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Welcome to the Blount County Campus

Pellissippi State’s Blount County Campus opened in 2010, but the College has offered college classes in Blount County since 1985 — meeting at Maryville High School and the former Union and Bungalow elementary schools.

With a long history and a convenient location to Maryville, Alcoa and Friendsville, the Blount County Campus offers dozens of degrees and certificates you can earn entirely in Blount County. The Blount County Campus boasts the West Chevrolet Auditorium an outdoor amphitheater and walking trail and is home to nursing and computer labs and a manufacturing technology lab.


Degrees & Certificates at Blount County

You can earn some degrees, Tennessee Transfer Pathways and certificates without ever leaving the Blount County Campus. These degree pathways may include a combination of on-campus and online classes.



Tennessee Transfer Pathway

Tennessee Transfer Pathways let you begin a degree at Pellissippi State and then transfer to a public university or college in Tennessee. View more details about each pathway in the College Catalog.

Accounting, A.S. 
Agriculture - Animal Science, A.S. (requires 1 online class: AGRI 1030)
Agriculture - Business, A.S. (requires 2 online classes: AGRI 1010, 1030)
Agriculture - Plant and Soil Science, A.S. (requires 1 online class: AGRI 1030)
Business Administration, A.S. 
Criminal Justice, A.A. / A.S. (requires 4 online classes: CRMJ 1010, 1020, 2010, 2020)
Early Childhood Education Pre-K-3, A.S.T. (requires 3 online classes: ECED 1310, 2320, 2340)
Economics, A.A. / A.S.
English, A.A. 
Family & Consumer Sciences, A.S. (requires 3 online classes: CHEM 1010, CHEM 1020, ECED 2320)
Finance, A.S. 
Foreign Language, A.A. (Spanish)
History, A.A. / A.S.
Imaging Sciences, A.S. (requires 2 online classes: PHYS 2010, 2020)
Information Systems, A.S. 
International Affairs, A.A. 
Management, A.S.
Marketing, A.S. 
Mathematics, A.S. (requires 4 online classes: CISP 1010, MATH 2010, MATH 2110, MATH 2120)
Philosophy, A.A. / A.S.
Physical Education, A.S. 
Political Science, A.A. / A.S. (requires 1 online class: POLS 1010)
Pre-Health Professions: Dentistry, Medicine, Optometry, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, A.S. (requires 2 online classes: PHYS 2010, 2020)
Pre-Occupational Therapy, A.S. (requires 1 online class: PHYS 2010) 
Pre-Physical Therapy, A.S. (requires 2 online classes: PHYS 2010, 2020)
Psychology, A.A. / A.S. (requires 1 online class: PSYC 2120)
Secondary Education English, A.S.T. (requires 2 online classes: ENGL 2310, 2320)
Secondary Education Mathematics, A.S.T. (requires 3 online TN eCampus classes: MATH 2010, 2110, 2120)
Secondary Education Social Studies, A.S.T. (requires 1 online class: HIST 2320)
Social Work, A.A. / A.S. (requires 1 online class: SOCI 2010)
Sociology, A.A. / A.S. (requires 1 online class: SOCI 2010)
Special Education, A.S.
Sport & Leisure Management, A.S. 




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