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Meet Your Tutors

Mary Bogart

Name: Mary Bogart

Area: Writing of all kinds

Educational Background: B.A. in English from Baldwin-Wallace
M.A. in English from Cleveland State University

Philosophy of Life: I enjoy helping students feel comfortable with writing process. My goal is for students to have confidence in their abilities and learn identifiable writing skills that they can apply across the curriculum.


Leonard Butts

Name: Leonard Butts

Area: Writing of all kinds

Educational Background: PhD. in English from U.T.-Knoxville

Philosophy of Life: Don't Procrastinate.



Lisa Mullins

Name: Lisa Millsaps

Area: Writing of all kinds

Degree: B.S. in Elementary Education from U.T.-Knoxville
M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction from J.T.-Knoxville

Philosophy of Life: "What we have loved/Others will love; and we will teach them how" from William Wordsworth's Prelude, Book Fourteenth

Angie Mullins

Name: Angie Mullins

Area: Math including Algebra 1030 & 1130, Calculus 1830, Finite Math 1630, and Statistics 1530 & 2050

Degree: A.S. in Accounting from Pellissippi State

Philosophy of Life: Don't put off things until tomorrow what you have time for today.

Carolyn Stinnett


Name: Carolyn Stinnett

Area: English Composition, English Literature, Technical Writing, and Grammar/Mechanics

Degree: B.S. in Business Administration from U.T.-Knoxville,
M.S. in English Education (minor in English) from U.T.-Knoxville, Ph.D. in Holistic Teaching and Learning (minor in English) from U.T.-Knoxville

Philosophy of Life: Working one-on-one with a student is personally and professionally satisfying because it allows tutor and student to work directly on problem areas and encourages communication. i love that moment when a concept "clicks" and the student understands!