Pellissippi State hosts panel on Jim Crow laws for Black History Month

Imagine riding the bus for hours to attend public school when a much better school is nearby or taking a long trip, not knowing if a motel or restaurant will serve you at the end of an exhausting day.

The participants of Pellissippi State Community College’s Feb. 23 panel discussion, “Living With Jim Crow: Growing Up in the Segregated South,” don’t have to imagine what it was like. They lived it.

Robert Boyd and Joy Ingram, both associate professors at Pellissippi State, and Freddie Owens, a decorated Vietnam veteran, serve on the panel and recount living with the Jim Crow laws.

The panel discussion is 12:30-1:30 p.m. in the Goins Building Auditorium on the Pellissippi Campus, 10915 Hardin Valley Road. The community is invited to attend the free event.

The Jim Crow laws emerged in Southern states after the Civil War. First enacted in the 1880s by legislators who were bitter about the loss to the North and the end of slavery, the laws separated the races in all walks of life.

The resulting legislative barrier to equal rights created a system that favored whites and repressed blacks. The institutionalized form of inequality grew in subsequent decades with help from the U.S. Supreme Court. Jim Crow laws were finally abolished in the 1960s through the efforts of the Civil Rights Movement.

The panel discussion is sponsored by the college’s Liberal Arts Department and presented in celebration of Black History Month.

Learn more about Pellissippi State at or call (865) 694-6400. To request accommodations for a disability, contact the executive director of Human Resources and Affirmative Action at (865) 694-6607 or

Increase math skills at your own pace with online ‘ReadyMATH’ class

Students who prefer to work at their own pace rather than trying to keep up with a rapidly advancing math class should find a new online course to their liking.

Offered by Pellissippi State Community College’s Business and Community Services, “ReadyMATH” allows participants to pace their studies and progress through the course with the guidance of an experienced academic tutor.

Now available online, ReadyMATH is an advanced system for learning math and preparing for exams. The system assesses each individual’s needs, then targets instruction and practice to fill in specific knowledge gaps. Students master everything from basic arithmetic to intermediate algebra. The custom-tailored online program is meant to improve math skills and provide confidence for those preparing to take the GED test or college math placement exams.

BCS offers a growing catalog of more than 300 instructor-facilitated online courses. Technology is used to uniquely tailor both the content and the method of delivery in order to provide the best instruction for each student.

With each of the online courses, individuals can access the program at any time from any place with an internet connection. New enrollments are processed immediately, and students have access to the program for three months.

Access to the ReadyMATH course is available now, with new sessions starting monthly. Cost is $499.

To enroll or view additional online courses, visit

A schedule of all courses offered by Business and Community Services is available at For additional information, call BCS at (865) 539-7167.

Associate professor speaks on using math, computer to resolve group decisions

Dave VinsonDecisions made by committee often can be frustrating and time-consuming. But there is a mathematical “solution” for making the process easier, says Dave Vinson, associate professor of Mathematics at Pellissippi State Community College.

Vinson shares his solution when he addresses “The Order of Everything” on Feb. 22. The free lecture is 4:30-5:30 p.m. in the Goins Building Auditorium on the Pellissippi Campus, 10915 Hardin Valley Road. The community is invited to attend.

“Group decisions can often be swayed by a charismatic individual, and unfortunately the end result isn’t always the best result,” said Vinson. “By removing the element of personality and giving everybody an equal voice, a plan of action can be easily reached.”

He suggests that groups faced with making a decision apply the “pairwise comparison” approach. With that approach, the group brainstorms, creating a list of all suggested ideas. Those ideas are then paired randomly and reevaluated by group members according to specific criteria. The underlying premise is that it is much easier to choose between a pair of ideas than a long list of them.

Ultimately, the data are entered into a simple computer program, which “decides” what suggestions are the best.

“By combining ranking by pairwise comparison with a simple algorithm,” Vinson said, “decision-making becomes a democratic process where everyone’s input is equally valuable.”

Vinson’s lecture is sponsored by the college’s service-learning club, Gnosis. Gnosis members do charitable work for the community, and the club hosts many educational events throughout the year. The college has recognized Gnosis as its top student club for the past two years. The event is supported by the Faculty Lecture Series.

For more information, contact Gnosis faculty sponsors Annie Gray,, or Trent Eades,, or call (865) 694-6400.

To request accommodations for a disability, contact the executive director of Human Resources and Affirmative Action at (865) 694-6607 or

Chinese delegates to visit Pellissippi State

Pellissippi State Community College hosts a delegation from China during the week of Feb. 20, during which the college plans to share its best practices in “Building a Green Campus.”

The visitors will be in the U.S. to research the coordination and cooperation of educational institutions, companies and associations. Pellissippi State was selected as a host site by the Community Colleges for International Development, Inc., an association for global education based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The team of five delegates represents Rizhao Polytechnic, a comprehensive vocational and technical college in China’s Shandong province. The guests are Feng Xinguang, the college’s president; Li Jiangang, assistant president; Yang Baoguo, director, higher education research center; Mao Huaidong, vice director, general affairs office; and Li Hongye, director, internal affairs.

Upon their arrival in East Tennessee on Feb. 18, the delegates will have the weekend to explore the community. On Feb. 20, they will begin their week of research activities with tours of the Pellissippi Campus and Blount County Campus.

Pellissippi State was awarded a 2010 Governor’s Environmental Stewardship, in part thanks to the building and design of the Blount County Campus. Green features include a parking plan that incorporates reserved spaces near the building for alternative fuel vehicles, as well as charging stations for electric cars. The green design plan also includes bike racks and access to a shower for bicyclists.

“Pellissippi State is honored and excited to be a part of this vital cultural exchange,” said Anthony Wise, Pellissippi State president. “Our green initiatives are definitely collaborative in nature, and we are pleased to share our experiences with our counterparts from Rizhao Polytechnic.

“Their visit also complements our Confucius Classroom. We’re looking forward to being able to engage in personal dialogue with educators from China.”

Pellissippi State boasts a Confucius Classroom thanks to the school’s status as the 2010 recipient of a prestigious grant from the Confucius Institute at the University of Memphis.

Pellissippi State now offers three Chinese language classes and one Chinese culture course. By fall 2012, a fourth-level language course will be offered. That means students pursuing an Associate of Arts degree at Pellissippi State may now satisfy their foreign language requirement with Mandarin Chinese.

Assisting in the coordination of delegate activities is the Tennessee Consortium for International Studies. TnCIS, whose headquarters are at Pellissippi State, is devoted to making international education and cultural understanding a central goal of higher education in Tennessee.

For additional information about Pellissippi State, visit or call (865) 694-6400.

Pellissippi State’s Magnolia Avenue Campus hosts Feb. 17 electronics recycling event

Every year, tons of discarded TVs, computers, keyboards and cell phones wind up in U.S. landfills. Pellissippi State Community College aims to reduce this waste with an electronics recycling event on Feb. 17 at the Magnolia Avenue Campus.

The “e-cycle” activity is 9 a.m.-4 p.m. in the rear parking lot of the campus, which is located at 1610 E. Magnolia Ave. The community is encouraged to donate items.

Scott Recycling of Knoxville will be on hand to accept all types of equipment that contains electronic parts: copiers, fax machines, printers, computer and telephone equipment, power backups, servers, and small appliances. Disposal of donated items is done in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.

The amount of electronics recycled will count toward Pellissippi State’s total for Recyclemania, a national competition and benchmarking tool for college and university recycling programs to promote waste reduction activities to their campus communities. Recyclemania starts Feb. 15 and continues through March 31.

Electronic products contain natural resources and highly engineered materials like metals, plastics, and glass, all of which require energy to mine and manufacture. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, recycling and reusing consumer electronics conserves natural resources and reduces air and water pollution, as well as greenhouse gas emissions that are caused by manufacturing virgin materials.

A leader in environmental and sustainability initiatives among Tennessee colleges and universities, Pellissippi State received the Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award in 2010.

For more information about this event, call (865) 694-6400 or contact the campus’ recycling coordinator, Roger Milam, at

Is a stem cell transplant in your future? Pellissippi State professor discusses sources, applications of stem cells

Susan McMahon, Pellissippi State biology professor, is pictured with an inverted light microscope. McMahon addresses “Stem Cells: The Hope of the Future” on the Pellissippi Campus Feb. 21 as part of the ongoing Faculty Lecture Series.

“In Australia, people with blinding corneal diseases are seeing once again with the help of stem cells derived from their own eyes,” said Susan McMahon. The Pellissippi State Community College biology professor discusses the science behind stem cells, along with their current and future applications, in a Feb. 21 lecture at the college.

“Stem Cells: The Hope of the Future” is the next presentation in the ongoing Pellissippi State Faculty Lecture Series. The free event is 12:30-1:30 p.m. in the Goins Building Auditorium on the Pellissippi Campus, 10915 Hardin Valley Road. The community is invited to attend.

“Cures for breast cancer, spinal cord injuries, diabetes, muscular dystrophy, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy—these and many other disorders may someday be treated, and even cured, with stem cells,” McMahon said.

“Striking results are being seen using stem cells,” she said. “For example, lab rats have been successfully treated with stem cells to regrow the pancreatic cells lacking in type 1 diabetes and to partially reverse spinal paralysis. Several people have recently received new tracheas grown from their own bone marrow and nasal stem cells.

“In fact, a Pellissippi State student will be traveling to Philadelphia this summer to receive an injection of her own stem cells with the hope of regenerating muscle tissue damaged by a degenerative neurological disorder.”

Trials using embryonic and adult stem cells are currently under way in many research facilities around the world.

“Stem cells have tremendous potential in regenerative medicine,” said McMahon. “But their use, particularly embryonic stem cells, raises ethical issues. We all need to understand this new field of science, so that we can make informed decisions regarding its applications,” said McMahon.

For more information about this event, contact Trent Eades at or Keith Norris at To request accommodations for a disability, contact the executive director of Human Resources and Affirmative Action at (865) 694-6607 or

The series lecture following McMahon’s is “Women in Film” by Katie Lovette, an instructor in Media Technologies. It takes place on March 21, 1-2 p.m., in the Goins Building Auditorium.

Dancers, artists from China to perform at Pellissippi State

A presentation by performers from China’s Hubei University on Feb. 24 at Pellissippi State’s Clayton Performing Arts Center showcases Chinese art, dance, music and culture.

Imagine a calligrapher creating a written work of art onstage. Now weave in dancers clothed in colorful costumes, performing traditional Chinese Dragon and Lion dances. Add musicians playing centuries-old songs and martial artists demonstrating their fluid movements.

Audiences of the Chinese troupe performing at Pellissippi State Community College on Feb. 24 will experience this multimedia presentation—a mixture of Chinese art, dance, music and culture.

The free event, to which the community is invited, provides a rare opportunity for attendees to immerse themselves in the traditional Chinese arts. The troupe of approximately 30 performers from Hubei University is showcased, incorporating Chinese history and culture as expressed through the various media.

The Chinese Dragon Dance to be performed has been done for more than 5,000 years. Originally a symbol of imperial power, today’s Dragon Dance in China serves more as a symbol of courage, pride and wisdom.

The Lion Dance, which dates back more than 2,000 years, is a joint performance by two dancers. It is typically staged to express joy and happiness when the Chinese celebrate grand events. The art of calligraphy is a combination of physical agility, manual dexterity and artistic precision.

Professor Yiping Yang, associate director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Memphis, presents a special lecture prior to the performance. “The Chinese Perspectives of Dragon” will provide guests with Professor Yang’s historic and modern reflections on the cultural importance of the dragon.

The Hubei University performers are visiting in connection with Pellissippi State’s Confucius Classroom. As the 2010 recipient of a prestigious grant from the Confucius Institute at the University of Memphis, Pellissippi State has a full-time instructor from China who teaches language and culture classes.

The college now offers “Beginning Chinese I,” “Beginning Chinese II,” “Intermediate Chinese I” and “Peoples and Culture of China.” By fall 2012, “Intermediate Chinese II” will be added. Students pursuing an Associate of Arts degree at Pellissippi State now have the opportunity to satisfy their foreign language requirement with Mandarin Chinese.

Co-sponsor of the performance and lecture is the Tennessee Consortium for International Studies. TnCIS, whose headquarters are at Pellissippi State, is devoted to making international education and cultural understanding a central goal of higher education in Tennessee.

All activities take place on the Pellissippi Campus, 10915 Hardin Valley Road. The lecture begins at 2 p.m. in the Goins Building Auditorium. The performance begins at 3 p.m. in the Clayton Performing Arts Center.

For additional information, call (865) 694-6400. To request accommodations for a disability, contact the executive director of Human Resources and Affirmative Action at (865) 694-6607 or

Black History Month celebration continues at Pellissippi State

Black History Month celebrations are ongoing throughout February for all four Pellissippi State Community College campuses. All events are free and open to the public:

  • Through Feb. 29: Information about Black History Month is available in the lobby of the Division Street Campus, 3435 Division St., 7:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday, and 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Friday.
  • Feb. 17: Local historian and author Robert Booker speaks in the Community Room of the Magnolia Avenue Campus, 1610 E. Magnolia Ave., 10:45-11:40 a.m. His lecture is titled “History of the Civil Rights Movement.”
  • Feb. 20-29: The African-American inventors mini-museum is on display in the Community Room of the Magnolia Avenue Campus. The exhibit includes pictures, information and some modern-day versions of original inventions.
  • Feb. 26: The Knoxville Opera Gospel Choir performs at 4 p.m. in the Clayton Performing Arts Center at the Pellissippi Campus, 10915 Hardin Valley Road.
  • Feb. 28: The Caribbean Festival, featuring the Carib Sounds Steel Band, the Hotep Dancers and Caribbean food, is 4-7 p.m. in the Goins Building College Center on the Pellissippi Campus.
  • Feb. 29: The Magnolia Avenue Campus’ “I Am” a cappella gospel choir performs 1-1:45 p.m. in the Community Room of that campus.

For more information, call (865) 694-6400. To request accommodations for a disability, contact the executive director of Human Resources and Affirmative Action at (865) 694-6607 or

Two-day Lean manufacturing class at Pellissippi State

Learn the management philosophy that optimizes efficiency in the workplace by attending “Introduction to Lean Manufacturing” at Pellissippi State Community College, Feb. 13-14.

Class participants gain an in-depth understanding of project management techniques that identify and eliminate waste, and the Lean manufacturing concept can be applied to a wide variety of businesses. Attendees say that the course helps their businesses gain an edge over competitors.

Barbara Torbett, director of quality assurance with WebTec Converting, LLC, recently completed a Lean manufacturing course at Pellissippi State.

“We need to stay competitive, so we enrolled in a Lean manufacturing class,” said Torbett. “We had great instructors, and our whole business utilizes the skills we learned.”

“Introduction to Lean Manufacturing” is 8 a.m.-5 p.m. at the Pellissippi Campus, 10915 Hardin Valley Road. Participants who complete the 16-hour course earn 1.6 CEUs (continuing education units). Cost is $545.

The full course description, along with a schedule of everything offered by Pellissippi State’s Business and Community Services Division, is available at

To learn more or to register, call BCS at (865) 539-7167.

2011 Fall Academic Achievers

Pellissippi State Community College has named 833 part-time students to the list of “Academic Achievers” for fall 2011. To be included, a student must earn a grade point average of 3.50-4.00, be degree-seeking and have completed 6 to 11 college-level hours per term of Pellissippi State coursework. Honorees include—

Michael Adams
Stephanie Ader
Ashley Adkins
Heather Ailor
Karen Akins
Britni Alatorre
Joshua Albritton
Dawson Allen
Erica Allen
Joe Allen
David (Trey) Alley
Betty Allison
Nadine Amiani
Timothy Amos
Jourdan Anderson
Sarah Anderson
Tara Anderson
Natalya Andreeva-Smith
Aaron Andrew
Robin Archer
Luke Armitage
Matthew Arnold
Linda Arnone
Amy Arwood
Ella Assadova
Kyle Aungst
Claire Avirett
Jennifer Bailes
Krystallee Bailey
Kevin Baker
Jacob Balfe
Megan Banker
Matthew Banks
Rosalia Banks
Brad Barker
Rachel Barker
Melinda Barnes
Quieonna Barrett
Wesley Barrett
Derrick Barrow
Ashley Bates
Ryland Bates
Tristan Bates
Zachary Bathe
Cameron Bayless
Christian Bayless
Megan Beal
Samantha Beal
LeIna Beckner
Courtney Beeler
Abigail Beemer
Garrett Beeson
Linda Belcher
Su Bell
Varnell Benn
Ronshari Bennett
Melissa Bentley
Brennan Berry
Tonya Best
Raymond Bishop
Amanda Biter
Kathy Blackburn
Alan Blaha
Adam Blevins
Colleen Boehr
Hameeda Boghani
Katie Bohannon
Ronald Bolden
Bryan Boling
Christopher Boling
Sonya Boling
Lyndon Bolton
Jared Bonine
Dustin Boruff
Stormy Bowers
Sarah Bowman
Rebecca Boyd
Marshall Brabson
Kara Bragg
Steven Brasher
Robert Bredwell
Julie Breedlove
Renee Breiner
Chris Brewer
John Brewer
Anita Brickhouse
Alexander Briggs
Lee Bristol
Michelle Britney-Boyd
Colby Brooks
Kevin Brooks
Jeffrey Brown
Phyllis Brown
Alcus Broxson
Robert Bryan
Kaney Buchanan
Kimberly Buchanan
Kevin Buckner
Kristian Buckner
Rachel Bullock
Kami Bumpus
Melissa Bunch
Paul Burke
Dustin Burnett
Dustin Burnette
Sarah Busby
April Butler
Christopher Cable
Christian Calloway
Hannah Campbell
Arturo Cano
Carlin Carlton
Ronald Carmichael
Timothy Carmichael
Mary Carrasco
Amanda Carter
Jaeda Carter
Marilyn Case
Ryan Cate
Michael Cavitt
Jared Chadwick
Ousman Cham
Carolyn Chapman
Lacey Cheverton
Sarah Christopher
Krestin Churchwell
Erin Clark
John Clark
Jessica Clifton
Kayla Clifton
Laura Clingan
Marissa Coada
Seulki Cody
Stephen Coffey
Taylor Coker
Thomas Cole
Lisa Collins
Tiffany Collins
Cristen Colquitt
Cynthia Conard
Linda Connolly
Andrew Cook
Danielle Cook
Stephanie Cook
Christopher Cooper
Jalana Cooper
Steven Cooper
Matti Coppinger
Katie Counts
Andrew Cox
Stephen Cox
Rachel Craig
Kandace Crisp
Jennifer Cross
Mark Croswell
William Crunk
Tracey Cullen
Nathan Curtis
Sam Dalili
Dixie Daniels
John Daugherty
Tina Daugherty
Daniel Daulton
Rahmaine Davenport
Eythan Davich
Floyd Davis
Jonathan Davis
Natalie Davis
Rachel Davis
Jessy Dawson
Kristin DeBoer
Tyler DeLaney
Eric Dearing
Jennifer Decker
Joshua Deer
Mark Dejulia
Vanessa Delamain
Rebecca Deloa
Mehri Delsimhashemi
Jacob Denny
Sean Dexter
Tammy Dickerson
Katlin Dickson
Brian Diggs
Brittney Dingess
John Dingman
Juliana Disney
Rachel Dixon
Timothy Donahue
Katherine Donovan
James Dopp
Rebekah Dotson
Chadwick Doub
Curtis Dozier
Patricia Draney
Mendyn Duncan
Kristi Dunlap
Shannon Dunlap
Jordan Durkee
Amber Dyer
Joshua Dykes
Terri Eagan
James Earl
John Thomas Easley
Leslie Easterday
Katelyn Eaton
Michelle Eder
Betty Edwards
Robert Edwards
William Edwards
Christopher Elliott
Kristi Elliott
Robbeline Enyenihi
Robert Ergenbright
Benjamin Eskew
Rockford Estes
Mitchell Evans
Ann Everett
Sean Fain
Kendall Fair
Alexander Farmer
Caleb Farmer
Ryan Farrell
Dustin Faulkner
Alexandra Fee
Luciana Fennell
Jason Ferguson
Lauren Fielden
Angela Fields
Susan Fife
Richel Finfrock
Christopher Finger
Cynthia Finger
Kenneth Finnell
Jamie Finney
David Fish
Amanda Flake
Nichole Fletcher
Robert Fogg
Jesse Ford
Caitlin Fortner
Justin Foster
Lauren Foster
Sherrie Foust
Peter Fowler
Nathan Fox
Samuel Frasure
Breanna Freeman
Sally French
Glen Frisco
Jelica Fuller
Janet Furtner
Ashlyn Gadd
Hannah Galo
Kara Galyon
Jose Garcia-Adame
Jamada Garner
Patrick Garrett
Haley Gassel
William Gatlin
Seanion George
Brian George
Lindsay Gheen
Justin Gibson
Jane Gichingiri
Shaine Gideon
Kristina Gilliland
Kathy Girdlestone
Randii Goble
Amy Godfrey
Angelia Goins
Alyssa Gollwitzer
Angela Gonda
Tammie Goodin
Sharita Goosie
Neelima Gorti
William Goss
Valencia Grace
Christina Graham
Joanna Graham
Britney Graves
Charese Graves
Catherine Gray
Michael Gray
Dominique Green
Sarah Greenway
Bubba Greer
Jason Gregory
Robert Grimes
Alex Groner
Jenae Grossart
Lisa Grunwald
Paul Gunter
Brittany Hackworth
Fawnia Hackworth
Rachel Hale
James Halk
Andrea Hall
Michael Hall
Simone Hamak
Derrick Hamilton
James Hamilton
Joshua Hamilton De Leon
Sasha Hammett
Nathan Hammock
Rachel Hampson
Gregorie Handley
Brandy Hardin
Rachel Hardin
David Harding
Samuel Harding
Nicole Harp
Darcy Harrington
Jasmine Harris
Lelia Harris
Jason Harrison
Heather Haston
Chad Hatala
Heather Hatfield
Deanna Hatmaker
Kelli Hawthorne
Tyler Hayes
Victoria Hayes
Jonathan Hays
Teresa Headrick
Ashley Heath
Jonathan Heischman
John Helton
Lauren Hembree
Christopher Henderlight
Zachary Henderson
Joshua Henegar
Mary Henkel Gray
Marsha Henley
Anna Henry
Robert Henry
Cale Hensley
Candace Hering
Alfonso Hernanz
Caroline Herron
Delores Hess
Kelly Hicks
Janet Hiers
Matthew Higginbotham
Christopher Higgins
Kory Hill
Tori Hill
Michael Hines
Deborah Hinton
Jessica Hodges
Katelin Hodges
Andrew Holcomb
Emily Holcomb
Lila Holdenried
Michael Holder
Daniel Holland
Katelyn Holly
Harlan Holmes
Jonathan Holt
Tyler Hood
Stephen Horrocks
James Howard
Kelly Howard
Leila Howell
Jennifer Howland
Tracy Hudson
Sabrina Hughes
Nichole Hull
Kimberly Humbard
Matthew Humphrey
Kara Hunter
April Hurst
Robert Hurst
Tiffany Hussey
Andrea Hutchins
Kelly Hutchinson
Wallace Hynds
Muhammad Iqbal
Michael Ishee
Kimberly Ivens
Krista Jackson
Adam James
Charles Jefferson
Margaret Jefferson
Ashley Jeffries
Charlie Jennett
Berenice Jimenez
Benjamin Johnson
Caleb Johnson
Christine L. Johnson
Christine M. Johnson
Christopher Johnson
Jasmine Johnson
Jessica Johnson
Lauren Johnson
Lorin Johnson
Marisa Johnson
Matthew Johnson
Michael Johnson
Rachel Johnson
Tiffany Johnson
Jamie Jones
Jonathan Jones
Kara Jones
Wesley Jones
Ashley Jordan
Antoinette Juhl
Chad Kaina
Mathew Kang
Kelly Keheley
Megan Kelley
Scott Kelley
Layla Kennamer
David Kennedy
Sara Kenney
Haley Kerr
Kati Kerr
Brandy Ketner
Amy Keys
Faiza Khan
Zia Khan
Eda Kicki
William Kilgore
Christine Killian
April Kimler
Krystal Kimmitt
David King
Jeremy King
Joshua King
Kristie King
Stephen King
Jordan Kintz
Caroline Kirby
Viktoriya Kirichenko
Ronald Kirkland
Brett Kleinhans
Michelle Kniep
Rachel Knierim
Jordan Kooijman
David Kornrumpf
Terri Kristy
Rachel Kuchar
Allison Kulpa
Peter Kuntz
Janie Laesecke
Erin Lambert
Jeffery Lambert
Tina Lambert
Anna Land
Gary Lang
Sarah Langman
Teresa Larmoyeux
Jaclyn Lassetter
Benjamin Lau
Pamela Lau
Trang Le
Benjamin Lebron
Steven Ledbetter
Hope Ledger
Samantha Lee
Chad Lehmann
Heather Leinbach
Shante Lenoir
Tressia Lequire
Tiffany Lett
Shelagh Leutwiler
Seth Levesque
Virginia Lewis
Karda Linderman
Samantha Lindsay
Oksana Linnik
Wendy LionHeart
Tammy Littrell
Yao Liu
Sharon Long
Robert Longworth
Cassie Lopez
Stefanie Loudermilk
Casey Love
Ashley Lowe
Jessica Lowe
Leslie Lowe
Jody Lynn
Jonathan Lynn
Reece Lytle
Natasha MacDonald
Charles Maitlen
Christopher Malone
Yared Mamo
Anthony Manilla
Jennifer Manning
Hazel Manuel
Clay Maples
Sabrina Maranto
Krisstina Marcie
Jenna Marler
Brooke Martin
Christopher Martin
John Martin
Joshua Martin
Paige Martin
Troy Martin
Katie Mason
Jolene Maurino
Colleen Mausser
Casey Maxwell
Courtney Maynard
Scott Mazzella
Jessica McCausland
James McClane
James McClure
Hannah McCollum
Jonathan McCowan
David McCroskey
Carol McGaha
Perry McGraw
Kevin McKee
Ciara McKelvey
Rachel McLaughlin
Caitlin McLean
Lauren McMillan
Melanie McNeely
Shaun Megahan
Thomas Melhorn
Cortney Melton
Ruth-Anne Mendoza
Stacy Meschendorf
Tiny Michael
Elizabeth Middleton
Charles Miller
Corey Miller
Elizabeth Miller
Jessica Miller
Grant Mills
Jennifer Millsaps
Shawn Millsaps
William Mincey
Emily Minton
Rashmi Molukuvan Narayana Murthy
Koren Moneymaker
Erica Monroe
Matthew Monroe
Luke Montgomery
John Moody
Chelsea Moore
Chris Moore
Michael Moore
Mindy Moore
Teresa Moore
Angela Mordan
William Morgan
Amy Morris
James Morton
Joel Moser
Christopher Mumpower
Tami Munsey
Brennan Munton
Carolyn Murphy
Emily Murphy
Sandra Murphy
Amanda Myers
Gina Myers
Michael Myers
Christopher Nash
Brian Neal
Robert Neira
Brittney Newman
Erin Nicely
Stephanie Nichole
Katelyn Nichols
Stephanie Nickens
David Nine
Mercy Njoki
Angela Nolan
Farhaz Nooralli
Ryan Northcutt-McGill
Ewa Nowak-Ligaj
Shelly Nuchols
Hannah O’Banion
Betty O’Connor
Tyler Oliverson
Lydia Oprea
Samantha Oran
Jesus Ortega-Valenzuela
Whitney Oslonian
William Overby
Christi Owens
Jonathon Ownby
George Paine
Anthony Palmer
Deborah Palmer
Kayla Palmer
Suzann Paluzi
Hannah Parrott
Natasha Pass
Erin Patterson
Jason Patterson
Joshua Patterson
William Patty
Janice Paul
Maria Pavone
Tiffany Pendergrass
Jessica Penner
David Perez
Ashley Perkins
Dustin Perkins
Jessica Perry
Sarah Perry
Faisal Petro
Jill Pezick
Falisha Philips
Darryl Pierce
Maggie Pierce
Kimberly Pincombe
Shannon Poelstra
Sean Poirier
Nicholas Poker
Rachel Poland
Katy Porter
Savannah Prator
Matt Preuss
Sandra Pringle
Amanda Raby
Mike Raby
Sauda Ragland
Stephanie Rainey
Kelly Rake
Jeffrey Ramsey
Samantha Ramsey
David Randle
Niloo Ranjan
Jason Rathburn
Eric Reagan
Amanda Reed
Jason Reed
Mellissa Reed
Jeffery Renfro
Danielle Renninger
Micah Reppuhn
Ashley Revis
Beverly Rhyne
Amy Rickett
Zachary Ridings
Kye Riehl
Ruschelle Riffey
Chad Riggs
Meredith Riordan
Matthew Ritchey
Daniel Roach
Angela Roberson
Tommy Roberts
Daniel Robertson
Tanya Robertson
Lori Robnett
Kayla Roddy
Wesley Roedersheimer
Aaron Rogers
April Rogers
Belinda Rogers
Kristen Rose
Vicki Rountree
Arica Rowan
Shavone Rowe
Alexandra Rozanski
Emily Ruff
Jonathan Russell
Kyle Russell
Ericka Ryba
Rachel Sallee
John Sanchez
Ethan Sanderfur
Celisa Sanders
Dylan Sauls
Ashley Savage
Jennifer Saye
Regina Scates
Scott Schermerhorn
Michael Schuler
Eric Schwartz
William Schwartz
John Scott
Brittany Scrivner
Jennifer Seagraves
Jennifer Sebek
Benjamin Secrest
Patrick Secrist
Jane Sellers
Sheila Sellers
Heather Shamblin
Christopher Shanahan
Jennifer Shannon
Nancy Sharpe
Sharon Shastid
Lindsay Shaw
Sydney Shearsby
Hannah Sheley
Aimee Shelly
Kristy Shields
Daniel Shipley
Faith Shire
Matthew Shreve
Charlene Sikkema
Sandra Sila-Massengill
JenaLee Silva
Amber Sims
Leslie Sims
Nicole Sirna
Mary Skolarus
Brittany Skyberg
Chuck Slagle
Timothy Slagle
Amber Slaterbeck
Adrienne Sliwinski
Josh Sluder
Andrew Smith
Christine Smith
Derek Smith
James Smith
Jona Smith
Kristin Smith
Sterling Smith
Tori Smith
Tyra Smith
Whitney Smithers
Jay Smithson
Garin Snavely
Hannah Snelling
Kevin Snider
John Snope
Morgan Southers
Andy Sparks
Katharine Spielman
Robin Spires
Jeannie Squires
Pamela Stallings
Cindy Standifer
Elizabeth Stanford
Eric Stanley
Joshua Stapp
Jeff Steinheimer
Amy Stewart
Steven Stewart
Yvette Stilwell
Travis Stinnett
Marjorie Stoffle
Susan Stone
Daniel Stover
Chelsea Stowell
Robert Summers
Brittney Sumner
Chelsey Sutton
William Swann
Dawn Taft
Marcus Tate
Doriann Taylor
Brandon Tegethoff
Erin Thames
Zack Thayer
Justin Thiele
Edward Thompson
Laksmi Thompson
Sadie Tibbs
Jennifer Tidmore
Kelly Tindell
Patricia Tinsley
Bethany Tomkins
Juan Toranzo-Fox
Adam Treadway
Matthew Trent
Cynthia Trosper
Belinda Tucker
Harrison Tyler
Jason Tyler
Yoko Umezawa
Steven Vallee
Leticia-Mae VanDenBossche
Melissa Vance
Sanessa Vander Heyden
Donna Vanderbilt
Brittaney Vanover
Julian Vargas
Blake Venable
Janice Vergeer
Janice Vowell
Denise Wade
Doniesha Wade
Sherri Wade
Drexel Waggoner II
Derrick Walker
Michael Wallen
James Waller
Corwin Walls
Matthew Walls
Joleen Waltman
Caleb Walton
Elizabeth Watkins
Katina Watson
Melanie Watson
Rufus Watson
Rachel Weatherly
David Weaver
Stanley Weaver
Bridget Webb
Bryan Webb
Cameron Webb
Taylor Webb
Gillian Weir
Destiny Welch
Michael Wells
Travis Wells
Tyler Wells
Zachary Wells
Jared Werden
Gina Wesley
Maeleah White
Sara White
Jenifer Whited
Amanda Whitehead
Iris Whitehead
Angela Whitt
Jolynn Whittington
Charlotte Widen
Hope Widner
Christin Wiley
Cindy Wilhite
Lisa Wilkerson
Austin Williams
Bradley Williams
Michael Williams
Naomi Williams
Sarah Williams
Lauran Williams-Rowden
Elisapeth Wilson
Freddie Wilson
Jill Wilson
Mary Wilson
William Wilson
Zanetta Wilson
Lorris Wimberly
Alanna Windham
Gina Wininger
Amber Winters
Melissa Wise
Danielle Wolcott
Ernest Wolfe
Breanna Womac
Juliette Wood
Megan Woods
Michael Worley
Kelly Wright
Paul Wright
Guyus Wyatt
Ashley Yarbrough
Skyler York
Ashleigh Young
Rachel Young
Ricardo Zapata
Sarah Zarczynski
Nur Ziadeh
Wyatt Zinser
Stacey Zupka

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