HO, HO, HOliday Schedule!

Pellissippi State will observe the following schedule this holiday season:

  • Monday, Dec. 22, non-administrative closing day*
  • Tuesday, Dec. 23, non-administrative closing day*
  • Wednesday, Dec. 24, administrative closing day
  • Thursday, Dec. 25, holiday (Christmas Day)
  • Friday, Dec. 26, administrative closing day
  • Monday, Dec. 29, administrative closing day
  • Tuesday, Dec. 30, administrative closing day
  • Wednesday, Dec. 31, administrative closing day
  • Thursday, Jan. 1, holiday (New Year’s Day)
  • Friday, Jan. 2, College reopens

Since Dec. 22 and 23 are non-administrative closing days, Pellissippi State employees opting to be off work need to use annual leave. Employees who choose to work the 22nd  and 23rd should notify their supervisor and their vice president. For payroll purposes, employees must sign in and out at the Security office in the Goins Building or in the main office of the site campuses.