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Pellissippi State announces Common Book Convocation

A-Walk-in-the-Woods1Take a hike.

That’s the message of Pellissippi State Community College’s 2013-2014 Common Book, “A Walk in the Woods,” by Bill Bryson. It’s also the theme of this year’s Common Book Convocation, which takes place Sept. 23.

The Convocation presentation, “More Than Just a Walk in the Woods,” features speakers from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy: Leanna Joyner, Tip Ray, Ben Royer and Morgan Sommerville. The ATS is a nonprofit organization committed to preserving and maintaining the Appalachian Trail.

The event is 11:50 a.m.-12:45 p.m. Monday, Sept. 23, at the Clayton Performing Arts Center on Pellissippi State’s Hardin Valley Campus. Convocation will be Web-streamed to site campuses, and the event is free and open to the community.

The Common Book Convocation is the jumping off point for a year of discussion and events tied to “A Walk in the Woods.” Pellissippi State’s Common Book is required reading for select courses. This year’s topics will be as wide-ranging as ecology, biological diversity, the effects of tourism, the importance of outdoor activity and the tradition of nature writing.

Bryson recounts his tale of hiking the Appalachian Trail. After years of living abroad, he hoped through the experience to reacquaint himself with America’s scenery, history and people. “A Walk in the Woods,” which is written in a satirical tone, encompasses the many emotions, logistical problems and incidents to be expected for a hiker on the journey.

The account also reflects on the history of the Appalachian Trail, National Park Service management, the history of the national parks and forests, the depredations of disease and insects on trees and plants, the need for environmental awareness and stewardship, and the ever-present threat of bears.

“Like Mr. Bryson, all of our students are on a journey of self-discovery,” said Carol Luther, an English professor and chair of the Common Book Committee. “As they go to college and become more educated persons, that experience will shape them and change them.

“We want each Common Book to be useful and inspiring to our students, no matter their area of study. ‘A Walk in the Woods’ is about friendship, nature and overcoming challenges along the trail. We hope that students, many of whom are technologically adept and comfortable online, will be inspired to get outdoors and recognize the value of our greenways, parks, and wilderness areas.”

“A Walk in the Woods,” first published in 1998, was a New York Times bestseller. Bryson was bestowed an honorary doctorate from King’s College London in 2012, at which time it was noted he was the United Kingdom’s highest-selling author of nonfiction. His other books include “Mother Tongue,” “Notes from a Small Island” and “A Short History of Nearly Everything.”

For more information about Common Book programs, contact Pellissippi State at (865) 694-6400. To request accommodations for a disability, contact the executive director of Human Resources at (865) 694-6607 or

Pellissippi State presents summer 2013 dean’s list

Pellissippi State Community College has named 42 top students to the summer semester 2013 dean’s list. Students are eligible for the dean’s list upon completion of 12 college-level hours per semester of college coursework with a 3.5-4.00 GPA. Pellissippi State honorees include the following:

Courtney Barnes
Eric Belew
Allison Brown
William Burkhart
Dylan Chun
Justin Coleman
Matthew Davis
Anna Dilworth
Sean Dornbush
Amanda Fancher
Emily Finley
Crystal Gentry
Elissa Goodson
Mallory Gruenenfelder
Brent Hattley
Jeffrey Hickman
Linda Hinkle
Devon Hoskins
Whitney Jones
Amber Julian
Kevin Kidder
Megan Kidder
Noya Livne
Nicholas McCloskey
Holly Metcalf
Adam Myers
Gladys Nance
Julie Pham
Daryl Ray
Holly Reagan
Keven Reed
Tiffany Rullan
Wendy Sherrod
Debbie Silcox
Jay Smithson
Silvia Sweitzer
Morgan Terry
David Torres
Henry Weber
Sarah Weinsheimer
Holly Whitaker

Pellissippi State: Industrial Maintenance cohort helps returning students succeed

Portrait of bald male outside wearing a white shirt with the Alcoa building behind himIf Jay Easter had been required to go through registration each semester, thereby facing the possibility of not getting into a required class, he says he would never have graduated from college. He likely would not have even enrolled.

Fortunately, Easter enrolled in the Industrial Maintenance cohort at Pellissippi State Community College. He earned his degree in 2011 and was promoted by his long-time employer last year.

Enrolling in an area that uses the cohort approach—in which students who enter college start and finish together as one dynamic group—gives students the opportunity to take the worry out of planning their college career. Cohort students have a set of classes already mapped out for them. They do not have to be concerned that a required class will be full and, therefore, unavailable.

Once enrolled, students find a lot more to like about being in a cohort. It’s the group component that Easter found particularly beneficial. He says he and fellow students in Industrial Maintenance, one of the concentrations in the Engineering Technology degree program, became a team. They assisted each other with subject matter, study skills and, most important, motivation.

“If I hadn’t gone back to college with a group of like-minded people, I wouldn’t have been able to do it,” he said. “We were so similar—full-time jobs, family concerns, time struggles.

“The few times I thought I couldn’t finish, I kept on going. We didn’t want to let each other down. Being with the same people made getting my degree actually enjoyable. I think I laughed as much in those two years as I did in the past 10.”

Employed by Alcoa, Inc. since 1999, Easter knew that in order to advance further within the management structure, he would have to obtain a degree. He found out about Pellissippi State’s Industrial Maintenance cohort from a coworker.

Easter told his wife that he was going to Pellissippi State to get more information before making any decision, but, to his own surprise, he ended up enrolling on the spot.

“I called my wife and told her, ‘Honey, I think I just enrolled in college,’” he said, laughing. “Pat Riddle [an associate professor and the Industrial Maintenance program coordinator] made it so much easier.

“I had been afraid of going back to school, but the cohort model was appealing. I don’t know if I would have made it through the stresses of a traditional program.” Easter was also the recipient of a scholarship for his studies at Pellissippi State.

Students in the Industrial Maintenance concentration learn about multicraft, industrial machinery maintenance and repair technology. Courses emphasize safety, teamwork, efficient work practices and communication skills, all of which are sought by employers in the industry.

Designed for working professionals, the accelerated Industrial Maintenance cohort classes meet two evenings each week over the course of six semesters. Class size is limited to allow for more in-depth individual and group instruction.

Another of the concentration’s cohorts begins this August, with graduation slated for spring 2015. Upon successful completion, students earn an Associate of Applied Science degree. They are then eligible, if they choose, to transfer to any state university as a junior.

Additional cohorts are also available at Pellissippi State: Associate of Science General Education Certificate, Associate of Science in Teaching, Communication Studies and Culinary Arts. All of these cohorts are now enrolling students for fall 2013. Cohorts available for spring 2014 are Computer Accounting, Culinary Arts and Management.

Pellissippi State’s fall 2013 application deadline is Aug. 14. Classes begin on Aug. 24.

For additional information, visit or call (865) 694-6400.

View a video of Jay Easter’s speech recorded by a friend during the 2011 Cohort Family Night event at Pellissippi State:

Pellissippi State Paralegal Studies student garners state scholarship

Portrait of a female with blonde straight hair wearing a green patterned shirtThe Tennessee Association of Legal Professionals chose one college student to receive a scholarship in spring semester, and that recipient is a Pellissippi State Community College student.

Kelli Canan, a Paralegal Studies major, learned in April that she had been chosen to receive the $500 TALS scholarship.

“This scholarship will help me to afford to take more classes, provide flexibility and opportunities for me as I manage family and professional responsibilities as a non-traditional student, and work to achieve my professional goals in a time-efficient manner,” she wrote in an essay to TALS Scholarship Committee members.

The Knoxville resident is raising two children, working and attending Pellissippi State. She is also a school and community volunteer.

Paralegal Studies is a two-year program that prepares graduates to work in a law office under the direct supervision of an attorney, doing legal work such as drafting legal documents, organizing files, conducting legal research and investigations, and managing the office.

The program is approved by the American Bar Association and culminates in an Associate of Applied Science degree.

For more information about Paralegal Studies, email Arlene Cleveland, program coordinator, at To learn more about Pellissippi State’s many other programs, visit or call (865) 694-6400.

Pellissippi State student garners job-search tips, confidence at disability conference

Students with disabilities may face extra challenges when they enter college and later the workforce, but through a partnership with Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities, a Pellissippi State Community College student is gaining the confidence and skills to take on whatever challenges come his way.

Darrell Bowles, a Pellissippi State student who is legally blind, attended the COSD-sponsored FULL ACCESS Student Summit in Raleigh/Durham, N.C., in April. The two-day event provided 60 students from around the Southeast with techniques and resources for networking and self-advocacy, plus methods to become better prepared for today’s competitive job-search process.

“They give you advice on how to be better prepared for interviews, how to make yourself presentable, what questions you can ask your potential employer,” said Bowles. “It’s information most people would pretty much kill to have for their first interview. It gives us insight into the minds of employers.”

Bowles will be able to apply what he learned at the Summit once he graduates and begins his career search. He just wishes he’d had those tools when he applied for his first job at the Apple Store a few years ago.

“I was up against a lot of people with retail experience,” he said, “and what little confidence I had was taken away from me.

“My first thought when I was passed over was, ‘Oh, they did it because of my disability.’ My second thought was, ‘Oh, they did it because I didn’t have any sales experience,’ which was true. But then, after the Summit and learning everything I learned, I realized I didn’t portray confidence.

“You have to sell yourself. You don’t want to make yourself sound like something you’re not, but you want to make yourself sound like something you are. I failed to do that.”

Students who attended the Summit had the opportunity to network with some big-name employers, among them, AT&T, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Ernst & Young and Northrop Grumman. The event took place at Research Triangle Park.

Bowles applied for a spot at FULL ACCESS and learned he was going back in March. He was one of only a few students from Tennessee to be accepted and was able to attend through use of the University of Tennessee’s Disability Careers Office van.

Bowles is working toward an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Science and Information Technology with a concentration in Networking and Communications Systems. He already has a general Associate of Science degree from Pellissippi State. After graduating in CSIT, he plans to seek employment in his field … taking full advantage of his arsenal of newfound job skills and confidence builders.

Pellissippi State schedules New Student Orientation sessions for fall semester

Those who have been accepted to attend Pellissippi State Community College for fall semester should make plans now to attend a New Student Orientation session. The sessions are required of all first-time degree-seeking freshmen and are recommended for transfer students.

The sessions give new enrollees the opportunity to meet with Pellissippi State students, faculty, and staff; learn about what they can expect in college and what the college expects of them; learn strategies for college success; explore degree, major, and transfer options; and discover campus services and resources such as financial aid, tutoring, and computer resources.

Pellissippi State encourages parents, spouses and others supportive of the student to attend as well.

Accepted students are urged to reserve their place as soon as possible. Sessions are available June 11-Aug. 23 at various times at all five Pellissippi State campuses.

The application deadline for fall semester is Aug. 14. Classes begin on Aug. 24.

To sign up for New Student Orientation, visit or call (865) 694-6400. To request accommodations for a disability, contact Disability Services at  or (865) 539-7153.

Pellissippi State recognizes outstanding students

Pellissippi State Community College acknowledged students for their outstanding achievements at the 2013 Academic Awards Ceremony, which took place in the spring in the Clayton Performing Arts Center on the Hardin Valley Campus.

Students Maggie Jane Barta and Caleb Joshua Knox Bost were named to the All-USA Community College Academic Team. They were nominated by Pellissippi State President L. Anthony Wise Jr. in recognition of scholarly achievement.

Edwar J. Aguiar Chinchilla and Munira B. Punjvani were the recipients of the Outstanding Achievement Award–International, presented to students with international backgrounds in recognition of the pursuit of excellence.

Inductees into the 2012-13 Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges were Ashley Blair, Tonya D. Blasco, Colby Brooks, Jonathan J. Caylor, Mark Cragle, Lauren Foster, Lacy Hayes, Patrick Jarman, Jonathan C. Jones, Linda J. McLin, Michael W. Nance, Casey Owens, Christopher P. Pappas, Sridevi Ponnuchamy, Elizabeth Spenser, Katherine Swisher, Jennifer W. Talley, Valerie Clarke Tipton, Leah Watkins, Kelly Wright, Ricardo Zapata and Stacey Zupka.

Awards of Merit were presented to students in several academic disciplines: Ines Mena-Solano, Civil Engineering (Engineering Technology); Jacob Boling, Mechanical Engineering (Engineering Technology); Jonathan Jones, Interior Design Technology; Lisa Kaminski, Communication Graphics Technology (Media Technologies); and Ronald Harness, Video Production Technology (Media Technologies).

Outstanding Graduate Awards were given as well. Recipients included the following: Linda Hinkle, Behavioral Sciences; Kelly Wright, English; Niloo Ranjan, Mathematics; Abigail Cacace, Natural Sciences; and Lydia Pair, Nursing.

Students in Liberal Arts were recognized with Excellence Awards in the following subjects: Brittany Scrivner, French; Katelyn White, History; and Jessica Evans and Robert Tallent, Spanish.

Business and Computer Technology Outstanding Graduate Award recipients and their disciplines of study: Jane Sellers, Health Care Office Administration (Administrative Professional Technology); Karen Akins, Computer Accounting (Business Administration); Bobby Snodderly, Management AHEAD Program (Business Administration); Leah Watkins, Management (Business Administration); Sandra Sila-Massengill, Marketing (Business Administration); and Caleb Cooper, Networking and Communications Systems (Computer Science and Information Technology).

Business and Computer Technology Outstanding Student Award recipients and their disciplines of study: Kerry Jett, Business (Administrative Professional Technology); Candace Gilbert, Culinary Arts (Business Administration); Tammy Jo Johnson, Hospitality (Business Administration); Sarah Werling, Programming (Computer Science and Information Technology); and Jennifer Shannon, Paralegal Studies.

The Engineering and Media Technologies Outstanding Graduate Awards were presented to Sonja Girardi, Civil Engineering (Engineering Technology); Benjamin Manuel, Mechanical Engineering (Engineering Technology); Jennifer Talley, Interior Design Technology; Casey Owens, Communication Graphics Technology (Media Technologies); Rachel Emerson, Photography (Media Technologies); Jared Wilson, Video Production Technology (Media Technologies); and Alexander Briggs, Web Technology (Media Technologies).

The Electrical Engineering Outstanding Student Award was presented to Patricia Eckhart. Travis Silcox was named the recipient of the Mechanical Engineering John C. Mauer Award of Excellence.

The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs’ ACBSP Student Leadership Award was presented to Christopher Alexander.

Faculty member Beverly J. Rogers was selected by students to receive the Faculty of the Year Award. Rogers is an associate professor of Nursing at Pellissippi State.

For additional information about Pellissippi State, visit or call (865) 694-6400.

Pellissippi State Engineering Tech student benefits from prestigious Grainger scholarship

Esther Dyer, dean of Pellissippi State’s Division Street Campus, views the new display case frame created by students Ted Maitlin and Ben Manuel (not pictured). Maitlin and Manuel created the frame to hold fliers at the campus. The frame was part of a project for both an Engineering Technology class and the college’s Service-Learning program.
Esther Dyer, dean of Pellissippi State’s Division Street Campus, views the new display case frame created by students Ted Maitlen and Ben Manuel (not pictured).

When Ted Maitlen thought about his future, he did not picture himself on a college campus.

“I never thought school was for me,” he said. “I didn’t do well in high school. I never really saw college as an option.”

Maitlen has turned that image on its head at Pellissippi State Community College.

As a top student in Engineering Technology’s Industrial Maintenance concentration, the 29-year-old just completed the academic year with support from the prestigious Grainger Tools for Tomorrow scholarship.

The scholarship provided $2,000 for tuition and fees. Upon graduation this fall, Maitlen also will receive a customized Westward toolkit worth $2,500 from the company, a leading supplier of maintenance, repair and operating products.

Maitlen began classes at Pellissippi State fall 2011. Prior to college, he served three years in the Army before being discharged and returning to East Tennessee. When he reenlisted six months later, he was deployed to Iraq, where his unit provided security for high-level officials, including U.N. inspectors present for the country’s first election.

Back at home, though, the recession took a toll on Maitlen’s civilian career. His employer cut jobs, and his position as a crane operator was eliminated. He struggled to find work and eventually decided to give college a try.

Maitlen started by visiting Pellissippi State’s Hardin Valley Campus and picking up some information about Industrial Maintenance. He also met with Pat Riddle, the concentration’s coordinator and a faculty member. Once Maitlen made the commitment to enroll, he has worked steadily toward a degree.

Part of his motivation rests in securing a better career with a good company. Even more powerful, he says, is his desire to provide a more secure future for his family.

A husband and the father of two, Maitlen attends class in the day, doing homework in between and in the evening. He also helps his 5-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter with their homework.

“There’s not much I’m more proud of than those two,” he said.

Riddle recommended Maitlen for the Grainger Tools for Tomorrow scholarship. He described the student as a hard worker, a self-starter, someone willing to help his classmates.

But when asked about the recommendation, Riddle mentioned first a modification Maitlen made to a Humvee in Baghdad that made his team’s patrols safer. According to Riddle, Maitlen figured out a way to cool the fuel solenoid by rerouting the windshield washer fluid.

“This allowed us to stop and restart our vehicle without having to get out and lift the hood (a two-man job) to pour water over the solenoid in order to cool it,” Maitlen said.

Pretty impressive considering that Maitlen was not technically even the unit’s mechanic.

“That kind of quick thinking and problem solving, that’s almost at an instinctual level with him. It’s one of the things that impress me about Ted,” Riddle said.

Maitlen is the fourth Pellissippi State student to earn a Grainger scholarship and one of 100 nationally to receive it for the past academic year. The scholarships are coordinated by the Pellissippi State Foundation.

To learn more about enrolling at Pellissippi State, visit or call (865) 694-6400. To find out more about scholarships, go to

College names spring dean’s list honorees

Pellissippi State Community College has named 986 top students to the spring semester 2013 dean’s list. Students are eligible for the honor upon completion of 12 college-level hours per semester of coursework with a 3.5-4.0 GPA. Pellissippi State honorees include the following:

Grace Aaron
Samuel Aikens
Karen Akins
Dina Alani
Brett Alden
Christopher Alexander
Jayson Alexander
Ryan Alexander
Ariana Alfaro
Cody Alford
Abdulrahman Alharthi
Yelena Aliy
Daniel Allen
Janell Allen
Rachael Allen
David Alley
Andrew Anderson
Breanna Anderson
Carlos Anderson
Delonda Anderson
Evan Anderson
Natalya Andreeva-Smith
Raghu Arimilli
Luke Armitage
Alicia Armstrong
Tess Arnold
Narine Artiniyan
William Arwood
Anna Astorga
Patrick Atchley
Alexandria Atkins
Jenna Aungst
Kyle Aungst
Christine Austin
ShannaRosa Autry
Michael Avery
Denisha Avrett
Haven Axmacher
Lauren Bacon
Krystallee Bailey
Carman Bain
Steven Baker
Victoria Baker
James Bales
Kathryn Bales
Camelia Baran
Courtney Barnes
Christian Barnett
Sierra Barnett
Jessica Barnhill
Jason Bartlett
Kallie Bartlett
John Barton
Abigail Baumann
Allie Bays
Amy Beam
Carmen Bean
Brittany Beavers
Lauren Beeler
Chelsea Belcher
Su Bell
Eric Benson
Mary Bertou
Ryan Best
Darby Biasotto
Brittany Bishop
Felicia Bishop
Ashley Blair
Michael Blair
Kathryn Bland
Tonya Blasco
Chad Blaylock
Johnathan Blevins
Dagny Block-Ward
Jesse Blum
Jason Bodak
Ryan Boggs
Trisha Bolton
Charla Boring
Jordan Boring
Amanda Bornhoeft
Caleb Bost
Jeffrey Boswell
Analise Botello
Chris Botsis
Blair Bowden
Carmen Bowers
Jason Bowers
Joshua Bowers
Samantha Bowers
Sarah Bowers
Lauren Bowser
Daniel Boyer
Andrea Boyter
Lauren Brabston
William Brackett
Troy Bradley
Andrew Brandon
Angela Breen
Cullen Briere
Lee Bristol
Amanda Brock
Anne Broome
Allison Brown
Tyler Brown
William Brown
Fallon Browning
Cheryl Brownlee
Benny Brummette
David Bryant
Ericka Bryant
Connor Buchanan
Jacob Buchanan
John Buchheit
Kevin Buckner
Petr Bulkhak
Kyle Bumpus
Audrey Burge
Brittany Burkett
Matthew Burkhart
William Burkhart
Telmen Burnee
Katherine Burns
Perry Burris
Abigail Burroughs
Christopher Bus
Timothy Bustin
Emily Butters
Kayla Byrd
Abigail Cacace
Jonathan Cagle
Morgan Cain
Jonathan Caldwell
Zackary Caldwell
Billy Calwell
James Campbell
Kaitlin Campbell
Kirsten Campbell
Sarah Campbell
Timothy Campbell
Kelli Canan
Richard Cantrell
Emily Card
Geoffrey Card
Corey Cardwell
Miranda Carpenter
Cameron Carr
Daniel Carrell
Jacob Carroll
Mandee Carroll
John Carter
Lauren Carter
M Carter
Shaun Carter
Timothy Carter
Chris Caserta
Deanna Castellaw
Alexandra Cave
Jonathan Caylor
Rebecca Cesare
Adam Chadwick
Melanie Chandler
Brandon Chapel
Elizabeth Chapman
Jonathan Charles
Kyle Charnley
Jonathan Chase
Brittany Chesney
Logan Chesney
Edwar Aguiar Chinchilla
Justin Church
Christopher Clark
Trista Clark
Ellen Clark-Musnicky
Amy Clayton
James Clenney Jr.
David Cline
Patrick Clow
Zachery Coffey
Darcy Coffy
Michael Cole
Andrea Collins
Emily Collins
Caitlin Cook
John Cook
Nick Coover
Zachary Copeland
Jeremey Correll
Kevin Coughlin
Katie Counts
David Cox
Jessica Cox
Adam Crabtree
Rachel Craig
Samuel Craig
Savannah Craney
Kandace Crisp
Catherine Crockett
Lindsey Crouch
Andrea Crowe
Hannah Cruze
Hayley Cruze
Douglas Dagley
Cierra Dailey
Cassandra Daniels
Jason Daniels
Grace Daugherty
John Daugherty
Niraj Dave
Emily Davidson
Allison Davis
Hope Davis
LaVicka Davis
Louis Davis
Matthew Davis
Ryan Davis
Parker Day
Charles Deaderick
Natalie Decker
Samuel Degregorio
Edward Deiderich
Kevin Deike
Nicholas Dejulia
Lindsay Delay
William DeLozier
Kristen Dempsey
Sarah Dennis
Kyle Denton
William Derington
Clark Derrington
Prithviraj Dhandapani
Taylor Diakoff
Dustin Diden
Joseph Didgeon
William Dieter
Priscilla Dixson
Hoang Do
Brandi Dockins
Jacob Dohm
Elizabeth Donaldson
Zachary Dorsett
Anthony Drawdy
Taylor Drinnen
Charalee Dugger
Darren Dunlap
Lee Dunlap
Laurel Dunn
Marc Dunn
Thomas Duran
Vanessa Durham
Katrina Duval
Jeffrey Eaton
Taneka Ebberts
Nathan Eckel
Patricia Eckhart
John Ecklund
Sarah Edens
AnnaMarie Edwards
Betty Edwards
Christopher Edwards
Melissa Edwards
Devyn Elam
Lucas Eldridge
Jake Elkins
Daulton Ellis
Cody Elswick
Rachel Emerson
Deborah Ermolov
Ruth Esty
Rickey Eubank
Kristin Eubanks
Isaac Evans
William Evers
Cody Ewing
Daisy Falin
Amanda Fancher
Megan Fandrich
Deirdre Farmer
Clarke Farnham
Maria Farnham
Leslie Ferrer
Kerry Fifer
Gabriel Figueroa
Caroline Fine
Richel Finfrock
Almondo Fiori
Emma Flaming
Aaron Floch
Ashley Fortenberry
Heidi Fortner
Justin Foster
Sharleen Foster
Sophie Fourniquet
Brooklyn Foust
Keith Fowkes
Aaron Frank
Matt Franklin
Timothy Frantz
Krista Freeman
Krista Freeman
Patrick French
Sara French
Thomas Frost
Ryan Froula
Christopher Fuerst
Jonathan Gaddis
Refik Gara
Vasile Garbulet
Grace Garlington
Chelsea Gartrell
David Gaul
Daniel Geisel
Jacob Gencay
Kayla Gentry
Anthony Georgiafandis
Sean Giacomini
Matthew Gibbs
Sandra Gililland
Lauren Glisson
Paul Goan
Scottie Godfrey
Ilya Gofman
Breanna Goins
Raven Goller-Brown
Alyssa Gollwitzer
Rebeca Gonzalez
Natalie Goodin
Zara Goodlaxson
Kaci Goodrich
Elissa Goodson
Isaac Goodson
Neelima Gorti
Michael Grabeel
Kelsea Grala
Christopher Green
Hannah Green
Gavin Gregg
Meredith Grimes
Lisa Grunwald
Christopher Guider
Logan Gunter
Arturo Guzman
Stacey Haden
David Haines
Angela Hamby
Derrick Hamilton
Valerie Hamilton
Ashley Hancock
Laura Haney
Fred Harber
Christian Hardin
Erika Hardin
Tommy Hardin II
Jesse Harper
Alyssa Harrelson
Christian Harris
Sable Harris
Ashton Harrison
Nathaniel Hartley
Janet Hastings
Brighton Hatfield
Sharon Haverfield
Avery Hawk
Jessica Hawkins
Sherri Hayes
Tyler Hayes
Jessica Haynes
Hillary Hays
Pamela Hays
Ashley Heath
Nicole Hedger
Dustin Heidel
Sarah Heinemann
Brandy Heller
Heather Helton
Samuel Henegar
Alana Henley
Alexander Henry
James Henson
Kaila Herd
Miranda Herding
Julianna Herod
Aaron Hess
Jessica Heywood
Gary Hickey
Joshua Hickey
Lucas Hietala
William Hill
Chelsea Hines
Linda Hinkle
Chandler Hinton
Joyanna Hirst
Matthew Hobbs
David Hodge
Hannah Hodge
Peter Hoffecker
Kelsey Holloway
Rachel Hopkins
Mackenzie Horner
Grant Howard
Holly Hudson
Kyle Hudson
Wesley Huffaker
Candice Huffstetler
Paige Hughes
Virginia Hughes
Laura Hulen
John Human
Kimberly Humbard
Kara Hunter
Maleah Huskey
Jake Hutsell
Muhammad Iqbal
Fatima Itmaizah
Chloe Ivens
Taylor Jackson
William Jaggers
James Jardet
Patrick Jarman
James Jarnigan
Andria Jaszay
Leah Jenkins
April Jennings
Christine Jensen
Kerry Jett
Karen Sharp Jimenez
Stephanie Johnsey
Audrey Johnson
Eugene Johnson
Grace Johnson
Jesse Johnson
Luke Johnson
Taneiqwa Johnson
Zane Johnson
Bradley Jones
Chelsea Jones
David Jones
Johnathan Jones
Jonathan Jones
Daniel Judiscak
Antoinette Juhl
Sarah Juhlin
Amber Julian
Joe Junemann
Richard Justice
Loni Kadron
Matthew Kane
Robert Karnes
Richard Keeble
Kelly Keheley
Sandra Kelley
Nathan Kendall
Kayla Kennedy
Beverly Keys
Emily Keyser
Lizan Khorsheed
Hearan Kim
Jieun Kim
Alyssa Kinder
Eric Kinder
Stephen King
Hannah Kirby
Amber Kissack
Jenny Kitts
Alex Klein
Matthew Kleinschmidt
James Knickerbocker
Matthew Krebs Jr.
Chad Lamon
Lauren Lamson
Abby Lancaster
Rosita Lane
Lauren Lange
Victor Lara
Olga Lavrinovich
Ashley Lawson
James Lawson
Janie Lay
Morgan Lay
Trang Le
Victoria Leake
William Ledford
Cortnee Lee
Elizabeth Lee
Ji Ho Lee
John Lee
Michelle Lehmann
Sydney Lehnert
Riitta-Maija Lehtinen
Andrew Leming
Chelsea Lessard
Tina Lett
Belinda Lewis
Samantha Lewis
Warren Lewis
Whitney Lewis
Joshua Lindamood
Nathan Lindquist
Filipp Lisovoy
Christopher Little
Noya Livne
Olivia Lobertini
Lee Logsdon
Jan Lomax
Jon Lomax
Angela Long
Caitlin Long
Neila Long
Victoria Long
Erin Lovegrove
Keana Lowe
Kevin Lowe
Tanya Lowe
Seth Luedtke
Antonio Lugo
Jose Luna Garcia
Brandon Lusby
Ashley Lynn
Lauren Lynn
Taylor Lyon
Justin MacDonald
Breanna Maginness
Daniel Maley
Andrew Malone
Rahel Mammo
Caleb Mangum
Jacob Mann
Jade Mann
Kendall Maples
Michaela Maples
Patricia Marsh
Serena Marsh
Joshua Martin
Kirsten Martin
Tamara Martin
Timothy Martin
Antonio Martinez
Amber Marzec
Bryan Mason
Jeffrey Mason
James Massengill
Philip Mathews
David Mathis
Mason Matlock
Vanessa McAfee
Erin McAlister
Lauren McAllister
Brianne McClanahan
Brianne McClanahan
Anna McClure
Shaun McComas
Rachel McConkey
Dustin McConnell
Jeremiah McCoy
Sandra McCroskey
Jordan McCullough
Simona McFalls
Katherine McGaha
Kayla McKee
Tiffanie McKee
Kara McLain
Rachel McMahan
Lauren McMillan
David McNeil
Emily McNeil
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Pellissippi State graduates earn degree on accelerated path, as a group

A row of people standing in front of buildings and trees.
Front row, left to right: Lee Blackburn, Rick Stogsdill, Heather Hatfield, David Carr, Diane Mannis, Brandi Dockins, Amber Slaterbeck, Amy Proctor, Harmonie Wallace and Denise Reed. Second row, left to right: Jim Wolfenbarger, Walter Radny, Philip Woods, Bobby Snodderly, Elizabeth Donaldson, Sevaughn Green, John Carter and Joe Junemann. (Bridget Webb is not pictured.) Photograph by Austin Webb.

Pellissippi State Community College’s Accelerated Higher Education Associate’s Degree program gives working adults the chance to earn a two-year degree in 16 months—an option that has grown more popular, and in some cases essential, for students.

At Pellissippi State’s 2013 Commencement Ceremony on May 10, AHEAD marked its sixth year with the graduation of its Management cohort, the first cohort the program offered when it was launched. Students in the cohort earned an associate’s degree in Business Administration with a Management concentration.

In a cohort, a group of students follows the same schedule and progresses through the program together.

“Getting to work with a team that you stay with through the whole thing was appealing to me. I knew I would have a good support system,” said David Carr, a new AHEAD Management graduate.

“You know everybody’s strengths and weaknesses, and who you can depend on to do what. It’s not like a regular class where you’re on a different team, with different people. You form more of a bond and do better work.”

AHEAD is a full-time program, and many students balance school with full-time jobs and family.

“It’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s worth the struggle,” said Lee Blackburn, a 2013 graduate in the Management cohort who worked as a construction subcontractor while a Pellissippi State student. “Juggling work and school and home, it’s tough. But it’s worth it.”

AHEAD faculty member Denise Reed agrees. “You have to have such a determination that you’re going to succeed and do this,” said Reed, “and I’m just so proud of them for all they accomplish in such a short amount of time.” Reed  has taught classes in AHEAD’s Management cohort from the beginning.

AHEAD provides two ways for students to accelerate their studies: credit for prior learning and shorter-length courses.

“I do work full time, so this was the best, quick way to do it,” said Heather Hatfield, who also graduated with the cohort. “You need to be dedicated and focused in order to finish. It is not a traditional class, for sure. It is for those who are committed and wanting that degree.”

Pellissippi State offers several AHEAD programs in the cohort-style format: Computer Accounting, Culinary Arts, and Management, all in the Business Administration major; Industrial Maintenance, in Engineering Technology; the Associate of Science in Teaching; and the A.S. 41-Hour General Education Certificate.

To learn more about AHEAD and other cohort programs, visit or call Celeste Evans at (865) 539-7381.