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starANT 1100 Physical Anthropology 3 Credits
Focuses on the range of human genetic variation and adaptation that is demonstrated in living populations today, comparisons of biology and behavior between human and non-human primates and an examination of our human prehistory as it is outlined in the fossil record.

starANT 1200 Prehistoric Archaeology 3 Credits
Introduction to methods, theory, and techniques used to analyze and date archaeological cultures, past life ways, and cultural evolution.

diamondstarANT 1300 Cultural Anthropology 3 Credits
An introduction to the field of cultural anthropology focusing on the description and analysis of geographically diverse social groups and their learned traditions. Culture consists of the abstract values, beliefs and impressions of the world that lie behind behavior and upon which the attitudes and ideals of a society reflect.

starANT 2100 Biological Anthropology 3 Credits
An introduction to human biological variation as a result of evolutionary processes. Examples based upon contemporary, historic, and prehistoric populations are used to introduce anthropological methods for the analysis of variation using living persons, genetic material, and skeletal remains. Prerequisite(s): ANT 1100 or consent of instructor

ANT 2590 Special Topics in Anthropology 3 Credits
Theoretical issues in anthropology for undergraduate students. Topics may include practical experience or laboratory study of anthropological materials. Prerequisite(s): topic dependent


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