3D print cart available to faculty & staff


How would you use a 3D printer: would you create a teaching tool or a visual aid for your students?

Now, you have the opportunity to explore an emerging technology through a new mobile 3D printing cart available to faculty and staff.

The 3D printing cart was created by and is managed by Lynn Klett, instructor in Engineering and Media Technologies, using a Mobile Fellows grant. Mobile Fellows provides grants to faculty and staff members to use mobile and emerging technologies to encourage student success.

“The idea is that classes can borrow the cart to bring a new element of learning into the classroom, or that teachers could borrow the cart to create learning aids or educational models,” Klett said.
Recently, one of her own students used a 3D printer to create for her a mathematical model of three-dimensional space, so that students could visualize space inside x, y and z axes.

“That type of teaching tool is invaluable,” Klett says. “For someone who can’t imagine what that space looks like, or who’s trying to figure it out from looking at a two-dimensional drawing of an axis that’s not two-dimensional, this can make all the difference in understanding a concept or not.”

The portable cart comes equipped with a 3D printer called a “MakerBot” and with “3Doodlers,” or 3D-printing pens. The pens allow users to draw in three-dimensional space by producing a plastic polymer rather than ink.

“I can’t wait to see what art students can do with this technology when they can suddenly draw in three-dimensional space, or what Interior Design Technology students do when they can create 3D models rather than 2D renderings,” Klett says. “That’s what makes this technology so amazing: it’s how we use it in all types of educational environments.”

For more information about the 3D print cart, or to reserve its use, contact Klett at lbklett@pstcc.edu.