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Blount County Testing Center

The Blount County Testing Center provides a secure testing facility for students and future students for GED, correspondence testing, CLEP, and DANTES exams. It provides flexible accommodations for examinees with disabilities and it complies with National College Testing Association Standards and Guidelines and maintains strict confidentiality.

Effective January 2014

All PSCC students must have a student ID card in order to check into the Testing Center for testing. Knowing your P# will not suffice, you must have a valid student ID. First-time issue is free and can be obtained in the ERC. Re-issue is $10.00.


How the Testing Center works:

Instructors leave tests along with a Testing Authorization form with the Testing Center Technicians (proctors). Students check with their instructors regarding test availability. Students can also verify availability in person at the Testing Center. Students come into the Testing Center with a valid photo ID to begin test. When finished with test, students return test and all related materials to the proctor. Instructors return to the Testing Center to retrieve tests for grading.

The Testing Center acts as a proctor on a variety of examinations:

  • RODP
  • Kaplan Pre-Nursing Entrance
  • GED

To schedule one of these exams or for more information, contact the Testing Center on our Hardin Valley campus at 865-694-6454.


  • Children are not allowed in the Testing Center. Please make other arrangements.
  • No cell phones or other electronic devices allowed. Cell phones are to be turned off and handed over to the proctor. Students can pick up cell phones when leaving the Testing Center.
  • No backpacks, purses, etc. Please place on the shelves provided.
  • No food or drink allowed.
  • Once you receive your test, you may not leave Testing Center without returning the test to the proctor. You may not leave and return to finish the exam.
  • Allow plenty of time for the test. Students will not be allowed to begin a test with thirty (30) minutes of closing.
  • Violation of Testing Center policies may result in your immediate dismissal.


CBASE Testing

Graduating students are required to take the CBASE exam to receive a diploma during their last semester. It is not a pass/fail exam. In order to take the CBASE exam, a student must submit an Intent to Graduate form to the Admissions office. For information about registration, contact Admissions (865-694-6568). After signing up, the student receives an appointment letter with the day, time and location of the test.


RODP Testing

The Blount County Testing Center can serve as a proctor for RODP classes. The student fills out an online Proctor Request Form. The instructor's name, phone number and email are needed for the form. There is no fee for RODP testing. RODP testing is on a walk-in basis. Be aware that the Blount County Testing Center cam become very busy during midterms and finals.


Kaplan Pre-Nursing Entrance Testing

The Kaplan Admission Test is administered as part of the application process for the Nursing Program. The test is three (3) hours long. The proctor will not allow the student to begin the test if the Testing Center will be closing in less than three hours. Students need a valid photo ID. No calculators or cell phones are allowed. Once submitted the test results are automatically forwarded to the Nursing Department. Students may only take the Kaplan Test once per application period.



Computer GED testing will start at the Blount County campus approximately in January 2013.