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Civil Engineering Technology

CET 0100 Introduction to Surveying 3 Credits
This course covers both fundamental and advanced concepts of algebra, geometry and trigonometry. Surveying as a career and basic terminology are also discussed.

starCET 1010 Construction Methods 4 Credits
The basic techniques and fundamentals essential in erecting wood frame, steel frame and reinforced concrete frame buildings. The study involves the various phases from site investigation through finished work.

CET 1022 Construction Materials W/Lab 4 Credits
This is an introductory course in the basic properties, testing and inspection of construction materials and the methods of production of these materials. Topics include an introduction to basic concepts of strength of materials and properties of construction materials such as aggregates, asphalt, steel, and wood; their proper application; performance of standard tests on construction materials and the preparation of proper technical reports on test results. Word processing and spreadsheet software are used to prepare reports that include text, tables, data reduction and graphs. Spreadsheet templates are developed for use in data reduction.

CET 1100 Fundamentals of Architectural Drawing W/Lab 3 Credits
A broadly focused course that introduces students to civil and architectural engineering drawings, drawing types and computer-aided drawing and design. Sketching, instrument drawing and AutoCAD are used as tools to teach the basic principles involved in the development and production of civil and architectural engineering and related drawings.

CET 1310 Architectural Drawing with AutoCAD W/Lab 4 Credits
An introduction to architectural drafting. The course will use AutoCAD software to teach the basic elements of architectural drafting. The students will produce a set of architectural drawings that will include floor plan, site plan, building section, wall section and elevations. The computer will also be used to calculate quantities and produce reports. Prerequisite(s): CET 1100

CET 2012 Cost Estimating W/Lab 4 Credits
The interpretation of building plans, preparation of quantity surveys dealing with individual sections of work, computation of labor costs, pricing of material costs, overhead and profit. This class also includes an introduction to Timberline software.

CET 2070 Civil Engineering Special Topics 1-3 Credits
This course provides an overview of local industries engaged in the practice of civil engineering and related activities. Special projects and applications in emerging civil and construction engineering technology are emphasized. The student visits offices and construction projects to observe practical work situations. Speakers are invited to the classroom to discuss topics in the civil engineering technology field.

CET 2310 Mechanical Systems I W/Lab 4 Credits
The basic design principles of hydraulics; water distribution; sewage systems; fire sprinkler systems; and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Prerequisite(s): Second-year status

CET 2410 Structural Steel Design 3 Credits
Design of structural steel members and their connections. Topics include tension and compression members, beams, girders, trusses and columns subjected to concentric and eccentric loads. Prerequisite(s): MET 1040

CET 2420 Reinforced Concrete Design 3 Credits
Design of reinforced concrete structures, including beams, columns, floor systems, footings and retaining walls. Prerequisite(s): MET 1040

CET 2550 Advanced AutoCAD W/Lab 4 Credits
Extends the knowledge and use of AutoCAD software commands with the continuation of training begun in CET 1100. The course covers topics involving the creation and manipulation of orthographic and three-dimensional drawings, introduction of solid modeling, the concept of creation and management of symbol libraries, and rendering the models. The students will be able to use AutoCAD to enhance their performance in producing various drafting projects, create a three-dimensional model and turn the model into a fully detailed set of working drawings. Prerequisite(s): CET 1100

CET 2560 Architectural 3D Modeling W/Lab 4 Credits
An architectural modeling and drafting class using Autodesk’s Architectural Desktop. The course uses Architectural Desktop placement commands to model walls, doors, windows, floor slabs, roof, kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures and other components of a building. The student will generate dimensioned plans, sections, elevations and wall sections from the 3D digital model. Students will also create a digital walk-through and rendered images of the model. Prerequisite(s): CET 1310 or consent of program coordinator

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