Pellissippi State’s Strawberry Plains Campus pilots program for Second Harvest

Service-learning volunteer Ashley Lawhorn sorts snacks for deserving children.

Students from Pellissippi State Community College’s Strawberry Plains Campus have teamed up with Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee and others to get healthy snacks into the hands of deserving elementary and middle school kids in Knox County. This is the first time that college or university students have been involved in this type of partnership.

On Nov. 14 Pellissippi State students and staff sorted a pallet and a half of food items, including juice, milk, fruit and vegetables, provided by Second Harvest. The goods went into plastic bags donated by Walmart. Then members of Chilhowee Hills Baptist Church stepped in to deliver the bags to Carter Elementary and Middle schools and to Sunnyview Primary School.

The snacks provide nourishment for six weekends for some of the students participating in Second Harvest’s Food for Kids program. The program includes 18 counties and makes available 500,000-plus meals to more than 10,500 children.

The student effort is in keeping with Pellissippi State’s emphasis on service-learning, says Mike North, dean of the Strawberry Plains Campus.

“The idea came up after meeting with some Second Harvest representatives at a community breakfast,” he said, “and we agreed we would give it a try at Strawberry Plains. Even though our campus has only been open for a few months, our students are enthusiastic about reaching out to the community.”

One of those students is Pierce Wender. “I enjoy helping people,” said Wender, who is studying philosophy. “I’ve had plenty of people help me in the past, and it just feels good to pass it on.”

Second Harvest is thankful for the extra hands. “It’s helpful to Second Harvest that we only have to make one delivery,” said Sam Compton, youth programs manager, “and it helps the schools because they don’t have to do the bag packing. We are very excited about the possibility of continuing to work with Pellissippi State.”

Annie Gray, a Pellissippi State faculty member, coordinates the Service-Learning program for the college.

For more information about Pellissippi State’s service-learning opportunities, go to or call the college at (865) 694-6400. For information about courses offered at the Strawberry Plains Campus, go to or call the campus at (865) 225-2300.

Pellissippi State awards three Gnosis student club scholarships

L-R, Scottie Wood, recipient; Lindsay Delay, recipient; Delonda Anderson, recipient; Annie Gray, Gnosis co-advisor; and Nathan Bowman, Gnosis president.

Three scholarships totaling $2,500 have been awarded on behalf of the student organization Gnosis by the Pellissippi State Foundation.

The scholarships went to Pellissippi State Community College students Delonda Anderson in English, Lindsay Delay in Paralegal Studies and Scottie Wood in Nursing. All three students have a 4.0 grade point average.

Gnosis, founded in 2009, is a student-led service-learning organization. The club draws its name from the Greek word for the highest form of knowledge, that which comes about only through experience. Gnosis membership includes students as well as faculty members with a love of learning and community service.

“The scholarships are designed for students who do not qualify for other types of financial aid but who still need financial assistance to complete their programs of study, ” said Annie Gray, Gnosis founder, co-advisor and English faculty member. Scholarship applicants submitted essays that outlined their commitment to community service, academic achievements, goals and financial need.

Funds were generated by faculty and community donations and proceeds from club sales at college events. All scholarship support goes through the Pellissippi State Foundation.

Gnosis has sponsored a wide variety of faculty and student lectures, as well as initiated many community service projects. The club has been named Pellissippi State’s Outstanding Student Organization for the past three years.

For more information about Gnosis or the scholarship, contact Annie Gray at (865) 694-6492 or call Pellissippi State at (865) 694-6400.

Electrical safety classes offered by Pellissippi State

NFPA 70E requirements. LOTO compliancy practices. PPE applications and care. To some, this may all sound like alphabet soup. For area professionals tasked with maintaining electrical safety in the workplace, however, these acronyms are crucial topics of study.

In January, those professionals can learn even more about their trade by taking one of three electrical safety classes being offered by Pellissippi State Community College.

“Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace” courses focus on the National Fire Protection Association’s 70E requirements. Originally developed at the request of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, NFPA 70E helps companies and employees avoid workplace injuries and fatalities due to shock, electrocution, arc flash, and arc blast.

The courses cover the requirements for safe work practices that protect personnel by reducing exposure to major electrical hazards. Included is information on topics such as lockout/tagout practices (LOTO) and personal protective equipment (PPE).

The non-credit courses are being offered through Pellissippi State’s Business and Community Services Division. Students may elect to enroll in any of three versions of the course: refresher, standard or train the trainer.

Early registration is encouraged. All classes meet at Pellissippi State’s Hardin Valley Campus.

“Refresher Course” (4 hours)—Jan. 30, 8-noon; $249. Areas covered include but are not limited to safety-related work practices, flash and shock protection boundaries, training requirements, determination of LOTO compliancy practices, and NFPA 70E 2012 changes.

“Standard Course” (8 hours)—Jan. 31, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.; $499. Areas covered include but are not limited to introduction to NFPA 70E and OSHA 1910.331-335, flash and shock protection boundaries, site-specific applications and work practices, determination of LOTO compliancy practices, PPE applications and care, and NFPA 70E 2012 changes.

“Train the Trainer” (32 hours)—Jan. 22-25, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.; $3,000. This course is applicable for all supervisors, mechanics, engineers, safety personnel and management. “Train the Trainer” enables the student to train a workplace team. Areas covered include but are not limited to safe work practice programs, hazard recognition and mitigation.

For information or registration, visit or call (865) 539-7167. The BCS website lists the latest class schedules and information on new course offerings.

Pellissippi State begins offering Associate of Fine Arts degree with Music concentration

Thanks to a new program at Pellissippi State Community College, students interested in pursuing a career or four-year degree in music can now earn a two-year Associate of Fine Arts that concentrates in that area.

All credits will transfer to other Tennessee Board of Regents institutions—Pellissippi State is a member of the TBR system—and the University of Tennessee as part of the statewide Tennessee Transfer Pathways program.

Long regarded as providing one of the area’s top Music programs, the community college boasts an extensive and diverse group of faculty. Among the course areas they teach are conducting, ear training, piano, vocal and instrumental ensembles, and theory. Applied instruction is available in piano, voice, and guitar, brass, percussion, string, and woodwind instruments.

For students who choose not to pursue an A.F.A., Pellissippi State offers a variety of general music classes, including piano, both vocal and instrumental ensembles, music appreciation, and private instruction. The community college is known for having small classes and affordable tuition.

Many of Pellissippi State’s Music students take advantage of the college’s status as an All Steinway School. The Pellissippi State Foundation conducted the All Steinway School fundraising campaign in 2010 with the goal of elevating the Music program to world-class status. The college now boasts 13 Steinway pianos in studios, practice rooms and performance venues.

Scholarships are available for students pursuing the A.F.A. with a Music concentration. They are awarded annually to recognize excellence in musical performance and academic achievement. Auditions for scholarships are scheduled each spring, and recipients are required to perform in one or more of Pellissippi State’s ensembles.

Two ensembles, Concert Chorale and Variations, focus on vocal performances. Six are instrument-based performing groups: Bluegrass Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Jazz Band, Percussion Ensemble and Studio Orchestra. can choose from among more than 30 majors, complete the required courses, earn an associate’s degree and transfer as a junior to a Tennessee public university. Some specific academic programs may have competitive admissions, but students are advised about requirements upon enrollment at Pellissippi State.

Students attending Pellissippi State in the TTP program can major in such subjects as accounting, art, biology, history, information systems, math, psychology and sociology. In addition to the new A.F.A., students also may graduate and transfer with an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree.

The spring 2013 application deadline is Jan. 7. Classes begin Jan. 17.

For information regarding Music scholarships, call the Pellissippi State Foundation at (865) 694-6528 or visit

To learn more about the A.F.A. degree, call (865) 694-6400 or visit

Pellissippi State presents fall 2012 dean’s list

Pellissippi State Community College has named 914 top students to the fall 2012 semester dean’s list. Students are eligible for the dean’s list upon completion of 12 college-level hours per semester of coursework with a 3.5-4.00 GPA. Pellissippi State honorees include the following:

Grace Aaron
Ashlee Acuff
Kayla Adams
Ashley Adkins
Ronald Agresta
Edwar Aguiar
Britni Alatorre
Brett Alden
Christopher Alexander
Ariana Alfaro
Barbara Alfonzo
Antonio Alicea
Daniel Allen
Rachael Allen
David (Trey) Alley
Alexandra Amanns
Timothy Amos
Avery Anderson
Delonda Anderson
Mercy Anderson
Michael Anderson
Alicia Armstrong
Tess Arnold
Narin Artiniyan
Willia Arwood
Anna Astorga
Patrick Atchley
Alexandria Atkins
Melissa Atkins
Kyle Aungst
Christine Austin
Esra Avgin
Denisha Avrett
Ahmad Awad
Mohammad Awad
Haven Axmacher
Lauren Bacon
Tori Bacon
Krystallee Bailey
Seth Baird
Victoria Baker
Travis Banks
Jordan Barber
Jessica Barnhill
Scarlett Bartos
Nicholas Bashore
Felicia Bauer
Abigail Baumann
Allie Bays
Amy Beam
Carmen Bean
Brittany Beavers
Sudie Beierschmitt
Chelsea Belcher
Su Bell
Leland Biles
Caitlyn Bishop
Christopher Bishop
Felicia Bishop
Brandon Blanchard
Tonya Blasco
Chad Blaylock
Dagny Block-Ward
Kelvin Bolton
Taylor Boothe
Caleb Bost
Jeffrey Boswell
Analise Botello
Jason Bowers
Sarah Bowers
Carmen Bowers
Joshua Bowers
Luke Bowes
Joshua Bowman
Nathan Bowman
Andrew Brandon
Angela Breen
Renee Breiner
Cory Brewer
Kelly Bridges
Tabatha Bristow
Adam Brock
Anne Broome
Allison Brown
James Brown
Joshua Brown
Rachel Brown
Savannah Brown
William Brown
Cheryl Brownlee
David Bryant
Jacob Buchanan
Kevin Buckner
Stephanie Bullock
Kyle Bumpus
Corey Burdette
Brittany Burkett
Matthew Burkhart
Katherine Burns
Michaela Buxton
Christopher Bynum
Kristin Byrd
Virginia Byrd
Kayla Byrd
Racheal Byrd
Abigail Cacace
Jessica Cammuse
Hannah Campbell
Kaitlin Campbell
Makayla Campbell
Sarah Campbell
Willard Campbell
Christopher Cannon
Rachel Cannon
Richard Cantrell
Emily Card
Geoffrey Card
Zachary Carey
Miranda Carpenter
Cameron Carr
Daniel Carrell
Kayla Carroll
Jacob Carroll
Samuel Carroll
Tara Carroll
John Carter
Rebecca Carter
Shaun Carter
Timothy Carter
Tanairi Casanova-Carlton
Jonathan Caylor
Rachel Cecil
Johan Cespedes
Adam Chadwick
Melanie Chandler
Carolyn Chapman
Elizabeth Chapman
Kyle Charnley
Aja Charpentier
Jonathan Chase
Caleb Chastain
Eric Childers
Eun Jeon Cho
Donald Chouinard
Daric Christensen
Sarah Christopher
Caitlin Clark
Christopher Clark
Sarah Claxton
Amy Clayton
Kile Cleer
James Clenney Jr.
Nick Clevenger
Kimberlin Cline
John Cochran
Whitley Cole
Andrea Collins
John Cook
Caleb Cooper
Steven Cooper
Zachary Copeland
Jacob Cornett
Diana Correa
Marsha Cosey
Krista Covert
Jessica Cox
John Cox
Kelsey Cox
Adam Crabtree
Rachel Craig
Dwight Cross
Kelly Crotty
Anna Crozier
Darian Cruze
Cheyanne Curl
Jonathan Curtis
Cierra Dailey
Clayton Damato
Cassandra Daniels
Jason Daniels
Niraj Dave
Emily Davidson
Rebecca Davidson
Allan Davis
Emily Davis
Hope Davis
Louis Davis
Matthew Davis
Charles Deaderick
Joshua Deckard
Kristin Deese
Darlene DeHart
Edward Deiderich
Mark Dejulia
Nicholas Dejulia
Lindsay Delay
Joshua Dennis
Kyle Denton
Clark Derrington
Jeffrey Detring
Prithviraj Dhandapani
Kseniia Diakiv
Joseph Didgeon
William Dieter
Mingli Ding
Brittney Dingess
Nicholas Dixon
Hoang Do
Chrystine Dodd
Christopher Donaldson
Elizabeth Donaldson
Kristy Donaldson
April Doss
Brian Douthat
Robert Drake
William Duggan
Courtney Dukes
Lee Dunlap
Laurel Dunn
Sarah Duran
James Durham
Garrett Eason
Cierra Easterday
Nathan Eckel
Patricia Eckhart
Kristen Edds
Ashlyn Edwards
Betty Edwards
Kathy Eisenhower
Lucas Eldridge
Daniel Elliott
Hannah Elliott
Cody Elswick
Rachel Emerson
Melissa Emrick
Marshall Eng
Nathan England
Elise Ergen
Kristin Eubanks
Agnes Evans
Brianna Evans
Isaac Evans
Jessica Evans
Chad Everett
Tanner Everett
Neill Everhart
Sean Fain
Daisy Falin
Amanda Fancher
Megan Fandrich
Clarke Farnham
Maria Farnham
Daniel Farnsworth
Ryan Farrell
Sophronia Febbo
Patrick Feiten
Caroline Fine
Nichole Fiore
Devin Fladd
Katie Flener
Aaron Floch
Brent Floyd
Jesse Ford
Miranda Fortner
Brandon Foster
Jennifer Foster
Justin Foster
Cathryn Foster-Coode
Brooklyn Foust
Jeffery Foust
Elizabeth Francis
Matt Franklin
David Freels
Courtney French
Shanon Friauf
Bridgette Fritz
Ryan Froula
Stephanie Fry-Thomas
Lori Fuller
Priscilla Furlong
Janet Furtner
Steven Gallaher
Refik Gara
Vasile Garbulet
Alice Garland
Tina Garland
Daniel Geisel
Jacob Gencay
Kayla Gentry
Seanion George
Anthony Georgiafandis
Savannah Ghormley
Eric Gibson
Kimberly Gilbert
Sandra Gililland
Sonja Girardi
Haley Glandon
Scottie Godfrey
Raven Goller-Brown
Katrina Goode
Zara Goodlaxson
Sanquez Goodman
Isaac Goodson
Spencer Goosie
Kassandra Grace
Nicholas Graziano
Hannah Green
Christopher Green
Chelsea Grindstaff
Kayla Grubb
Sarah Grubb
Lisa Grunwald
Logan Gunter
Arturo Guzman
Rebekah Gyger
Tyler Hagerman
David Haines
Charles Hajko
Katherine Halford
James Halk
Angela Hamby
Derrick Hamilton
Laura Hamon
Laura Haney
Fred Harber
Christian Hardin
Ronald Harness
Brandon Harp
Jesse Harper
Lesli Harrell
Alyssa Harrelson
Christian Harris
Rachel Harris
Sable Harris
Janet Hastings
Brighton Hatfield
Brent Hattley
Avery Hawk
Shane Hawkins
Lacy Hayes
Tyler Hayes
Pamela Hays
Tori Headrick
David Hedger
Nicole Hedger
Dustin Heidel
Andrew Heil
Brandy Heller
Alana Henley
Joshua Henson
Kaila Herd
Aaron Hess
Katherine Hester
Joshua Hickey
Michael Hines
Linda Hinkle
Chandler Hinton
Rahim Hirani
Joyanna Hirst
Matthew Hobbs
David Hodge
Katelin Hodges
Ezekiel Holden
William Holland
Neil Holland
Crystal Hong
Grant Howard
Kelly Howard
Davis Hu
Christopher Hubbard
Amanda Huber
Bryan Huddleston
Holly Hudson
Kyle Hudson
Chisa Huffman
Christopher Hughes
Jennifer Hughes
Paige Hughes
Virginia Hughes
Megan Huiting
Bethany Hunt
Kelsie Hunt
Carissa Huskins
Andrea Hutchins
Torey Hyder
Wallace Hynds
Parker Hysmith
Michael Infante
Muhammad Iqbal
Jenna Irwin
Ciara Jackson
Emery Jackson
Taylor Jackson
Patrick Jarman
Rachel Jeffries
Leah Jenkins
Roy Jennings
Christine Jensen
Heather Jensen
Kerry Jett
Elliott Jetton
Amanda Johnson
Bethany Johnson
Candacey Johnson
Denis Johnson
Erica Johnson
Eugene Johnson
Grace Johnson
Jesse Johnson
Bradley Jones
Christa Jones
Jonathan Jones
Roshni Joseph-Biles
Antoinette Juhl
Joe Junemann
Richard Justice
Benjamin Kadron
Matthew Kane
Robert Karnes
Richard Keeble
Ava Kelly
Alanna Kelsey
Otis Kennedy
Haley Kerr
Hearan Kim
Eric Kinder
Blakelen King
Ryan King
Stephen King
Tammi King
Michael Kirchoff
David Kirk
Joshua Kirk
Trey Kirkland
Seth Kitchens
Andrea Kitzmiller
James Knickerbocker
Daniel Knisley
Jiyoung Koh
Amanda Kohler
Katie Kolwyck
Matthew Krebs Jr.
Angela Kremser
Kristo Kukk
Chad Lamon
Anna Land
Rosita Lane
Lauren Lange
Jessica Langley
Levi Lanzoni
Olga Lavrinovich
James Lawson
Matthew Lawson
Janie Lay
Morgan Lay
Christina Layne
Nhu Le
Trang Le
Victoria Leake
Dustin Ledbetter
Haley Ledford
Cortnee Lee
Elizabeth Lee
Ji Ho Lee
John Lee
Michelle Lehmann
Riitta-Maija Lehtinen
Amanda Lerch
Chelsea Lessard
Tina Lett
Belinda Lewis
Samantha Lewis
Whitney Lewis
Joshua Lindamood
Julia Lindsey
Jan Lomax
Maria Long
Neila Long
Robin Loope
George Lopata
Kevin Lowe
Robert Lowe
Tanya Lowe
Antonio Lugo
Marcus Lundegreen
Robert Luning
Margaret Lunsford
Edward Lutsyk
Rhett Lyle
Ashley Lynn
Taylor Lyon
Justin MacDonald
Breanna Maginness
Daniel Maley
Rahel Mammo
Caleb Mangum
Elizabeth Mann
Brittany Manning
Diana Mannis
Benjamin Manuel
Michaela Maples
Krisstina Marcie
Alina Markevych
Joshua Martin
Timothy Martin
Zachariah Martin
Katie Mason
Jeffrey Mason
James Massengill
David Mathis
Cameron Mauk
Erik Maxwell
Erin McAlister
Lauren McAllister
Talie McBrayer
James McCann
Ariel McCasland
Anna McClure
Chelsea McCollum
Jonathan McCowan
Sandra McCroskey
Katherine McGaha
Zachary McGee
Michaella McGill
Ashley McInturff
Kelly McKeever
Jovi McMichael
Lauren McMillan
David McNeil
Kyle McRary
Allison Medley
Jorge Mejia
Maria Mejia
Victoria Mellen
Benjamin Mellon
Cortney Melton
Justin Mendoza
Abbey Merriman
McKalie Merriman
Neelima Mertya
Christina Metz
Robert Metz
Parker Michael
Alexandra Miller
Dashiell Miller
David Miller
Denna Miller
Jordan Miller
Tyler Miller
Paul Minton
Matthew Moats
Stephanie Mojica
Mario Moncada Urbina
Lori Monroe
Richard Monroe
Evan Montgomery
Hannah Montgomery
Stephen Montierth
Tony Moore
Angela Mordan
Adam Moreno
Clayton Morgan
James Morgan
Melissa Morgan
Chara Morris
Kate Morrissey
Nicholas Morrissey
Susie Mubarak
Julia Mullins
Tori Mullins
Agiimaa Munkhsukh
Celeste Murphy
Sharita Murphy
Alexia Murriel
John Music
Katelyn Myers
Michael Myers
Edward Nai
Joshua Najmola
Gladys Nance
Michael Nash
Hope Nelson
Suzanne Neubert
William Newell
Travis Nicely
Chelsea Nicley
Mary Noe
Victor Noe
Corey Norman
Jesika Norman
Travis Norman
Hannah O’Banion
Chelsea Oliver
Anthony Olson
Morgan Onusic
Mirriam Osborn
Daniel Ostrom
Travis Outlaw
Garrett Overholt
Marie Owen
Casey Owens
Joseph Owens
Daniel Pack
Kimberly Page
Whitney Palmer
Christopher Pappas
Crystal Parent
Ryan Parker
Amie Parrott
Jan-Marie Passafume
Akshay Patel
Neel Patel
Nihar Patel
Veronica Patterson
Hannah Payne
Jonathan Payne
Jeremy Pearson
Brian Pearson
Brandon Penland
Grace Pennell
Heather Perez
Jordan Perkins
Jessica Perry
Michael Pettet
Emilee Phelps
Ethan Phillips
Terry Phillips
Zebulon Phillips
Austin Phipps
Sharde Pianowski
Gary Pierce
Robert Plumley
Charles Pogue
Billy Pogue
Angela Polly
Sridevi Ponnuchamy
Richard Poppert
Ian Powell
Danae Powers
Sandra Pringle
Michael Propes
Kenton Pryor
Seth Purkey
Megan Queen
Spencer Raby
Amanda Radford
Nicole Ramirez
Ryan Ramirez
Jessica Raney
Ashley Rasar
Daryl Ray
Mark Reece
Michael Reed
Grady Reeves
Taylor Regan
Robert Renfro
Teisha Renshaw
Micah Reppuhn
Caleb Reynolds
Kacie Reynolds
Kelsey Rhode
James Rhoton
Emily Richards
Jeremy Richards
Bethany Richardson
Kye Riehl
Matthew Riley
Anthony Ritch
Rebecca Ritter
Rachel Roback
Tabitha Robbins
Abbey Roberts
Tiffany Roberts
Daniel Robertson
James Robinson
Lauren Robinson
Luke Robinson
Mary Robinson
Alisha Robson
Jared Roney
Karina Rosamond
Joshua Rosenberg
Don Roth
Arica Rowan
Rebekah Ruckart
Delaina Ruddell
David Russell
Alizabeth Russell
Cassandra Russell
Micah Russell
Joshua Rust
John Saah
Rachel Saffron
Rebecca Sagraves
Joshua Sales
Laresa Sallee
Kaitlin Sandberg
Amanda Sandlin
Lucas Saylor
Nicolette Scarfo
Allie Scherf
Sidney Scialdone
David Scott
Kristin Scott
Mycol Scott
Zachary Scott
Brittany Scrivner
Austin Seal
Talia Seiber
Noah Seiple
Halie Sellers
Jane Sellers
Katie Sellers
Sara Sellers
Carlie Serpa
Zachery Shalhoup
Ross Shapton
Bryan Sharpe
Mandy Shelby
Wendy Sherrod
Norman Siglow
JenaLee Silva
David Silverberg
Will Simmons
Andrew Simpson
Bradley Sims
Dylan Sizemore
Melissa Sizemore
Wendy Skiles
Amber Slaterbeck
Brian Smith
Caleb Smith
Denisa Smith
James Smith
Jennifer Smith
Katherine Smith
Kalyn Smith
Katryna Smith
Kayela Smith
Kelsea Smith
Lillian Smith
Michael Smith
Samuel Smith
William Smith
Sara Smock
Hannah Snelling
Bobby Snodderly
Joanna Snyder
Kayla Snyder
Sophia Soard
Veronica Solis
Sarah Sommerfield
Joshua Spalding
Nikolas Spangler
Anna Sparks
Owen Spears
Jared Spence
Laurie Spoon
Stephanie Spoon
Cody Sprague
Thomas Spriggs
Wendy Stafford
Cindy Standifer
Ameena Stanley
Wesley Steese
Julia Steinmann
Micaela Stephens
Brooke Stevenson
Cole Stines
Tyler Stinnett
Michael Stinson
Richard Stogsdill
Loretta Strange
Matthew Studwell
Ashley Suadi
Melodie Summers
Matthew Swearingen
Michael Swihart
Katherine Swisher
Truc Ta
Greg Tanner
Craig Taubert
Andrew Taylor
Courtney Taylor
Jenny Taylor
John Taylor
Matthew Taylor
Ashley Teague
Abigail Teasley
Zack Thayer
Jessica Thomas
Joel Thomas
Rachel Thomas
William Thomas
Zachary Thomas
Betty Thompson
Christopher Thompson
Douglas Thompson
Jefferson Thompson
Robert Thompson
Samantha Thompson
Tanner Thompson
Madison Thress
Sadie Tibbs
Whittney Tindell
Cory Tindell
Michelle Tipton
Hayley Torres
Abbey Towe
Chloe Tragesser
Adam Treadway
Elizabeth Trest
Sierra Trott
Rita Trythall
April Tumlin
Tatiana Tumminello
Christopher Tupps
Matthew Turner
Tina Turner
Elizabeth Turpin
Alyssa Underwood
Ashley Utley
Catherine Varga
Julian Vargas
Darren Vasel
Evan Vass
Matthew Vazquez
Nicholas Veals
Blake Venable
Sanny Vendeline
Terry Vest
Caleb Vibbert
Zachary Vibert
Tina Vinsant
Phong Vo
Tung Vu
Alla Vyazovaya
Logan Wade
Drexel Waggoner II
Mark Wagner
Bonnie Walker
Heather Walker
Leslie Walker
Paul Walker
Seth Walker
Dillon Wallace
Lauren Walton
Haley Ward
Zachary Ward
Elizabeth Washington
Leah Watkins
Troy Watkins
Chelsee Watson
Kathryn Watson
Michael Watson
Lauren Weakley
BriAnna Webb
Bridget Webb
Alexandra Wehrmaker
Chelsea Welch
Stephanie Welch
Ryan Welling
Thomas Wender
Vicki Wenke
Martin Wenzel
Shauna West
Teresa Wheeler
Katelyn White
Macy White
Timothy Whitehead
Andrew Whorley
Major Whorley
Wesley Wier
Justin Wiley
Khloe Williams
Robert Williams
Adam Wilson
Jared Wilson
Mary Wilson
Ryan Wilson
Lacey Winiecke
Levon Winther
Graham Winton
James Wolfenbarger
Susan Wolfenbarger
Whitney Wolff
Zane Womac
Scottie Wood
Tracie Woodall
Travis Woodby
Heather Woods
Kalonji Khafre Woods
Josh Woods
Brittany Woody
Grant Wortley
Antwan Wrancher
Ericka Wright
Kelly Wright
Cody Yankey
Ulugmurod Yarkulov
Alicia Young
Casey Young
Charysse Young
Dana Young
Kellie Young
Sydney Youngman
Lauren Yount
Megan Zawisza
Angelique Zimcosky

Pellissippi State and The WordPlayers present family-friendly Christmas show

Pellissippi State Community College and The WordPlayers get in the holiday spirit by presenting “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” at the school’s Clayton Performing Arts Center on Dec. 14-15.

Performances are scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 14, and Saturday, Dec. 15. There is also a matinee at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday.

This family-friendly presentation is part of The Arts at Pellissippi State, an ongoing opportunity for the community to enjoy cultural activities ranging from music and theatre to international celebrations, lectures, and the visual arts.

The WordPlayers is a company of Christian theatre artists based in Knoxville. In this hilarious tale, a couple struggling to put on a church Christmas pageant is faced with casting the Herdman kids, probably the most inventively awful kids in history.

The Clayton Performing Arts Center is located on the Hardin Valley Campus, 10915 Hardin Valley Road. Cost of admission is $12 for adults, $10 for seniors and students, $8 for youth (age 12-17), and $5 for children under 12.

Tickets may be purchased by visiting or by calling (865) 694-6400. They also may be reserved by phone at (865) 694-6684 or by email at

To request accommodations for a disability, contact the executive director of Human Resources and Affirmative Action for Pellissippi State, (865) 694-6607 or

Pellissippi State offers two free Holiday Spectacular concerts

The traditional Holiday Spectacular concert staged annually at Pellissippi State Community College is so popular that two performances will be presented again this year. Audience members are encouraged to arrive early for the event, which features all of the student ensembles in a fast-paced, high-energy show.

Part of the 2012-13 music series, the Holiday Spectacular takes place on Dec. 6 at 6 and 8 p.m. The theme for this year’s performances is “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” Included in the program are seasonal favorites in traditional and contemporary styles.

The concerts’ pianists will perform on Steinway pianos, in keeping with Pellissippi State’s status as an All Steinway School. The Pellissippi State Foundation conducted the All Steinway School fundraising campaign year before last to elevate the college’s Music program to world-class status.

The community college now boasts 13 Steinway pianos in studios, practice rooms and performance venues. This is the second season that Pellissippi State’s Music program presents concerts as an All Steinway School.

Many of the student performers are pursuing the college’s new Associate of Fine Arts degree, concentrating in Music. Through the Tennessee Transfer Pathways, all credits from the degree transfer to other Tennessee Board of Regents institutions—Pellissippi State is a TBR college—and the University of Tennessee.

Both Holiday Spectacular performances take place in the Clayton Performing Arts Center at the Hardin Valley Campus. Plenty of free parking is available. Admission is free; however, donations are accepted at the door for the Pellissippi State Foundation on behalf of the Music Scholarship Fund.

The 2012-13 Pellissippi State Music Concert Series is one component of Pellissippi State’s new arts series, The Arts at Pellissippi State. The series brings to the community cultural activities ranging from music and theatre to international celebrations, lectures, and the fine arts.

For additional information about the Pellissippi State Music Concert Series or The Arts at Pellissippi State, call (865) 694-6400 or visit

To request accommodations for a disability, contact the executive director of Human Resources and Affirmative Action at (865) 694-6607 or

Pellissippi State schedules spring-semester New Student Orientation sessions

Want to attend Pellissippi State Community College during the spring 2013 semester? Make plans now to attend a New Student Orientation session.

The sessions are required of all first-time degree-seeking freshmen. Orientation is recommended for transfer students and those who have been out of school for a while.

The sessions give new enrollees the opportunity to meet with Pellissippi State students, faculty, and staff; learn strategies for college success; explore degree, major, and transfer options; and discover campus services and resources such as financial aid. Pellissippi State encourages parents, spouses and others supportive of the student to attend as well.

A total of 10 sessions, two at each campus, are offered. Accepted students are urged to reserve their place in an orientation session as soon as possible. Dates, times and locations are as follows:

Tuesday, Dec. 4, 5:30-8:30 p.m.—Hardin Valley Campus

Thursday, Jan. 10, 5:30-8:30 p.m.—Magnolia Avenue Campus

Friday, Jan. 11, 9-11:30 a.m.—Magnolia Avenue Campus

Monday, Jan. 14, 1-3 p.m.—Blount County Campus

Tuesday, Jan. 15, 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.—Division Street Campus

Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2-4 p.m.—Strawberry Plains Campus

Tuesday, Jan. 15, 5:30-7:30 p.m.—Blount County Campus

Wednesday, Jan. 16, 9-noon—Hardin Valley Campus

Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2-5 p.m.—Division Street Campus

Wednesday, Jan. 16, 5:30-7:30 p.m.—Strawberry Plains Campus

Pellissippi State’s spring 2013 application deadline is Jan. 7. Classes begin on Jan. 17.

Visit or call (865) 694-6400 to make your reservation. To request accommodations for a disability, email or call (865) 539-7153.

Registration under way for accelerated degree program at Pellissippi State

The Accelerated Higher Education Degree (AHEAD) program at Pellissippi State Community College continues its growth with a new Computer Accounting concentration in spring semester. Classes start Jan. 17, and registration began Oct. 29.

The college also starts new “cohorts” in two long-running AHEAD degree choices, Management and Culinary Arts.

AHEAD is designed to meet the needs of busy adults and working parents. Concentrating in Culinary Arts, Management or the new Computer Accounting option leads to an Associate of Applied Science degree in Business Administration.

Most students enrolled in the program work full time, have a family and seek a path to promotion in their career, according to Roger Crowe, a faculty member who has taught Management classes in AHEAD since its onset in fall 2007.

“They’re usually moving along in their careers but have reached a point where they either have to have a degree of some kind to move up the ladder or they feel like they just need additional training,” said Crowe. “In some cases, they realize they should have gotten a degree way back when and they’re trying to make up for that.

“But I’d say that the majority of the AHEAD students see the necessity of a degree in order to make progress from where they are now.”

AHEAD provides two ways to accelerate earning a degree: shorter-length courses and credit for prior learning. The program also is newly offering Management and Culinary Arts in a cohort-style format. In a cohort, a group of students follows the same set schedule and progresses through the program as a unit. Cohorts benefit students by giving them a ready-made framework to support one other.

Like Crowe, faculty member Denise Reed has taught classes in AHEAD since the beginning of the program. She says the coursework is rigorous and intensive and the students bring a high level of commitment to the program.

“You have to have such a determination that you’re going to succeed and do this. I’m so proud of the students for all they accomplish in such a short amount of time,” she said.

AHEAD degree programs are designed for completion in two years or less. In addition to Computer Accounting, Management, and Culinary Arts, AHEAD degrees are offered in Industrial Maintenance and Teaching. The program also provides students with the opportunity to earn an A.S. (Associate of Science) 41-hour General Education certificate.

To learn more about AHEAD, visit or call Celeste Evans at (865) 539-7381.

Pellissippi State launches machinist apprenticeship program with IAM union, Y-12

Pellissippi State hosted representatives of B&W Y-12 and the Atomic Trades and Labor Council and International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers officials and apprentices for the onset of a new partnership apprenticeship program fall semester. From left to right: Tim Wright (IAM); Pat Riddle (Pellissippi State); Steve Passmore and Danny Lowry (IAM); Rick Heath (Pellissippi State); apprentice Rachel Henley; Bill Klemm (Y-12); apprentice Ryan Johnson; Mike Thompson (ATLC); apprentice Jason Brown; John Whalen (ATLC); apprentice Jonathan Bryant; Beth Green (Y-12); Steve Jones (ATLC); apprentices Rachel Bachorek, Rashaad Gibbs, Jeff Bryant, Justin Dupas, and Micheal Lovelady; and Robert Goins (Y-12).

Pellissippi State Community College welcomed its first class of International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers union apprentices from the B&W Y-12 National Security Complex this semester.

Thanks to a partnership that began early this year, Y-12’s IAM&AW workers are now receiving instruction in the classroom and hands-on training in the engineering labs at Pellissippi State’s Hardin Valley Campus. The new apprenticeship program, which launched with 10 students, focuses on building the skills the workers need to succeed on the job: among them, machining, materials and maintenance print reading.

“Y-12 is a highly specialized and classified work environment,” said Rick Heath, solutions management director for the college’s Business and Community Services Division and a key player in the new partnership. “It’s logical and smart for them to grow apprentices from their own talent within the organization.”

“IAM is very committed to the apprenticeship training, but it doesn’t have the lab facilities or staff to train locally,” said Tim Wright, IAM District 711 business representative. The partnership between the college, Y-12 and the union makes training more convenient and saves Y-12, which pays for the apprenticeships, the expense of having to send workers out of town.

Beyond proximity and affordability, quality of programs factored into the IAM’s decision to choose Pellissippi State for the training contract.

“We have long been aware of the good work Pellissippi State does,” Wright said. “The training partnership is a win for everyone.”

The apprenticeship at Pellissippi State will take four years to complete. During that time, the machinists also have the opportunity to earn 45 credit hours toward an Associate of Applied Science degree. Since apprentices can finish the program only 15 hours short of earning a 60-credit degree, the college is also developing a 15-credit path to complete a General Education degree. The curriculum will be structured as a cohort, in which students proceed through their coursework as a group.

Pellissippi State’s Engineering Technology faculty and Business and Community Services developed the curriculum for the program. BCS works with employers to create customized training and development solutions, and Y-12 ultimately contracted with the division to offer the apprenticeship.

The effort is sponsored and the curriculum has been approved by the U.S. Department of Labor, says Heath. It also has the support of the Atomic Trades and Labor Council.

This is the first time Pellissippi State, Y-12 and IAM have collaborated on an apprenticeship program. Y-12 and union representatives initially met with Pellissippi State faculty and staff in early January. Curriculum development took place throughout spring and summer semester.

“They brought their experts over—the people who are doing the work,” said Heath. “They told us, ‘This is what you need to teach for our employees to be successful.’”

So far, the partnership seems to be working well for all parties, but there’s still plenty of room for fine-tuning.

“We’re going to analyze as we go along and see what’s working, what’s not working,” said Pat Riddle. Riddle coordinates and teaches in the Mechanical Engineering concentration of the Engineering Technology degree program. “We’ll meet with the IAM and Y-12 partners and see where we stand, see what they think we might want to change or reemphasize.

“This is a continuous improvement cycle that we’re working on, to make sure that the program meets the partners’ needs and still follows the academic guidelines set by the Tennessee Board of Regents.”

To find out more about the apprenticeship program and other contract training opportunities, email Rick Heath at To learn more about Pellissippi State, visit or call (865) 694-6400.

Pellissippi State Community College, Knoxville, TN