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Computer Science And Information Technology

starCISP 1010 Computer Science I 4 Credits
Problem solving and algorithm development. Organization and characteristics of modern digital computers. Emphasis on developing good programming habits. Building abstractions with procedures and data. Programming in a modern computing language. Program development using Unix operating system. This course is intended for University Parallel students majoring in Computer Science or Computer Engineering. It is not designed as an elective for nonmajors. Corequisite(s): MATH 1530 or 1730

starCISP 1020 Computer Science II 4 Credits
Advanced problem solving and algorithm development, structured programming, data structures and applications, I/O techniques, lists, queues, trees, algorithms, and files. Program development using Unix operating system. This course is intended for University Parallel students. Prerequisite(s): CISP 1010

CISP 1550 C++ Programming 3 credits
An introduction to C++ programming concepts and problem-solving using an object-oriented approach. Problem analysis; design concepts; code formulation; command, statement, and programming structures; internal and external data utilization; and application development are included in the course.

starCISP 2410 Assembly & Computer Organization 4 Credits
Number systems, Boolean algebra, combinational and sequential circuits, processor functional units and control, pipelining, memory and caching, stored program computing, memory management, computer system organization, and assembly language programming are components of the course. Prerequisite(s): CISP 1010 or CSIT 1510

starCSIT 1000 Introduction to Computers & Computing 3 Credits
This course is a broad introduction to the use of computers as tools for creativity, communications, organizing information and problem-solving. This course is intended for University Parallel students not majoring in computer science.

starCSIT 1050 Programming for Engineering Transfer 1 Credit
Computer programming using C++ for engineering problem solving. Introduction to computer programming concepts, problem analysis, code formulation, engineering data utilization and applications.

starCSIT 1110 Introduction to Information Technology 4 Credits
A first course in computer science and information technology, providing a comprehensive overview of computer architecture, data organization and communication. This course includes problem solving, logic design, personal computing, operating systems and application software.

starCSIT 1300 Problem Solving for Engineering Transfer 2 Credits
Application of computers to engineering problem solving. Introduction to computer mathematical tools, problem analysis, code formulation, engineering data plotting and simulations. Solutions of engineering problems using MatLab.

CSIT 1510 Introduction to Programming Using Java 4 Credits
A study of the Java programming language, object-oriented programming, design and algorithm development. Topics include language structure and syntax, methods, program control statements, classes, strings, arrays, and applets. Corequisite(s): CSIT 1110

CSIT 1520 Intermediate Java Programming 4 Credits
A study in Java language techniques beyond the introductory course. Emphasis will include object-oriented design, arrays, GUI and event-driven programming, exceptions and Java packages for collections, file I/O, and database connectivity. Prerequisite(s): CSIT 1510 or Java programming experience

CSIT 1710 A+ Computer Hardware 4 Credits
This course is designed for computer personnel who need advanced technical knowledge about PC hardware and PC-based local area networks. The course follows the current Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) A+ (Core Hardware exam) certification criteria guidelines. The course also covers basic computer-related mathematics, electricity, electronics, fiber optics, etc., required for personal computer technologists.

CSIT 1720 A+ Computer Software 4 Credits
This course is designed for computer personnel who need advanced technical knowledge about the PC, its operating system and key utilities, and PC-based local area networks. The course follows the current Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) A+ certification criteria guidelines for the Operating Systems examination.

CSIT 1730 Networking Fundamentals 4 Credits
This course is designed to prepare students for the Network+ exam of Comp- TIA. Topics include network technologies, network media and topologies, network devices and tools, network management and troubleshooting techniques, and network security.

CSIT 1740 Windows Professional 4 Credits
This course covers installing the current Microsoft Windows client operating systems; implementing and conducting administration of resources; implementing, managing, and troubleshooting hardware devices and drivers, network protocols, and security; monitoring and optimizing performance and reliability; and configuring and troubleshooting the desktop environment. Prerequisite(s): CSIT 1720

CSIT 1810 Introduction to Database Design 4 Credits
A study of database management systems and their impact on information technology. Topics include database models, data modeling techniques, conceptual and physical design, storage techniques, and data administration. Special emphasis will be placed on relational systems and application of query languages using relational operations. Prerequisite(s): CSIT 1110 or WEB 2010

CSIT 2210 Visual Basic Programming W/Lab 3 Credits
A study of Windows graphic interface development through the learning and hands-on application of Visual BASIC programming language. The learner will develop, design, code, and test graphic sessions, images, windows, mouse selections, data usage, and image movements to produce client-based working programs. Emphasis will be on code creation, sound programming practice, window control and graphic design. Development of working client-based products is essential to the completion of this course. Prerequisite(s): One programming course

CSIT 2220 C# Programming 3 Credits
A study of object-oriented programming through the use and practical application of C# language. Topics include classes, objects, methods, GUI programming, graphics, databases, XML, Web pages and internet. Prerequisite(s): One programming course

starCSIT 2230 Introduction to Internet Software Development 3 Credits
The history, growth and use of the internet are explored, and major internet protocols are discussed. Students use CSS, Java Script, Perl, PHP and other techniques to create dynamic Web content. Prerequisite(s): One programming course

CSIT 2240 Game & 3D Simulation Programming 3 Credits
Students will apply programming concepts and skills for simulation and game-based product development using a selected programming language or commercial development tool. Students will use a professional-level game programming/ scripting development product set to create user-based simulation and game end-products. Prerequisite(s): CSIT 1520

CSIT 2250 Mobile Application Development 3 Credits
A study of mobile computing devices with emphasis on development of mobile applications using the Android platform. Topics include mobile computing hardware and technologies, Android development environment, application components, user interface design principles and APIs. Prerequisite(s): CSIT 1520

CSIT 2260 Special Topics in Information Technology 3 Credits
A directed study and utilization of specific hardware, applications and software products within business and industry. This course requires extensive utilization of specific computer resources. Students may expect a high degree of lab work and documentation. Prerequisite(s): Department approval

CSIT 2270 Advanced Java Programming 3 Credits
A study of the Java programming language to design advanced graphical user interfaces and Web-enabled applications. Topics include JavaBeans, internationalization, Java GUI design, APIs and advanced Java database programming. Java Servlets, JavaServer Pages and JavaServer Faces. The emphasis is on design and development of usable software products and documents through team projects. Prerequisite(s): CSIT 1520, 1810

CSIT 2280 Introduction to Scripting Languages 3 Credits
An introduction to script programming as a tool for system administration, automation, and customization and as a platform for Web-based applications. Compares shell command languages and scripting languages used on Unix and Linux systems. Prerequisite(s): CSIT 1510

CSIT 2290 Advanced .Net Programming 3 Credits
This course is designed for applications programmers and database developers. Hands-on training includes use of the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the .NET Framework (ASP.NET, ADO.NET, .NET programming), Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), database programming, SQL and Web Services. Students will develop an application involving a MSSQL Server database with emphasis on object-oriented and component-based approaches. Prerequisite(s): CSIT 1520, 1810 and either CSIT 2210 or 2220

CSIT 2510 Advanced Database Management Systems 3 Credits
A study of database management system concepts. Topics include relational and object-oriented models, conceptual design, data structures, storage techniques, data administration, system security, concurrent transactions, distributed systems, multi-tiered architectures, data warehousing, and data mining. Practical application of techniques may include advanced application of query languages, remote access, database administration and user support. Prerequisite(s): CSIT 1810

CSIT 2520 SQL Applications Using Oracle 3 Credits
A comprehensive study of SQL using the Oracle relational database management system. Hands-on training will include database creation and management, data queries, view definition and use, operators and functions, procedures, security, calculation, indexing, utilities and data transport. Prerequisite(s): CSIT 1810

CSIT 2530 Web Database Application Development 3 Credits
This course is designed for applications programmers and database developers to create interactive Web sites to store and retrieve data. Topics include object oriented application development, relational table creation and maintenance, data cleansing and validation, data manipulation, forms and reports, queries, stored procedures, optimization, and security. Hands-on training includes design and development of dynamic Web pages using PHP and SQL. Prerequisite(s): One programming course or WEB 2300, and CSIT 1810

CSIT 2710 Windows Server 4 Credits
Topics include the installation of the current Microsoft Windows server operating systems; installing, configuring and troubleshooting access to resources; configuring and troubleshooting hardware devices and drivers; managing, monitoring and optimizing system performance, reliability and availability; managing, configuring and troubleshooting storage use; configuring and troubleshooting Windows network connections; and implementing, monitoring and troubleshooting security. Prerequisite(s): CSIT 1740

CSIT 2720 Network Security 3 Credits
This course provides instruction in the analysis of business requirements for resource security and the design of security solutions in a network operating system. Topics include analyzing business and security requirements and designing security solutions for Windows for access between networks and for communication channels. Prerequisite(s): CSIT 1740

CSIT 2750 Routing/Switching Configuration 4 Credits
This course is designed to prepare students for the Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) exam and to provide skills to plan, install, operate and troubleshoot small to medium-size networks. Prerequisite(s): CSIT 1730

CSIT 2770 Wireless Technology 4 Credits
A study of wireless communication systems. Topics include principles of radio frequency and Wi-Fi, modulation/demodulation, testing equipment, security, coding, antennas, wireless system electronics and wireless optical systems. Prerequisite(s): CSIT 1730

CSIT 2840 Systems Analysis & Design 3 Credits
This course examines established and evolving methodologies for the analysis, design, and development of a business information system. Students practice software engineering principles and documentation techniques through team projects. Emphasis is placed on business systems characteristics, prototyping, CASE tools and SDLC phases. Prerequisite(s): CSIT 2520 or CSIT programming course or department approval; and CSIT 1810 and ENGL 1010

CSIT 2850 Capstone Lab 2 Credits
In this project-centered course, students apply conceptual and technical knowledge acquired during their entire program of study to develop a complete IT-based solution for a client organization. Students practice software engineering principles, various methods, tools, techniques and documentation through team projects. Emphasis is placed on business systems’ characteristics, prototyping and SDLC phases. This course should be taken during the final semester. Prerequisite(s): CSIT 2840; CSIT 2520 or CSIT programming course; and ENGL 1010

CSIT 2860 Computer Organization & Architecture 3 Credits
A study of computer organization. Topics include organization, architecture, number systems, storage concepts, I/O, memory management and process management. Prerequisite(s): CSIT 1520

CSIT 2911 Computer Science & Information Technology Internship 3 Credits
This course is a supervised work experience requiring a minimum of 135 hours in the field of computer science and information technology. Individual conferences are arranged instead of class attendance. Prerequisite(s): Completion of 20 hours of CSIT courses with a minimum 2.5 GPA in CSIT courses; pursuit of an A.A.S. degree as a CSIT major; a completed internship application submitted to the coordinator of Business and Computer Technology internships prior to the beginning of the enrolled term. Application is available on the Web:

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