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Pellissippi State presented $10,000 BP Fueling Communities donation by KenJo Markets for students with disabilities

From left to right are L. Anthony Wise Jr., Pellissippi State president; Charles W. “Wes” Carruthers Jr., KenJo Markets president; Peggy Wilson, vice president of College Advancement, Pellissippi State, and executive director, Pellissippi State Foundation; and Michele DeFelice, Services for Students With Disabilities coordinator, Pellissippi State.

Pellissippi State Community College has received a $10,000 BP Fueling Communities grant from KenJo Markets in support of the college’s students with disabilities.

KenJo Markets President Charles W. “Wes” Carruthers Jr. nominated the college for the grant, and he presented the check to the Pellissippi State Foundation at the Hardin Valley Campus. As a BP branded marketer, KenJo services BP stations throughout East Tennessee.

Pellissippi State began offering classes at the Strawberry Plains Campus, formerly the Philips Consumer Electronics East Tennessee headquarters, fall 2012. The donation from BP and KenJo Markets will be used at the college’s campuses for new equipment and technology to better serve students with disabilities. The institution has five campuses: Hardin Valley, Magnolia Avenue, Division Street, Blount County and Strawberry Plains.

The BP Fueling Communities funds will go toward purchase of such equipment as a high-speed color scanner to scan textbooks and other classroom items. It also will fund laptop computers to provide real-time transcription services for students who are deaf or hard of hearing and state-of-the-art dynamic FM systems to enhance speech recognition for students who are hard of hearing.

“I am proud to present this donation on behalf of KenJo Markets and BP,” said Carruthers. “This new equipment and technology will assist students with disabilities in the classroom and underscores a critical mission at Pellissippi State, which is access to education.”

As a member of the Pellissippi State Foundation’s Board of Trustees as well as an alumnus and a longtime supporter, Carruthers understands firsthand the mission of the college.

To learn how you can support Pellissippi State and its students, visit the Foundation at or call (865) 694-6400.

Pellissippi State awards three Gnosis student club scholarships

L-R, Scottie Wood, recipient; Lindsay Delay, recipient; Delonda Anderson, recipient; Annie Gray, Gnosis co-advisor; and Nathan Bowman, Gnosis president.

Three scholarships totaling $2,500 have been awarded on behalf of the student organization Gnosis by the Pellissippi State Foundation.

The scholarships went to Pellissippi State Community College students Delonda Anderson in English, Lindsay Delay in Paralegal Studies and Scottie Wood in Nursing. All three students have a 4.0 grade point average.

Gnosis, founded in 2009, is a student-led service-learning organization. The club draws its name from the Greek word for the highest form of knowledge, that which comes about only through experience. Gnosis membership includes students as well as faculty members with a love of learning and community service.

“The scholarships are designed for students who do not qualify for other types of financial aid but who still need financial assistance to complete their programs of study, ” said Annie Gray, Gnosis founder, co-advisor and English faculty member. Scholarship applicants submitted essays that outlined their commitment to community service, academic achievements, goals and financial need.

Funds were generated by faculty and community donations and proceeds from club sales at college events. All scholarship support goes through the Pellissippi State Foundation.

Gnosis has sponsored a wide variety of faculty and student lectures, as well as initiated many community service projects. The club has been named Pellissippi State’s Outstanding Student Organization for the past three years.

For more information about Gnosis or the scholarship, contact Annie Gray at (865) 694-6492 or call Pellissippi State at (865) 694-6400.

Pellissippi State presents fall 2012 dean’s list

Pellissippi State Community College has named 914 top students to the fall 2012 semester dean’s list. Students are eligible for the dean’s list upon completion of 12 college-level hours per semester of coursework with a 3.5-4.00 GPA. Pellissippi State honorees include the following:

Grace Aaron
Ashlee Acuff
Kayla Adams
Ashley Adkins
Ronald Agresta
Edwar Aguiar
Britni Alatorre
Brett Alden
Christopher Alexander
Ariana Alfaro
Barbara Alfonzo
Antonio Alicea
Daniel Allen
Rachael Allen
David (Trey) Alley
Alexandra Amanns
Timothy Amos
Avery Anderson
Delonda Anderson
Mercy Anderson
Michael Anderson
Alicia Armstrong
Tess Arnold
Narin Artiniyan
Willia Arwood
Anna Astorga
Patrick Atchley
Alexandria Atkins
Melissa Atkins
Kyle Aungst
Christine Austin
Esra Avgin
Denisha Avrett
Ahmad Awad
Mohammad Awad
Haven Axmacher
Lauren Bacon
Tori Bacon
Krystallee Bailey
Seth Baird
Victoria Baker
Travis Banks
Jordan Barber
Jessica Barnhill
Scarlett Bartos
Nicholas Bashore
Felicia Bauer
Abigail Baumann
Allie Bays
Amy Beam
Carmen Bean
Brittany Beavers
Sudie Beierschmitt
Chelsea Belcher
Su Bell
Leland Biles
Caitlyn Bishop
Christopher Bishop
Felicia Bishop
Brandon Blanchard
Tonya Blasco
Chad Blaylock
Dagny Block-Ward
Kelvin Bolton
Taylor Boothe
Caleb Bost
Jeffrey Boswell
Analise Botello
Jason Bowers
Sarah Bowers
Carmen Bowers
Joshua Bowers
Luke Bowes
Joshua Bowman
Nathan Bowman
Andrew Brandon
Angela Breen
Renee Breiner
Cory Brewer
Kelly Bridges
Tabatha Bristow
Adam Brock
Anne Broome
Allison Brown
James Brown
Joshua Brown
Rachel Brown
Savannah Brown
William Brown
Cheryl Brownlee
David Bryant
Jacob Buchanan
Kevin Buckner
Stephanie Bullock
Kyle Bumpus
Corey Burdette
Brittany Burkett
Matthew Burkhart
Katherine Burns
Michaela Buxton
Christopher Bynum
Kristin Byrd
Virginia Byrd
Kayla Byrd
Racheal Byrd
Abigail Cacace
Jessica Cammuse
Hannah Campbell
Kaitlin Campbell
Makayla Campbell
Sarah Campbell
Willard Campbell
Christopher Cannon
Rachel Cannon
Richard Cantrell
Emily Card
Geoffrey Card
Zachary Carey
Miranda Carpenter
Cameron Carr
Daniel Carrell
Kayla Carroll
Jacob Carroll
Samuel Carroll
Tara Carroll
John Carter
Rebecca Carter
Shaun Carter
Timothy Carter
Tanairi Casanova-Carlton
Jonathan Caylor
Rachel Cecil
Johan Cespedes
Adam Chadwick
Melanie Chandler
Carolyn Chapman
Elizabeth Chapman
Kyle Charnley
Aja Charpentier
Jonathan Chase
Caleb Chastain
Eric Childers
Eun Jeon Cho
Donald Chouinard
Daric Christensen
Sarah Christopher
Caitlin Clark
Christopher Clark
Sarah Claxton
Amy Clayton
Kile Cleer
James Clenney Jr.
Nick Clevenger
Kimberlin Cline
John Cochran
Whitley Cole
Andrea Collins
John Cook
Caleb Cooper
Steven Cooper
Zachary Copeland
Jacob Cornett
Diana Correa
Marsha Cosey
Krista Covert
Jessica Cox
John Cox
Kelsey Cox
Adam Crabtree
Rachel Craig
Dwight Cross
Kelly Crotty
Anna Crozier
Darian Cruze
Cheyanne Curl
Jonathan Curtis
Cierra Dailey
Clayton Damato
Cassandra Daniels
Jason Daniels
Niraj Dave
Emily Davidson
Rebecca Davidson
Allan Davis
Emily Davis
Hope Davis
Louis Davis
Matthew Davis
Charles Deaderick
Joshua Deckard
Kristin Deese
Darlene DeHart
Edward Deiderich
Mark Dejulia
Nicholas Dejulia
Lindsay Delay
Joshua Dennis
Kyle Denton
Clark Derrington
Jeffrey Detring
Prithviraj Dhandapani
Kseniia Diakiv
Joseph Didgeon
William Dieter
Mingli Ding
Brittney Dingess
Nicholas Dixon
Hoang Do
Chrystine Dodd
Christopher Donaldson
Elizabeth Donaldson
Kristy Donaldson
April Doss
Brian Douthat
Robert Drake
William Duggan
Courtney Dukes
Lee Dunlap
Laurel Dunn
Sarah Duran
James Durham
Garrett Eason
Cierra Easterday
Nathan Eckel
Patricia Eckhart
Kristen Edds
Ashlyn Edwards
Betty Edwards
Kathy Eisenhower
Lucas Eldridge
Daniel Elliott
Hannah Elliott
Cody Elswick
Rachel Emerson
Melissa Emrick
Marshall Eng
Nathan England
Elise Ergen
Kristin Eubanks
Agnes Evans
Brianna Evans
Isaac Evans
Jessica Evans
Chad Everett
Tanner Everett
Neill Everhart
Sean Fain
Daisy Falin
Amanda Fancher
Megan Fandrich
Clarke Farnham
Maria Farnham
Daniel Farnsworth
Ryan Farrell
Sophronia Febbo
Patrick Feiten
Caroline Fine
Nichole Fiore
Devin Fladd
Katie Flener
Aaron Floch
Brent Floyd
Jesse Ford
Miranda Fortner
Brandon Foster
Jennifer Foster
Justin Foster
Cathryn Foster-Coode
Brooklyn Foust
Jeffery Foust
Elizabeth Francis
Matt Franklin
David Freels
Courtney French
Shanon Friauf
Bridgette Fritz
Ryan Froula
Stephanie Fry-Thomas
Lori Fuller
Priscilla Furlong
Janet Furtner
Steven Gallaher
Refik Gara
Vasile Garbulet
Alice Garland
Tina Garland
Daniel Geisel
Jacob Gencay
Kayla Gentry
Seanion George
Anthony Georgiafandis
Savannah Ghormley
Eric Gibson
Kimberly Gilbert
Sandra Gililland
Sonja Girardi
Haley Glandon
Scottie Godfrey
Raven Goller-Brown
Katrina Goode
Zara Goodlaxson
Sanquez Goodman
Isaac Goodson
Spencer Goosie
Kassandra Grace
Nicholas Graziano
Hannah Green
Christopher Green
Chelsea Grindstaff
Kayla Grubb
Sarah Grubb
Lisa Grunwald
Logan Gunter
Arturo Guzman
Rebekah Gyger
Tyler Hagerman
David Haines
Charles Hajko
Katherine Halford
James Halk
Angela Hamby
Derrick Hamilton
Laura Hamon
Laura Haney
Fred Harber
Christian Hardin
Ronald Harness
Brandon Harp
Jesse Harper
Lesli Harrell
Alyssa Harrelson
Christian Harris
Rachel Harris
Sable Harris
Janet Hastings
Brighton Hatfield
Brent Hattley
Avery Hawk
Shane Hawkins
Lacy Hayes
Tyler Hayes
Pamela Hays
Tori Headrick
David Hedger
Nicole Hedger
Dustin Heidel
Andrew Heil
Brandy Heller
Alana Henley
Joshua Henson
Kaila Herd
Aaron Hess
Katherine Hester
Joshua Hickey
Michael Hines
Linda Hinkle
Chandler Hinton
Rahim Hirani
Joyanna Hirst
Matthew Hobbs
David Hodge
Katelin Hodges
Ezekiel Holden
William Holland
Neil Holland
Crystal Hong
Grant Howard
Kelly Howard
Davis Hu
Christopher Hubbard
Amanda Huber
Bryan Huddleston
Holly Hudson
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Chisa Huffman
Christopher Hughes
Jennifer Hughes
Paige Hughes
Virginia Hughes
Megan Huiting
Bethany Hunt
Kelsie Hunt
Carissa Huskins
Andrea Hutchins
Torey Hyder
Wallace Hynds
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Muhammad Iqbal
Jenna Irwin
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Kerry Jett
Elliott Jetton
Amanda Johnson
Bethany Johnson
Candacey Johnson
Denis Johnson
Erica Johnson
Eugene Johnson
Grace Johnson
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Roshni Joseph-Biles
Antoinette Juhl
Joe Junemann
Richard Justice
Benjamin Kadron
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Richard Keeble
Ava Kelly
Alanna Kelsey
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Haley Kerr
Hearan Kim
Eric Kinder
Blakelen King
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Tammi King
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David Kirk
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Trey Kirkland
Seth Kitchens
Andrea Kitzmiller
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Amanda Kohler
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Angela Kremser
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Chad Lamon
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Rosita Lane
Lauren Lange
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Pellissippi State schedules spring-semester New Student Orientation sessions

Want to attend Pellissippi State Community College during the spring 2013 semester? Make plans now to attend a New Student Orientation session.

The sessions are required of all first-time degree-seeking freshmen. Orientation is recommended for transfer students and those who have been out of school for a while.

The sessions give new enrollees the opportunity to meet with Pellissippi State students, faculty, and staff; learn strategies for college success; explore degree, major, and transfer options; and discover campus services and resources such as financial aid. Pellissippi State encourages parents, spouses and others supportive of the student to attend as well.

A total of 10 sessions, two at each campus, are offered. Accepted students are urged to reserve their place in an orientation session as soon as possible. Dates, times and locations are as follows:

Tuesday, Dec. 4, 5:30-8:30 p.m.—Hardin Valley Campus

Thursday, Jan. 10, 5:30-8:30 p.m.—Magnolia Avenue Campus

Friday, Jan. 11, 9-11:30 a.m.—Magnolia Avenue Campus

Monday, Jan. 14, 1-3 p.m.—Blount County Campus

Tuesday, Jan. 15, 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.—Division Street Campus

Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2-4 p.m.—Strawberry Plains Campus

Tuesday, Jan. 15, 5:30-7:30 p.m.—Blount County Campus

Wednesday, Jan. 16, 9-noon—Hardin Valley Campus

Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2-5 p.m.—Division Street Campus

Wednesday, Jan. 16, 5:30-7:30 p.m.—Strawberry Plains Campus

Pellissippi State’s spring 2013 application deadline is Jan. 7. Classes begin on Jan. 17.

Visit or call (865) 694-6400 to make your reservation. To request accommodations for a disability, email or call (865) 539-7153.

Pellissippi State Hospitality student awarded hotel/lodging scholarship

Lisa Grunwald is the first Pellissippi State Community College student to receive an American Express Scholarship from the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Foundation.

Grunwald, a student in the Hospitality concentration of the Business Administration degree program, competed nationally with other hospitality students from two- and four-year institutions for the $1,000 scholarship. She was one of the six recent awardees and the only student from Tennessee.

“Lisa is a terrific student and a hard worker,” said Tom Gaddis, head of the Hospitality concentration at Pellissippi State.

The first $500 check was applied to Grunwald’s tuition this semester. She will receive another $500 for spring.

“I was really just honored to be granted a scholarship from the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Foundation, since it’s such a prestigious organization,” Grunwald said.

Grunwald, the mother of two grown sons, says she lost her job when the company she was employed with sent all the production-line work overseas. She found a job at a local hotel and discovered she loved the environment. Grunwald decided to go to college for the first time and enrolled at Pellissippi State. She is now in her third semester.

“I hadn’t been to school for 30 years,” she said, “but once I got my study skills back, I’ve been doing really well. My first semester I was on the Academic Achievers list, and my second semester I made the dean’s list.”

For more information about Hospitality or other offerings at Pellissippi State, visit or call (865) 649-6400.

Pellissippi State: Engineering Technology students enhance campus with service-learning project

Esther Dyer, dean of Pellissippi State’s Division Street Campus, views the new display case frame created by students Ted Maitlen and Ben Manuel (not pictured). Maitlen and Manuel created the frame to hold fliers at the campus. The frame was part of a project for both an Engineering Technology class and the college’s Service-Learning program.

Service-learning gives Pellissippi State Community College students an opportunity to learn while improving the community. In some cases, that means improving Pellissippi State’s campuses, too.

Just ask Ted Maitlen and Ben Manuel, two students in Engineering Technology’s Mechanical Engineering concentration who spent summer semester creating metal frames to display fliers at the Division Street Campus.

The college’s Service-Learning program integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.

“It’s more than I asked for—way more,” said Esther Dyer, dean of the Division Street Campus, after viewing the frame’s prototype in the Mechanical Engineering lab. “Your design will be in big demand,” she told the students. “It’s beautiful.”

The display frame is roughly a yard square, made of aluminum and designed to hold up to eight fliers. Plexiglas covers the front and holds the papers in place. For Maitlen and Manuel, the project differs from previous MET coursework in at least two ways.

First, there were no specifications at the outset.

“This is different because we had no prints provided for us,” said Maitlen, a 28-year-old U.S. Army veteran. “This is something we had to envision and draw out.”

He and Manuel also crafted a metal replica of the Pellissippi State shield as a centerpiece to the frame.

Second, they had a client.

As they designed and created the frames, they involved Dyer throughout the process. They also had a manager to answer to: Pat Riddle, MET faculty member and program coordinator. Riddle met with Dyer initially and proposed the project for Service-Learning.

“What they’ve done exactly mimics what they would have to do in industry to produce a product—all the way from conception to final installation of the product,” he said.

The project required the students to draw on everything they have learned at Pellissippi State, from MET classes to English, math and science. That is typical in Service-Learning.

“It’s about how to take all these—what seem to be disparate things that you’ve learned—and how to integrate those, so that you have the skills and knowledge it takes to actually perform at a level of expectation, not just in a school but within an organization,” Riddle said.

The first display frame is one of five in production for the Division Street Campus. Dyer, who took over at the campus in the spring, came up with the idea when she noticed fliers hanging in the hallways. Putting the fliers in displays makes them more visible and helps “accentuate” their message, she says.

As part of the MET capstone, the students will document the project so that someone else can either recreate it or use it as a basis for development of another product.

Pellissippi State launched its Service-Learning initiative last fall with workshops for interested faculty. The college began offering service-learning-based classes spring semester.

Students worked with several community partners this year, but that work does not always have to take place outside of campus, as Maitlen and Manuel have shown.

“It’s a great example of how Service-Learning can bring together administration, faculty and students in a situation where everyone benefits,” said Annie Gray, English faculty member and Service-Learning coordinator. “In other words, our community partner can be the college just as easily as it can be a nonprofit outside the college.”

Learn more about Pellissippi State at or call (865) 694-6400.

Pellissippi State presents Nov. 29 open house for prospective students, families

Pellissippi State Community College hosts “Pellissippi Preview,” an open house for prospective students of all ages on Thursday, Nov. 29, 5:30-8 p.m. The event takes place in the Goins Administration Building on the Hardin Valley Campus. Family members also are encouraged to attend.

Pellissippi Preview attendees will have the opportunity to meet current students, faculty and staff. There will be a “browse session” for prospective students to talk to faculty and staff about all areas of college life: choosing a major, applying for admission, and pursuing financial aid and scholarships. The event includes presentations by Enrollment Services (Admissions) and Financial Aid as well.

High school seniors in attendance are eligible to win one of two $250 scholarships provided by the Pellissippi State Foundation.

Pellissippi State has nearly 11,000 students at its five sites: Blount County Campus, Division Street Campus, Hardin Valley Campus, Magnolia Avenue Campus and the new Strawberry Plains Campus.

Participants are asked to RSVP to

To learn more about the open house, call (865) 694-6400. To request accommodations for a disability, contact the executive director of Human Resources and Affirmative Action at (865) 694-6607 or

Pellissippi State student artist displays landscapes at Strawberry Plains Campus

The oil landscapes of artist and Pellissippi State Community College student Matthew Lawson are now on display in the Lobby of the College’s Strawberry Plains Campus. Lawson is the first artist to exhibit a collection at the newly opened campus, but Mike North, campus dean, says he hopes to see many more.

“At the start of the year, the staff and I talked about wanting to bring art on campus,” said North. “We talked about wanting it to come from the community here and, ideally, a student. That’s exactly what happened when we learned about Matt’s artwork, and we’re excited to feature him at the Strawberry Plains Campus.”

The community is invited to view Lawson’s paintings Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., and Tuesday and Thursday, 8 a.m.-9 p.m. The campus is at 7201 Strawberry Plains Pike.

Lawson’s painting career began, ironically, when he couldn’t join other students in an art class at Carter High School. His classmates were working with clay, but because of allergies, Lawson sat in the hallway painting. His teacher took a photograph of him and asked him to paint a self-portrait. The painting was entered into an art contest sponsored by VSA, the international organization on arts and disability. Ultimately, it was displayed around the country, even spending time in the Smithsonian.

That success, coupled with the inspiration Lawson got by watching artist Bob Ross on television, spurred him to pursue oil painting. So far, the aspiring pharmacist has given all his paintings to family members.

For more information about the display, call (865) 694-6400 or email Catherine Adaska,

Pellissippi State sponsors successful Habitat building project

Hammers were swinging throughout the day of Saturday, Oct. 13, at the Hardin Valley Campus of Pellissippi State Community College, as the school hosted an alternative fall break event called “Shed Happens.”

One hundred volunteers joined forces at the college with the Lowe’s Home Improvement Heroes Project, Loudon County Habitat for Humanity, Smithbilt Homes and TnAchieves to construct 18 sheds to be donated to the Loudon County Habitat.

Habitat will present each of its families with a storage shed upon the completion of the family’s home. The building project will provide the Loudon County Habitat with an 18-month supply of sheds.

The event was part of the Pellissippi State’s Service-Learning program, launched last year. Service-learning integrates community service and academics to make education relevant and exciting for students, according to Tara Lynn, an English faculty member who facilitates the program with Annie Gray, also an English faculty member.

“We hope this consortium of businesses, nonprofit organizations and our college will become a model for community and civic engagement endeavors throughout the state,” Lynn said.

Six of the college’s classes currently have a service-learning component. More than 1,000 Pellissippi State students are engaged in service in the community in some way, whether through service-learning courses, the Gnosis student service club, or TnAchieves, Lynn says.

For more information about Pellissippi State’s Service-Learning program, visit or call (865) 694-6400.

Pellissippi State hosts Oct. 13 Habitat shed-raising event

Eighteen sheds. Seven-and-a-half hours. One hundred volunteers at Pellissippi State Community College.

Hammers will be swinging on the Hardin Valley Campus on Saturday, Oct. 13, 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m., as the college hosts an alternative fall break event titled “Shed Happens.”

Pellissippi State is joining with Lowe’s Home Improvement Heroes Project, the Loudon County Habitat for Humanity, Smithbilt Homes and TnAchieves to construct 18 sheds to be donated to the Loudon County Habitat for Humanity.

The Loudon County Habitat presents each family it works with on building a home with a storage shed upon the house’s completion, and the Pellissippi State partnership’s efforts will provide the nonprofit organization with an 18-month supply of sheds.

The college’s participation is part of its Service-Learning program, launched last year.

Service-Learning integrates community service and academics to make education relevant and exciting, says Tara Lynn, who facilitates the program with Annie Gray. Lynn and Gray are both English faculty members. Lynn says she and Gray hope that the partnership among businesses, nonprofit organizations, and the college will become a model for community and civic engagement efforts throughout the state.

“Six of our classes currently have a service-learning component,” said Lynn. “There are approximately 1,000 to 1,500 Pellissippi State students engaged in service in the community in some way, whether through Service-Learning courses, our Gnosis student service club or TnAchieves. This event is our single largest Service-Learning volunteer effort for fall 2012.”

For more information about Pellissippi State’s Service-Learning program or the shed-raising event, visit or call (865) 694-6400.