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Learning Support

In order to be successful in college-level courses, students must have adequate foundational knowledge and skills. The Transitional Studies Department at Pellissippi State provides learning support in reading, English and math to assist students in developing college-level skills in each of these areas. Students are placed into these courses based on the results of a placement test.

First-time degree-seeking students who are under 21 years of age must present valid ACT or SAT scores for placement decisions. First-time degree seeking students who are over 21 years of age must provide valid ACT or SAT scores or take the COMPASS test. Transfer students who have not successfully completed equivalent English and mathematics courses at another approved higher education institution also must provide valid ACT or SAT scores or take the COMPASS test. Any student with ACT/SAT/COMPASS scores below college level in reading, math, or English and no college credit in these areas is required to take a placement test. Placement testing must be completed before the first day of classes. (See Mandatory Placement of Degree Admission Students for additional information.) Students experiencing difficulty in college-level courses may request testing for an analysis of academic skills. Once tested, students must enroll in recommended learning support courses.

Learning support programs are individualized as much as possible, and students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning. Students may withdraw from a learning support course only for extraordinary reasons. (See Drop, Add and Withdrawal Standards in the Admissions and Registration section of this Catalog and Handbook for additional information.) It is recommended that any student enrolled in at least one learning support course take COLL 1500 College Success. Any student may elect to take COLL 1500 College Success. Required learning support courses must be taken before the “Other Courses Students May Take,” as shown on the learning support Advising Chart. This chart is located at and_instruction/advising/dsp/rd-advising.htm.

English as a second language. If their assessment results indicate the need, students whose first language is not English enroll in the same learning support math courses as do native speakers. However, to help those students with particular skills needed to write English effectively, the College offers special learning support courses in reading and writing. To enroll in these courses, students must submit minimum TOEFL scores of 450 on the paper-based examination or 133 on the computer-based examination.

For additional information about learning support courses, visit www. or call (865) 694-6596.

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