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Nancy Ramsey

Nancy Ramsey
Executive Director, Institutional Effectiveness, Assessment and Planning

Institutional Effectiveness, Assessment and Planning works to supply information to governments and agencies, as well as internally, regarding the College’s performance on key measures of effectiveness. While external reporting is important and necessary, the office is eager to work with individuals in the College on special projects and research questions. This will be the first of a series of monthly articles related to College initiatives, reporting, survey data and anything else of interest.

  • 2015-2016 Institutional Briefing: Each year, College representatives meet with the chancellor and Tennessee Board of Regents employees to discuss the College and issues of concern. It is a conversation that helps TBR to be aware of what is taking place in the College and to update the College on TBR initiatives. You can find a copy of the 2015-16 report at pstcc.edu/ieap/FB_DR.php, “Institutional Briefing Reports.”
  • National Student Clearinghouse Data: The College participates in National Student Clearinghouse Research Center efforts by assisting in tracking students following their attendance at Pellissippi State. At pstcc.edu/ieap/FB_DR.php, “National Student Clearinghouse Report,” you can view a recent benchmark report published by the Clearinghouse regarding the fall 2008 cohort of Pellissippi State students.
  • Adult Learner Task Force: The College recently formed a task force to investigate data regarding adult learners. The task force includes employees from faculty and administrative and support staff. Hope Denny is chairing the task force, which is in the process of developing an adult learner profile and identifying the research questions the group feels need to be investigated. In the spring semester, the task force will share the data findings with the College through meetings on each campus.
  • Strategic Planning: The College is in the process of updating the Strategic Plan for 2015-2020. The strategic goals remain the same, but the Strategic Planning Committee is updating the initiatives for the next five years. Once the new Strategic Plan is available, IEAP will post it on the office’s Web page and notify staff and faculty.