Student and Faculty Support

Estimated Need: $1 million

Pellissippi State and the Pellissippi State Foundation have a shared goal when it comes to students: to inspire them to achieve their academic dreams regardless of financial or personal challenges by removing financial barriers that may inhibit their success. Those barriers may include tuition, fees, transportation, child care, books or food insecurity.

Stories surface every semester about students who consider dropping out of college because their car broke down and they no longer have transportation, or they lost their job or child care provider and can no longer afford to go to college. Others do not have enough money to buy textbooks or adequate food for their families. These scenarios should not prevent a motivated student from earning a degree.

There are ways that you can help.

Student Opportunity Fund

The Student Opportunity Fund assists Pellissippi State students with the associated costs of college — textbooks, transportation, emergency situations and more. Even with scholarships and grants that cover the cost of tuition, a two-year college degree can carry associated costs in the tens of thousands of dollars. With your support, educational barriers can be reduced or eliminated.

Individual Scholarships

Some may think scholarships are no longer necessary in the day of Tennessee Promise and Tennessee Reconnect. However, that could not be further from the truth. Each year the Pellissippi State Foundation provides approximately 350 scholarships to deserving students. For many, a scholarship opens a door to a life that was once just a dream — a life that includes a meaningful career with good wages. All the student needed was an opportunity and a little bit of inspiration.

Your funding of individual scholarships will help those who do not qualify for other financial aid. Scholarships will also help Pellissippi State attract bright students who will later become a part of our regional workforce.

Academic Program and Faculty Support

Pellissippi State and the Foundation also understand the importance of investing in the College’s academic excellence through the support of faculty and staff who need resources to enhance the student experience within the classroom. Your support will ensure that students receive the best education possible because faculty are using the latest teaching methods and equipment.

Academic Program Support will provide funding for individual departments and programs, professional development opportunities for faculty, and new equipment and technology updates.

Support this initiative today!