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Cooperative Education

The Cooperative Education program (Co-op) enhances Career Programs by offering students the opportunity to integrate classroom theory with practical work experience. Paid work experiences are arranged in career-related areas to benefit both the student and the employer. This hands-on work experience enables the student to attain increased self-confidence, increased marketability upon graduation, and academic credit and income while in school. For the employer, the program provides highly motivated students for entry-level positions and a source for potential employees.

Eligibility. To qualify for the Cooperative Education program, the student must be enrolled in a career program at Pellissippi State, must be in good standing academically, and must have completed 15 or more credit hours of college-level courses in the major. A student who is appropriately placed on the job in her/ his career major upon entering Pellissippi State may be eligible for immediate enrollment in the Co-op program.

Credit. Academic credits are awarded for the cooperative work experience on a variable scale based upon the number of hours on the job. To earn one academic credit, the student must work 45 hours on the job. Tuition will be calculated according to the projected credit hours to be earned in co-op work experience during the semester. Once placed in a position by the Co-op Office, the student is required to register for Cooperative Education course credit each semester worked. Since co-op courses will be add-on credit, a student may earn credits as long as she/he is eligible to remain in the program.

Grades. The grading for the cooperative education work experience will be PASS/NO PASS. A grade designation is given where cooperative work experience is used for course substitution.

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