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Degree Admission

Applicants seeking admission to Pellissippi State to enroll in regular credit courses for a degree must comply with the following procedures:

  • Submit a completed application for admission along with a nonrefundable application fee.
  • Provide official academic transcripts and test results as applicable.
  • Submit immunization documents:
    1. Certificate of Immunization or proof of two doses of measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccines.
    2. Hepatitis B health history form (may be completed online if over 18 years of age).
    3. Certificate of Immunization or proof of two doses of varicella (chicken pox) vaccine.

Admission of first-time freshmen

Graduation from high school. Except as provided for below in the section on General Educational Development certificate (GED), applicants for degree admission as first-time freshmen must provide an official transcript showing graduation from high school. The high school transcript must be a regular or honors diploma. A special education diploma or certificate does not meet this requirement. The transcript of graduates of Tennessee public high schools must include a notation that the student passed the required proficiency examination. GED (General Educational Development) certificate. Applicants for degree admission as first-time freshmen may present a GED certificate in lieu of a high school diploma provided that their composite GED score is at least 450, with no individual score below 410.

Standardized examination scores. Applicants for admission as first-time freshmen must complete an entrance test or submit valid ACT or SAT scores. Valid ACT or SAT scores are those earned within three years prior to the first day of the first term of enrollment. Pellissippi State will use the scores for advisement purposes and as a component in placement decisions. Students who do not meet minimum requirements for learning support courses cannot be admitted to the College and will be referred to the Adult Education program.

Additional requirements for admission of transfer students

Any degree-seeking applicant who has attended another college or university shall be considered a transfer student. Admission of transfer students shall be consistent with the following criteria:

  • Official transcripts from each school previously attended must be submitted to Enrollment Services.
  • Applicants with college credit earned prior to fall 1989 are admitted without regard to the minimum high school unit requirements.
  • Applicants with 60 or more transferable semester hours are eligible for degree admission without regard to the minimum high school unit requirements.
  • Applicants with an associate’s degree (A.A., A.S.) designed for transfer to baccalaureate institutions are eligible for degree admission without regard to the minimum high school unit requirements.

Awarding of transfer credit

Transfer credit will not be processed until all official transcripts from each school attended by the student are received by Enrollment Services. Upon completion of a student’s file, including the receipt of all college transcripts, transcript analysts with Enrollment Services will evaluate all coursework taken. Transfer credit will not be computed into a student’s grade point average at Pellissippi State. Transfer credit is awarded for individual courses that parallel Pellissippi State’s courses for content, level of instruction and preparation of faculty teaching the courses for which transfer credit is requested, provided a grade of C or better was made in each course. Elective credit may be awarded by the respective academic division if it is determined there is no Pellissippi State equivalent.

The following information may be required to evaluate the comparability of courses for the purpose of awarding transfer credit:

  1. Course syllabus—copy of the syllabus used at the time the course was taken. A determination of the comparability of course content and level of instruction is made through a comparison of the following syllabus elements: course prefix, number and title; lecture/lab contact hours and credit hours; course description; prerequisite/corequisite courses; course objectives/course goals; grading scale; required textbook and other instructional materials; and methods of evaluation. If the syllabus does not contain the information specified above, supplemental documentation (e.g., assignment schedules, grading policy statements) should be submitted along with the course syllabus.
  2. Faculty credentials—verification that faculty teaching the course(s) for which credit is requested meet the following academic and/or professional experience qualifications:
    • Courses designed for transfer to four-year colleges and universities—master’s degree and at least 18 graduate hours in the discipline.
    • Courses not designed for transfer to four-year colleges and universities—master’s degree and at least 18 graduate hours in the discipline or bachelor’s degree and work experience in a related field.
  3. If applicable, the name of relevant specialized or program agencies/ boards may be submitted along with the above information.

The transfer credit appeal process may be used by students to request reconsideration of transfer credit decisions. Steps in the appeal process are as follows:


  1. The student completes the Petition for Transfer Credit, available online ( or at the Student Assistance Center, and requests an advising appointment with the Student Assistance Center to discuss why he or she thinks the petition for particular courses should be reconsidered for approval.
  2. Course descriptions, course syllabi and other documentation as described above must be provided by the student or by the institution where the courses were taken.
  3. The advisor may request that the student provide copies of college transcripts and supporting documentation, to be sent with the Petition for Transfer Credit form to the appropriate academic dean for review.
  4. The respective academic dean makes a determination, then submits the Petitition for Transfer Credit and a recommendation to Enrollment Services, and the transfer credit decision is processed by the transcript analysts. The academic dean’s decisions regarding the awarding of transfer credit are final.
  5. Enrollment Services will notify the student through campus email of the transfer credit decision.

The appeals process is the same for students transferring from regionally and non-regionally accredited colleges and universities. Students transferring from international colleges and universities follow the same steps—with the additional requirement that supporting documents (e.g., course syllabi) must be provided with English translations—and submit the required documents to an approved credential evaluation service. This process ensures that students have access to a fair and accurate assessment of the credentials by experienced evaluators.

Readmission to Pellissippi State

A student who has not attended Pellissippi State for three consecutive terms must complete a new admissions application, with no application fee. If the student has attended any other college(s) since leaving Pellissippi State, he or she must submit complete transcript(s) from the college(s) in addition to the application.

Academic Fresh Start: criteria

Academic Fresh Start is a plan of academic forgiveness provided for students who have demonstrated academic responsibility following their return to college. The Academic Fresh Start allows the calculation of the grade point average (GPA) and credit hours toward graduation to be based only on work done after returning to college.

Students who were formerly enrolled at Pellissippi State and who have been separated from Pellissippi State and all other institutions of higher education for a minimum of four calendar years from last date of attendance are eligible for the program. A transfer applicant’s GPA on transferable courses must be at least equal to that which Pellissippi State requires for the readmission of its own students. Applicants who do not meet the Pellissippi State standards may be admitted on academic probation or other appropriate status.

Student requirements

  1. Separation from Pellissippi State and all other collegiate institutions for at least four calendar years
  2. Formal application to Enrollment Services requesting Fresh Start and describing an academic plan at the time of readmission or admission as a degree student or after the time of readmission but prior to completion of 15 hours of degree coursework
  3. Completion of at least 15 semester hours of earned degree coursework with a minimum GPA of 2.0 for all work attempted

Terms of Academic Fresh Start

  1. Once the student has satisfied the above requirements, Pellissippi State may grant Academic Fresh Start status. The student may be granted a Fresh Start only once.
  2. The student’s permanent record will remain a record of all work; however, for degree or certification purposes, the student will forfeit the use of all college or university degree credit earned prior to the four-year separation upon the granting of Fresh Start status. Previously satisfied placement test requirements will not be forfeited.
  3. Upon degree admission, Fresh Start applicants who did not satisfy placement test requirements at the time of previous enrollment and whose academic plan includes completion of a college-level English or mathematics course must meet current placement test requirements regarding enrollment in college-level English and mathematics courses.
  4. The student’s transcript will note that the Fresh Start was made and the date of the Fresh Start. The record will also carry the notation “QPA and credit totals are based only on the work beginning with the date of the Fresh Start.”
  5. The student will apply for the Fresh Start with the understanding that all Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) institutions will honor a Fresh Start provision granted at another TBR institution.

Students should understand that non-TBR institutions may not accept the GPA as it is calculated with the Fresh Start.

Mandatory placement of degree admission students

For regular admission to a degree program, an applicant must meet one of these two criteria:

  • Applicants who have not attended college previously must submit valid ACT or SAT scores or take the COMPASS test. Applicants who do not show proficiency in basic academic competencies in mathematics, English and/or reading must complete a placement test prior to registering for classes. The results of the placement test will determine the appropriate learning support courses that a student is required to take. Such students may not be enrolled in a regular college-level course that requires that competency as a prerequisite until they have satisfactorily met the exit criteria of the appropriate learning support course(s).
  • Transfer students whose previous academic records from a college or university indicate appropriate English and/or mathematics proficiency will be considered for regular admission. Students whose records do not include such transfer credit in English and mathematics must establish proficiency in the basic academic competencies by test scores, according to conditions explained above.

Students admitted to degree programs may later prove deficient in a basic academic competency. Faculty should refer such students to a counselor or the dean of Transitional Studies. Upon verification of the deficiency through placement testing, such students will be withdrawn from the related course(s) with a grade of W and may not re-enroll until they have met all exit criteria of the appropriate learning support course(s).

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