
Diana Mannis
Benjamin Manuel
Kelly Martin
Kimberly Mathes
Mason Matlock
Julie Miller
Jonathan Nickelson
Jeeten Patel
Grace Prazniak
Alexis Pugh
Daryl Ray
Derek Rider
Mary Rouleau
Travis Silcox
Amber Slaterbeck
James Smith
Bobby Snodderly
Joshua Spalding
Richard Stogsdill
Silvia Sweitzer
Michael Swihart
Justine Tabyate
Kermisha Tate
Madison Thode
Aerielle Thomas
Jefferson Thompson
Vicki Wenke
James Wolfenbarger

Second Pellissippi State student receives prestigious study abroad scholarship

Pellissippi State student Alex Huezo.

Pellissippi State Community College student Alex Huezo has joined fellow student Casey Sullivan as a recent recipient of the prestigious Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship.

Huezo, who has attended Pellissippi State for a year, returned in June from a summer study abroad program during which he focused on biology in the Galápagos Islands and Ecuador. The travel opportunity was hosted by the Tennessee Consortium for International Studies, which resides on the Hardin Valley Campus.

The Pellissippi State students were two of only about 500 nationwide who were named recipients of the highly competitive scholarship this year.

Huezo chose the Galápagos trip from among 18 destinations specifically because of the General Biology I course offered for credit as part of the experience. Huezo plans to study nursing, and he recognized that the opportunity to take the class in a setting renowned for its biodiversity was a unique chance to learn biology principles.

The Galápagos Islands, located in South America off the west coast of Ecuador in the Pacific, helped inspire Charles Darwin and his theories of evolution in the 1830s.

“We saw in ‘real life’ the things we would have only read about in textbooks,” said Huezo. “In our lab work, we were able to observe finches, tortoises and other wildlife firsthand, and then we presented our reports from the analyses that we did while we were on the island.”

Pellissippi State student Alex Huezo, pictured with peers during a summer study abroad to the Galápagos Islands and Ecuador. The trip was offered through the Tennessee Consortium for International Studies, located at the college.

Now in its 10th year, the Gilman Scholarship Program has helped approximately 10,000 students from all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico who might not otherwise be able to study abroad because of financial constraints. The program is sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State and administered by the Institute of International Education. It is known for its rigorous application standards.

Although he was aware at the outset that the Gilman Scholarship was highly competitive, Huezo nonetheless felt positive about his chances for success when he submitted his application. He credits not only his essay and proposed project but also his sheer determination to study abroad with his selection as one of this year’s scholars.

“At the end of my essay, I made it clear that I would find some way to pay for studying abroad this summer,” said Huezo. “I explained that I would appreciate any assistance, but I was determined to go even if I wasn’t selected for the scholarship.

“And now that I’ve had this experience, I definitely want to study abroad again next summer. I’d like to go to Iceland. It’s supposed to be a challenging program, but I’m ready.”

Huezo is one of more than 450 Tennessee students, faculty and administrators who participated in this summer’s TnCIS study abroad programs. TnCIS coordinates the opportunities as part of its mission of boosting international experience and culture in higher education across the state. A wide variety of study areas were offered this year, in locales ranging from Brazil and China to the Czech Republic and Ghana.

For additional information about TnCIS, including 2013 study abroad options, visit or call (865) 539-7280. For more about Pellissippi State, visit or call (865) 694-6400.

Learn more about East Tennessee volunteer opportunities at Pellissippi State’s volunteer resource fair

Pellissippi State Community College will host a volunteer resource fair, Call to Service (C2S), on Sept. 12 to introduce members of the community and students interested in learning about regional volunteer opportunities to local nonprofit agencies seeking volunteers. More than 75 agencies have been invited to the free event. Pellissippi State’s Magnolia Avenue Campus is hosting the fair.

Potential volunteers will have the opportunity to meet with agency representatives to learn more about each nonprofit organization’s mission and the roles available to individuals wishing to become more involved in their communities. This marks the second year that the Magnolia Avenue Campus has hosted a volunteer resource fair.

Students at Pellissippi State are introduced to volunteerism through the school’s Service-Learning program and the student club Gnosis. Service-learning pairs community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.

To date, Pellissippi State students have volunteered with Beardsley Community Farm, Ijams Nature Center, and Maynard Elementary School, all in Knoxville; Second Harvest Food Bank in Maryville; and a growing list of other schools and nonprofit organizations.

Event hours are 10 a.m.-2 p.m. C2S takes place in the Joe Armstrong Building at Pellissippi State’s Magnolia Avenue Campus, 1610 E. Magnolia Ave. Registration is not required. The event will also take place at the Blount County Campus on September 26 and the Hardin Valley Campus on September 28.

For additional information, call (865) 694-6400 or visit To request accommodations for a disability, contact the executive director of Human Resources at (865) 694-6607 or

Pellissippi State releases list of 2012 Summer Academic Achievers

Pellissippi State Community College has named 421 part-time college-level students to the list of Academic Achievers for summer. To be included, a student must earn a grade point average of 3.50-4.00, be degree-seeking and have completed 6 to 11 credit hours per semester of Pellissippi State coursework. At least 6 of those hours must be college-level.

Honorees include—

Garrett Abrahamson
Jenna Adams
Michael Adams
Sara Adams
Zachary Ahmad
Daniel Alan
Christopher Alexander
Elizabeth Allen
David (Trey) Alley
Candi Aman
Brandon Ambrose
Tabitha Ammons
Zoe-Elizabeth Andrews
Taylor Arden
Anum Aslam
Anna Astorga
Daniel Atkins
Haven Axmacher
Ashley Bailey
Hannah Bailey
Jacob Balfe
Kareem Baradei
Brad Barker
Elisabeth Barnett
Maggie Barta
Kaylon Baumeister
Brittany Beavers
Chelsea Belcher
Dana Bell
Jessica Bell
Sarah Beuerlein
Leland Biles
Raymond Bishop
Mayra Blackburn
Alan Blaha
Nathanael Blais
Jacob Blizard
Thomas Bohannon
Brittany Bonner
Jeffrey Boswell
Derek Bowers
Nathan Bowman
Andrea Boyter
Elise Brackin
Elizabeth Bradley
Melissa Bradshaw
Valerie Bradshaw
Jordan Brady
Chris Brewer
Timothy Broadbent
Megan Brockett
James Brown
Corey A. Browning
Corey J. Browning
Ericka Bryant
Tyler Bunn
Christie Burkett
Charlie Burris
Emily Butters
Katie Byrd
Kayla Byrd
Abigail Cacace
Jaret Cameron
Zachary Carey
Miranda Carpenter
Samuel Carroll
Rebecca Carter
Gary Caughron
Rachel Cecil
Dixon Chadwick
Jonathan Charles
George Childress
Yuming Childress
Sarah Christopher
Alexis Clevenger
Melanie Cole
Kendall Collier
Cristen Colquitt
Chad Colvin
Andrew Connell
Jaclyn Covington
John Cox
Sarah Cox
Chester Craig IV
Corey Cross
Julie Crum
Kimberly Cunningham
Nicola Dalili
Sam Dalili
William Darby
Mitchell Davis
Mildred De Leon
Tyler DeLaney
Katherine Deer
Lori Deer
Lindsay Delay
Angela Denton
James Derrick
Mark Dew
Kseniia Diakiv
Brittney Dingess
Nicholas Dixon
Katherine Donovan
Robert Drake
Tatiana Dukas
Garrett Eason
Kevin Edington
Devon Edmisten
Jennifer Eiffe
Samuel England
Chad Fairbanks
Amanda Fancher
Deirdre Farmer
Sara Farmer
Ryan Farrell
Chelsea Ferguson
Ian Ferguson
Chad Fields
Almondo Fiori
Craig Foster
Elizabeth Francis
Carson Frasure
Shanon Friauf
Lori Fuller
Tyler Gallimore
Angel Gardner
Shelley Garriott
Grant Geist
Lori George
James Giles
Andrew Gillespie
Louis Goitz
Alyssa Gollwitzer
Jennifer Graves
Hannah Green
Randee Green
Joshua Greenway
Sarah Greenway
Season Guffey
Valerie Hamilton
J. Hancock
Patrick Hancock
Jon Hansrote
Rebekah Harless
William Harris
Lawrence Harrison
Janet Hastings
Heather Hatfield
Autumn Hatley
Angela Hattaway
Brent Hattley
Aaron Haun
Courtney Haynes
Christina Haynie
Aos Hazem
Caleb Hearon
David Hedger
Laurel Heine
John Helton
James Henderlight
Jessica Henderlight
Brandon Henderson
Robert Henry
Lindsey Henson
Erikka Hill
Matthew Hobbs
John Hodge
Robin Hodge
Katelin Hodges
Peter Hoffecker
Michael Holder
Jonathan Holt
Michael Honeycutt
Jacob Howard
Kelly Howard
Emily Huch
Jennifer Hughes
Andrea Hutchins
Jenna Irwin
Maggie Iwaniuk
Sharon James
Patrick Jarman
Jesse Johnson
Jessica Johnson
Jason Jones
Jonathan Jones
Matthew Karnes
William Killian
Kilho Kim
Sydney Kimball
Brian Kimmitt
Krystal Kimmitt
Andrea Kitzmiller
Brett Kleinhans
Rebekah Knause
Krystle Koons
David Kornrumpf
Paige Krizan
Chelsea Kyle
Robert Lacey
Angela Lambert
Jordan Lang
Kandi Lantz
Rebecca Larson
Olga Lavrinovich
Christopher Lawrence
Christopher Lawson
Christina Layne
Nhu Le
Rhonda Lenski
Lisa Lisle
Jan Lomax
Robin Loope
Kari Loy
Michael Lundy
Shan Luo
Teron Mack
Yared Mamo
Sarah Maner
Jennifer Mann
Brittany Manning
Serena Marsh
Morgen Marshall
David Martin
Troy Martin
Erika Martinez Gutierrez
Saimah Masood
Christopher Maxwell
Kassy Maynard
Vanessa McAfee
Erin McAlister
David McAndrews
Christopher McDaniel
Carol McGaha
Andrea McGinn
Ashleigh McGinnis
Daniel McGraw
Samuel McLeod
Brittany McMillon
Allison Medley
Maria Mejia
Austin Merical
Edward Meyer
Stephanie Michel
David Miller
Denna Miller
Samuel Miller
Sara Mills
Jennifer Milton
Natalia Mock
Melissa Moon
Thomas Moore
Samantha Morgan
William Morgan
Trevor Motz
Christy Muecke
Mason Mulkey
Rashmi Molukuvan Narayana Murthy
John Music
Philip Naglitch
Gladys Nance
Carthel Newton
Sharon Noble
William Norris
Hannah O’Banion
Wesley O’Connor
Leah Odom
Amanda Ogle
Babajide Ogunyombo
Drake Onks
Marie Owen
Bill Paczkowski
George Paine
Bronagh Paladino
Kayla Palmer
Nickolaos Pantanizopoulos
Hannah Parkman
Jacob Parks
Hannah Parrott
Briana Patrick
Preston Patterson
Maria Pavone
Jessica Petre
Michael Pettet
Matthew Phillips
Ashleigh Pitt
Erin Pittman
Jacqueline Plemons
Jason Plunk
Joe Polakiewicz
Amber Poole
Richard Poppert
Michelle Power
Courtney Prate
Justyne Pride
Harold Puckett
Christopher Pullins
Jennifer Quillen
David Quraishi
Spencer Raby
Amanda Radford
Allison Rainwater
Anne Ramsaur
Allison Rannells
Aimee Readel
Elizabeth Redmond
Christopher Reed
Grayson Reedy
Jared Rice
Molly Richardson
Alan Riggs
Taylor Ripley
Walter Rivera
Jennifer Robbins
Jason Roberts
Lauren Robinson
Timothy Roddy
Rachel Rollick
Josh Roop
Robert Sanders
Dylan Sauls
Michelle Sauls
Megan Saunders
Kelly Scott
Mycol Scott
Zachary Scott
Olive Sebatembo
Sharyn Seguine
Jane Sellers
Michael Shafer
Edward Shalett
Jee Yeon Shin
Teresa Shinlever
Saasha Shirooni
Jena Lee Silva
John Silva
Corey Singletary
Sara Skaggs
Nicholas Skuda
Andrea Smith
Jennifer Smith
Joshua Smith
Sheri Smith
Tessa Snyder
James Sparks
Pamela Stallings
Cindy Standifer
Brooke Stevenson
Cole Stines
Cameron Stinnett
Hannah Stockton
Chelsea Stowell
Terry Strickland
La Questa Summeour
Bethany Summers
Arnold Sundermeyer
Mackenzie Talley
Greg Tanner
Erin Taylor
Laurie Taylor
Nora Taylor
Jamahl Thomas
Kaylie Thomas
Lee Thomas
William Thomas
Bradley Thompson
Edward Thompson
Sadie Tibbs
Patricia Tinsley
Maryellen Tipton
Mitchell Transue
Joshua Trentham
Michelle Tuck
Adam Tucker
Kayla Turner
Jason Tyler
Alyssa Underwood
Ashley Utley
Sara Van Duzer
Donna Vanderbilt
Simeon Vandeventer
Jennifer Vasquez
Travis Vickery
Tina Vinsant
Christy Voland
Janice Vowell
Bao Vuu
Denise Wade
Sherri Wade
Drexel Waggoner II
Heather Walker
Paul Walker
Phylicia Washington
Maria Wathen
Kinsey Watkins
Billy Watson
Jennifer Waymon
Leaha Weaver
James Whaley
David Wiedenhoeft
Matthew Wilburn
Justin Wiley
Anthony Willard
Andrew Williams
Erin Williams
Taylor Williams
Caroline Wilson
Timothy Wilson
Jhean Shetan Wolfsbrother
Hannah Wong
Scottie Wood
Kelly Wright
Richard Yoon
Charysse Young
Kellie Young
Lauren Yount
Ricardo Zapata
Ashita Zaveri
Ning Zhong
Nur Ziadeh
Stacey Zupka

Pellissippi State hosts Backstage Pass event to launch arts series

For more than 35 years, Pellissippi State Community College has welcomed the community to take part in the institution’s many cultural activities. Beginning this fall, Pellissippi State launches The Arts at Pellissippi State, an arts series that offers more opportunities than ever to enjoy everything from music and theatre to cultural celebrations, lectures, and the fine arts.

The series showcases the talents of Pellissippi State students and faculty, as well as those of special guest performers. To set the new series in motion, the college is hosting Backstage Pass, an evening that will showcase a sampling of the arts-related events slated for the upcoming season.

Backstage Pass offers attendees not only a behind-the-scenes look at future arts activities but also a live auction and cocktail buffet. The setting is Knoxville’s Cherokee Country Club. Proceeds from the special event will be used by the Pellissippi State Foundation to support The Arts at Pellissippi State.

“Backstage Pass” takes place on Friday, Sept. 7, beginning at 7 p.m. Cherokee Country Club is located at 5138 Lyons View Pike.

Individuals interested in attending are encouraged to order tickets early. Tickets are $100 per person. Sponsorships also are available.

For additional information on Backstage Pass, call the Pellissippi State Foundation at (865) 539-7351.

Pellissippi State ‘Fast Forward’ student accepted to West Point

Matthew Waldrep, a home-schooler who accrued 42 college credits in Pellissippi State’s Fast Forward Dual Enrollment program, heads to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in July. Waldrep, 18, spent the last two years taking math and science courses in preparation for applying to the prestigious military school. He was nominated to the academy by U.S. Rep. John Duncan, at left.

Matthew Waldrep, a home-school student in the Fast Forward Dual Enrollment program at Pellissippi State Community College this past spring, has been accepted to the United States Military Academy at West Point, N.Y.

To be considered for admission to West Point, candidates must meet certain academic, medical and physical requirements and must receive a nomination from an approved source. Waldrep was nominated by U.S. Rep. John Duncan and leaves for New York in July.

The 18-year-old Farragut home-schooler took Fast Forward classes for the past two academic years. Dual enrollment allows high school students to earn high school and college credit simultaneously for the same course. Nearly 2,000 area high school students participated in the program in 2011-12.

Waldrep says he has known for many years that he wanted to go to West Point, and he chose his academic path accordingly.

Taking dual enrollment classes at Pellissippi State was a crucial part of the plan, since, he figured, college-level credit would carry more weight with the academy’s tough admission standards than would high school credit.

When President Thomas Jefferson signed legislation establishing West Point in 1802, he envisioned it as a strong science and engineering institution, and that tradition continues today. With that knowledge, Waldrep also took Fast Forward courses that would give him a good foundation in math and science.

“All my teachers at Pellissippi State were very helpful and willing to help me understand the concepts,” he said.

Waldrep earned a 3.96 grade point average at Pellissippi State. Along the way, he played for Farragut High School’s rugby club for two years, became an Eagle Scout, won two national awards from the Sons of the American Revolution and received a Congressional Award Gold Medal, the highest award bestowed on youth by the U.S. Congress.

In addition to accumulating 42 college credit hours through Fast Forward and 6 at the Governor’s School at UT-Martin, he worked as a paid student instructor at Pellissippi State under the supervision of Jerry Burns, a chemistry professor.

“When Matthew was in my class, I could tell he was a top-notch student,” said Burns, who served as a faculty reference. “After that, when he was my student instructor, he did an excellent job as well. When West Point chooses their cadets, some of what they look for is superb ability, inner strength and self-motivation. Matthew’s got all that.”

As a West Point cadet, Waldrep is a member of the U.S. Army. He receives a full scholarship and an annual salary, from which he pays for his uniforms, textbooks, personal computer and incidentals. Room, board, medical and dental care are provided by the federal government.

Upon graduation, he will be awarded a Bachelor of Science degree and an officer commission in the U.S. Army. In turn, he is obligated to serve five years on active duty in the Army and three years in an inactive reserve status.

For information about Pellissippi State’s Fast Forward program, visit or call (865) 694-6400.

Pellissippi State announces spring 2012 Academic Achievers

Pellissippi State Community College has named 666 part-time students to the list of Academic Achievers for spring 2012. To be included, a student must earn a grade point average of 3.50-4.00, be degree-seeking and have completed 6 to 11 college-level hours per term of Pellissippi State coursework. Honorees include—

Melissa Adams
Michael Adams
Samuel Aikens
Joe Allen
Rachael Allen
Kimberly Allums
Aaron Andrew
Brittaney Andrews
William Andrews
Narwan Ansary
Jessica Appleby
Nura Arar
Melanie Arms
Linda Arnone
Amy Arwood
William Arwood
Ella Assadova
Cameron Atchley
Christine Austin
Ahmad Awad
Mohammad Awad
Solomon Awadey
Gladys Azpurua
Lynette Bachleda
Alisha Bacon
Rachel Bagley
Krystallee Bailey
Alison Ball
Andrea Ballantyne
Megan Banker
Brad Barker
Maggie Barta
Regina Barukh
Ashley Bates
Justin Bauguess
Kaylon Baumeister
Melanie Bautista
Mary Baxley
Justin Beal
Megan Beal
LeIna Beckner
Iesha Beene
Donald Belcher
Melissa Bentley
Amanda Berube
Bonnie Bible
Michelle Bigham
Austin Bilbrey
Mayra Blackburn
Alan Blaha
Marcus Blair
Brooke Bledsoe
Adam Blevins
Whitney Boateng-Johnson
Sophie Bogdanski
Hameeda Boghani
Amy Bogue
Sonya Boling
Kelvin Bolton
Lyndon Bolton
Devin Bowers
Yira Bowles
Sarah Bowman
John Boyd
Andrea Boyter
Elizabeth Bradley
Julianne Brandt
Joey Brennan
Tonya Brewer
Michelle Britney-Boyd
David Britton
Colby Brooks
Jessica Brown
Shawn Brown
Alcus Broxson
Christopher Bruce
Jan Bruckbauer
Lisa Bruzzese
Lori Bryson
Schuylar Burgess
Paul Burke
Daniel Burnett
Corey Burnette
Jennifer Butler
Christopher Bynum
Mercedes Byrge
Christian Calloway
Jessica Cammuse
Hannah Campbell
James Campbell
Linda Cannon
Denny Carlson
Lynda Carmichael
Ronald Carmichael
Mary Carrasco
Melody Carroll
Ashley Carver
Marilyn Case
Guadalupe Cataldo
Michael Cavitt
Jared Chadwick
Katherine Chambers
Sarah Chambers
Kelcie Chandler
Valerie Clarke
Seulki Cody
Robin Coe
Amber Coffey
Ronald Cohorst
Taylor Coker
Angelia Collins
Tara Collins
Cynthia Conard
Linda Connolly
Michael Conway
Crystal Cooper
Jalana Cooper
Rachel Coppala
Kevin Cornett
April Coward
David Cox
Stephen Cox
Ashley Craig
Jessica Crenshaw
Catherine Crockett
Corey Cross
Sara Crum
Anthony Cuneo
Madialynne Cupp
John Curry
Nicola Dalili
Sam Dalili
Dixie Daniels
John Daugherty
Tina Daugherty
Jonathan Davis
Lindsay Davis
Nathan Davis
Crystal Daw
Jake Debuty
Jennifer Decker
Lori Deer
Rebecca Deloa
Amber Dickerson
Tammy Dickerson
Courtney Didion
John Dingman
Brandon Dixon
Urszula Dobronski
Loreli Dockins
Patrick Dodd
Elizabeth Donaldson
Tammy Donalson
James Dopp
Curtis Dozier
Ariel Dreher
Alexandria Dukic
Kristi Dunlap
Shannon Dunlap
Joshua Dykes
Lisa Dykes
Joshua Eakle
Aerial East
Brian Edge
Matthew Edmonds
Christopher Elliott
Justin Elrod
Robbeline Enyenihi
Mark Estep
Ann Everett
Chad Everett
Kimberly Everett
Shane Fahey
Caleb Farmer
Joshua Farmer
Sara Farmer
Isaac Farr
Dustin Faulkner
Heather Faulkner
Alexandra Fee
Ian Ferguson
Jason Ferguson
Kerry Fifer
Christopher Finger
Cynthia Finger
Maegan Finley
Susan Finley
Kenneth Finnell
David Fish
Lily Fitch
Chelsea Fizzano
Nichole Fletcher
Javier Flint
Brad Floyd
Connie Fortson
Benjamin Foster
Craig Foster
Shanon Friauf
Anastasia Friedrich
Christine Frost
Charles Frye
Jelica Fuller
Janet Furtner
John Galyon
Kara Galyon
Christina Gandee
Angel Gardner
Barry Garner
Jamada Garner
Haley Gassel
Jean Gee
Seanion George
Lindsay Gheen
Krystall Gibson
Jane Gichingiri
Cheryl Giles
Mistie Goley
Alyssa Gollwitzer
Tia Gouge
Tara Gourley
Chrystal Graham
Jama Green
Sevaughn Green
Silvia Gribinet
Jenae Grossart
Kyle Grover
Season Guffey
Fawnia Hackworth
Bradley Hall
Brandi Hall
Michael Hall
Cindy Hamilton
Derrick Hamilton
Sasha Hammett
Laura Hamon
Gregorie Handley
Elizabeth Handlon
Fred Harber
Brandy Hardin
Jody Harrison-Grabber
Janet Hastings
Heather Haston
Heather Hatfield
Deanna Hatmaker
Bradley Hawkins
Colby Haynes
Kimberly Haynes
Pamela Hays
Jonathan Heacker
Douglas Headrick
Teresa Headrick
Colleen Hedtke
Trae Helton
Alaa Hemami
Jennifer Hembree
Ebony Henderson-Blake
Robert Henry
Candace Hering
Janet Hiers
James Higginbotham
Christopher Higgins
Erikka Hill
Kory Hill
Linda Hinkle
Amanda Hipsky
Joyanna Hirst
Michael Holbert
Andrew Holcomb
Rachel Holden
Stephanie Holden
Carol Holloway
Lindsey Holloway
Jonathan Holt
Aaron Hopson
Caleb Horn
Daniel Hoskins
Rachel Houston
Kelly Howard
Leila Howell
Christopher Hubbard
Tracy Hudson
Emilie Hughes
Jennifer Hughes
Sabrina Hughes
Nichole Hull
Megan Humphrey
Jordyn Hyden
Wallace Hynds
Kimberly Ivens
Joseph Jakubowski
Matthew James
Jamie Jaudon
Matthew Jefferson
Jeffrey Jelliff
Berenice Jimenez
Alicia Johnson
Amanda Johnson
Angela Johnson
Benjamin Johnson
Bethany Johnson
Caleb Johnson
Christine Johnson
Deanna Johnson
Jessica Johnson
Lauren Johnson
Marisa Johnson
Rachel Johnson
Charity Johnston
Amanda Jones
David Jones
Elwood Jones
Jamie Jones
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