Legislative changes affect performance evaluation confidentiality

Tennessee legislators passed a number of bills this year that affect Pellissippi State, notable among them, that job performance evaluations of certain state employees will no longer be considered a public record, and thus will not be eligible for distribution under the Freedom of Information Act.

That statewide change applies to employees of public institutions of higher education.

“Job performance evaluations” is defined to mean performance evaluations completed by supervisors and self-evaluations, as well as communications concerning those evaluations and all scores, notes, memoranda, and other records relating to job performance evaluations. In the future, those records will be considered confidential.

The change doesn’t affect records that might be accessed by law enforcement or courts, but it does affect public access and public records requests.

Other legislative bills include new processes for situations that involve cyber hacks and sexual assault, changes to employee insurance and benefits, and

  • The addition of Veterans Day as a holiday.
  • The launch of the Community College Reconnect grant pilot program in the 2016-2017 academic year.
  • The approval of the Tennessee Veterans Education Transition Support Act.
  • The creation of the Go Build Tennessee program, promoting career opportunities in the construction trades.

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