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diamondstarARTH 2010 Survey of Art History I 3 Credits
Major movements in Western art, with emphasis on Europe from prehistory through the Middle Ages. Course provides an overview of the predominant artistic/architectural/cultural movements from the Paleolithic to Early Christian/ Byzantine period, including Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Aegean, Greece, the Etruscans and Rome.

diamondstarARTH 2020 Survey of Art History II 3 Credits
Major movements in Western art, with emphasis on Europe from the 14th through the 17th century. The course provides an overview of the predominant artists, aesthetic intent, and techniques encountered in the Late Gothic (Proto- Renaissance), Early and High Renaissance, Mannerism, and the Baroque periods.

starARTP 1010 Drawing I 3 Credits
Fundamental aspects of drawing, including line, tone, space, form, and composition utilizing a variety of media. Emphasis placed on development of observational skills and perception of reality.

starARTP 1020 Drawing II 3 Credits
A continuation of the fundamental concepts of drawing with emphasis on composition, techniques and content.

starARTP 1110 Two-Dimensional Design 3 Credits
A fundamental exploration of the elements of two-dimensional art (line, shape, texture, value, and color) and their relationship to the principles of design (balance, rhythm, variety, and unity). Stress is placed on visual thinking through the use of problem-solving structures.

starARTP 1120 Three-Dimensional Design 3 Credits
Fundamental aspects of three-dimensional design utilizing projects that deal with real space and a variety of three-dimensional materials.

starARTP 1610 Basic Printmaking 3 Credits
An introductory survey of printmaking focusing on the basic fundamentals and techniques in relief printing, monoprints and collographs.

starARTP 2000 Special Topics in Studio Art 1-3 Credits
A course on a topic of special interest to a member of the studio arts faculty offered on a non-recurring basis. Topics offered will provide special opportunities for students to explore a variety of unique art media or topics not normally available. Course topics will be listed in the semester specific art course offerings, and may include among other media, watercolor, metal casting, glass, solar printmaking, and/or similar opportunities. May be repeated for a total of 9 credit hours. Prerequisite(s): Topic dependent

ARTP 2120 Life Drawing 3 Credits
Continued development of drawing and observational skills with a concentration on the structure and dynamics of the human form; perception of the figure in conceptual and expressive contexts.

starARTP 2130 Painting 3 Credits
Capacities of oil and acrylic painting on canvas.

starARTP 2140 Painting II 3 Credits
Continued exploration of the capacities of oil and acrylic painting on canvas. May be repeated, maximum of 6 credits.

starARTP 2210 Ceramics I 3 Credits
Hand-building techniques, including forming methods, glazing, clay preparation, and firing small and large-scale pieces.

starARTP 2220 Ceramics II 3 Credits
Thrown ceramic forms, including functional pottery techniques, glazing and firing methods.

starARTP 2410 Sculpture 3 Credits
Problems that explore basic materials and techniques, including clay modeling, plaster construction and mold making.

starARTP 2420 Life Sculpture 3 Credits
Modeling techniques in clay and wax working from the figure. Possibilities of expression with the human figure as subject. Modeling process encompasses both observational and material handling techniques.

starARTP 2620 Intaglio Printmaking 3 Credits
Metal plate intaglio printing in traditional and contemporary techniques of etching; softground, drypoint, mezzotint, aquatint, open bite process and collograph plate construction. May be repeated, maximum 6 credits.

starARTP 2950 Intermediate Design & Color 3 Credits
Exploration of the basic principles and concepts of composition in correlation with the elements of design. Emphasis will be placed on color theory, techniques and individual approaches to problem solving.

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