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Academic Probation Standards

Academic probation. A student who fails during any term to attain a cumulative GPA at or above the level indicated below for the hours attempted will be placed on academic probation for the subsequent term:

Total Hours Attempted Minimum Required GPA
14 and under No minimum
Over 14 to 26 1.0
Over 26 to 40 1.4
Over 40 to 48 1.7
Over 48 to 56 1.9
Over 56 2.0


(E, I, P, NP and W grades are not used in calculating GPA.)

Academic suspension. At the end of the probationary term, a student on academic probation who has failed to attain either the above cumulative standard or a 2.0 GPA for that term will be suspended for one term. For the student who is suspended at the end of the spring term, the following fall term is considered to be the term of suspension. The second occurrence will subject the student to a three-term suspension.

Appeals. A student who has been suspended may request continuance because of special circumstances through Counseling Services. A student allowed to continue will receive academic counseling and will develop an academic intervention plan that could result in a reduction in course load; redirection in program selection, testing and/or course placement; and required attendance at workshops on topics relating to academic planning and goal setting.

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