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Administrative Professional Technology

ADMN 1005 Word 3 Credits
An introduction to the popular Windows word processing program, Word. Emphasis is on efficient use of Microsoft Word features to create documents using the Microsoft Word for Windows software. Prerequisite(s): ADMN 1100 or equivalent

ADMN 1100 Keyboarding and Basic Computer Skills 3 Credits
Designed for beginners, this course introduces basic computer skills, keyboarding by touch (speed and accuracy emphasized), file management, and navigation in the Windows environment, along with an introduction to Microsoft Word.

ADMN 2010 Office Proficiency Assessment & Certification 1 Credit
An application-oriented assessment of students’ proficiency in business or medical office skills. Corequisite(s): ADMN 2450

ADMN 2015 Office Integration 3 Credits
A study of the advanced features of Microsoft Office as used in business. Major emphasis is on integration and streamlining of tasks in Microsoft Office applications. Prerequisite(s): ADMN 2120 and 2621

ADMN 2120 Document Design & Editing 3 Credits
An application-oriented course that includes designing and editing a variety of complex business documents, with emphasis on decision making and problem solving based on document design principles and mailability standards. Prerequisite(s): ADMN 1005

ADMN 2302 Administrative Professional Technology 3 Credits
A supervised work experience for APT majors to gain office support skills working with area employers. Individual conferences are arranged instead of class attendance. Prerequisite(s): Must be an APT major seeking an A.A.S. degree; completion of 15 hours of ADMN courses with a minimum GPA of 2.5 in ADMN courses and at least 2.0 cumulative GPA; an internship application must be submitted and approved by the coordinator of Business and Computer Technology internships prior to the beginning of the enrolled term. Application is available on the Web:

ADMN 2340 Database & Electronic Records 3 Credits
A study of database applications, including creating and maintaining a database, querying a database, and creating forms and reports with emphasis on electronic health records. Prerequisite(s): ADMN 1005

ADMN 2450 Communication Media 4 Credits
Course focuses on creating a professional corporate presence by using available media resources. Effective communication skills are emphasized, as students explore social networking through the use of Web conferencing, mobile computing, blogs, videos, audio clips and podcasts. Prerequisite(s): ADMN 1005 and ENGL 1010

ADMN 2621 Excel 3 Credits
A study to provide fundamentals of spreadsheet applications, including entering, formatting, charting, managing and analyzing data using Excel software. Prerequisite(s): INFS 1010 or ADMN 1005 or equivalent

ADMN 2700 Legal Terminology & Transcription 3 Credits
Transcription of legal documents from voice dictation using computers and transcribers. The coordination of keyboarding, transcribing and decision making skills in the production of legal documents is emphasized. Students will understand the purpose and function of each legal document and use accurate legal terminology. Prerequisite(s): INFS 1010 and LAW 1000

ADMN 2910 Medical Terminology I 4 Credits
An introduction to medical terminology through the study of anatomy and physiology and review of diseases, diagnostic procedures, and related treatments.

ADMN 2921 Medical Terminology II 3 Credits
A continuation of the study of medical terminology, with an emphasis on special procedures and treatments, pharmacology and abbreviations. Prerequisite(s): ADMN 2910

ADMN 2925 Medical Practicum 3 Credits
This course is a supervised work experience for APT majors with a concentration in Health Care Office Administration to work with area employers in the medical office field. Individual conferences are arranged instead of class attendance. Prerequisite(s): ADMN 2340, ADMN 2940; a minimum 2.5 GPA in ADMN courses and at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA; pursuit of an A.A.S. degree as an APT major; and a completed internship application submitted to the coordinator of BCT Internships prior to enrolling in the course and the beginning of the term. Application is available on the Web: documents.html.

ADMN 2940 Medical Insurance Coding 3 Credits
Introduction to insurance coding guidelines developed for use with the International Classification of Disease (ICD-9-CM), Current Procedural Terminology (CPT-4) and Health Care Financing Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS). Prerequisite(s): ADMN 2921 or department approval

ADMN 2945 Insurance Billing & Coding 3 Credits
A continuation of insurance coding, with an emphasis on evaluation and management coding, use of modifiers, and linkage of service codes to diagnoses codes. Also covered is the use of billing software to enter patient information, process transactions and produce patient statements. Prerequisite(s): ADMN 2940

ADMN 2950 Health Care Insurance Survey 3 Credits
A study of insurance plans and payers, claim form completion specific to the insurance carrier, and reimbursement issues. Prerequisite(s): ADMN 2940


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