Pellissippi Alerts: College’s text alert enrollment changing

How is Pellissippi Alerts changing?

Effective immediately, the process for enrolling for Pellissippi Alerts, the College’s text alert system, has changed. You will no longer be able to sign up through the Pellissippi Alerts link at the bottom of the College’s home page. Now all faculty, staff and current students will automatically receive emergency notices through their Pellissippi State email account. All faculty, staff and students will receive text alerts on their phones once they provide an up-to-date cell phone number through myPellissippi. Students will be asked to provide their cell number during the registration process; faculty and staff will be prompted to add a cell number when they log in to myPellissippi.

What kinds of messages will I receive?

You will only receive emergency notifications through this system. Those notifications will include weather alerts, College closings and incident alerts.

How does the enrollment process work?

Students enrolling in classes for fall 2015 will be prompted to enter their cell phone number when they register in myPellissippi. Faculty and staff must add their cell number to their personal information in myPellissippi.

For faculty and staff: After logging in to myPellissippi, click on the notice to register your cell phone number for emergency notifications. Under Personal Information, choose to “Add/Change Cell Phone Numbers,” and enter your cell number. Then, check the “Emergency contact” box to choose to receive emergency notifications. If your cell number already has been entered in myPellissippi, you will be automatically enrolled in the text alert system. Be sure to update your myPellissippi information if your cell number changes.

Once you have created an account for emergency notifications, you can access your personal information to make changes through the myPellissippi home page. (Your personal information is on the top right side of the screen.)

If I signed up to receive text alerts on Pellissippi State’s homepage, will I be automatically enrolled in the new system?

No. If you have previously signed up for text alerts at, your registration will no longer be valid. You should log in to myPellissippi and be sure your cell phone number is listed — and current — as part of your personal information and that you have checked the “Emergency contact” box to receive emergency notifications.

Can members of the public opt in to receive text or email alerts?

No. The text and email alert system now will be open only to students and employees of Pellissippi State. However, emergency notifications will be posted on Pellissippi State’s social media accounts and on the home page at The community can continue to stay up to date on everything happening at Pellissippi State by visiting those outlets.

Can I opt out of receiving text alerts?

Yes. Faculty, staff and students have two ways to opt out of cell phone notifications:

  1. If you already have a cell phone number on record in myPellissippi, you can either remove the number or uncheck the “Emergency contacts” box.
  2. If you do not have a cell phone, you can check the “I do not have a cell phone” box.

Everyone with a Pellissippi State email will receive email alert notifications; email opt-outs will not be permitted.

How often will this list be updated?

The list is updated daily. Faculty, staff and students will continue to receive notifications automatically until they leave Pellissippi State, unless at any point they choose to opt out of the text messages.


For more information or for help, contact the Helpdesk, or 694-6537.