TBR Course Revitalization grants awarded to chemistry, math

This fall, the MATH 1010 Survey of Mathematics and CHEM 1110 General Chemistry I courses will get a boost toward improving student learning and success, thanks to funding from Tennessee Board of Regents Course Revitalization grants.

MATH 1010 will be offered in a corequisite model, in which students who need remediation study alongside those already achieving at grade level. These types of “embedded courses” were piloted at Pellissippi State last year.

The goal of embedded courses is for students to address deficiencies while making progress towards graduation by completing a required core course. In fall 2014, more than 1,300 students entered Pellissippi State with math deficiencies.

The math revitalization pilot will take place over the summer at the Blount County, Hardin Valley and Magnolia Avenue campuses, then be expanded to include all five campuses in the fall.

Beginning spring 2016, some CHEM 1110 courses will add a “recitation” section to the classroom time currently devoted only to lectures. The recitation section will allow students to complete practice exercises during class and will emphasize small group collaborations.

The chemistry revitalization pilot is set to take place at the Blount County and Division Street campuses.