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starHSP 1200 Introduction to Hospitality 3 Credits
This course is an introduction to the hospitality industry, with emphasis on the broad spectrum of hospitality organizations and career opportunities.

HSP 1400 Sanitation & Food Safety 2 Credits
This critical course focuses on the many procedures and techniques to running a safe and sanitary kitchen. Students learn to identify food susceptible to hazardous microorganisms and gain insight into purchasing, storage, preparation, and serving procedures that promote food safety. Successful completion of this course is preparation for the ServSafe certification.

HSP 1420 Nutrition for the Culinary Arts 3 Credits
This course deals with nutrition within the culinary industry. The course provides a working knowledge of the components of nutritional well-being, as well as how to coordinate a working menu. Prerequisite(s): HSP 1400

HSP 2075 Purchasing & Cost Control 4 Credits
This course is intended to provide the student with the methodologies and tools to control food, beverage, labor and other costs within a hospitality business. Hospitality purchasing principles are also explored. This course regularly uses basic mathematics.

HSP 2100 Professional Beverage Management 3 Credits
This course deals with the management of beverages within the hospitality industry context. The course provides students with a history of beverages within the industry as well as knowledge of the products, facilities, regulations and mixology. Prerequisite(s): HSP 1200

starHSP 2230 Tourism & Travel 3 Credits
This course examines the modes of travel and accommodations, travel behavior, the sociology of tourism, tourism components and supply, and tourism marketing and research. Destination geography and attractions are also explored. Prerequisite(s): HSP 1200

HSP 2250 Professional Catering 3 Credits
This course examines the requirements to start and operate a catering company. Topics of discussion include kitchen equipment, regulations, operations and business planning.

starHSP 2260 Hotel Operations 3 Credits
This course familiarizes students with the development of the lodging industry in the United States and different functions within a hotel. The course focuses on the fundamental application of procedures used to effect a smooth transition from check-in to check-out. Prerequisite(s): HSP 1200

starHSP 2300 Food & Beverage Operations 3 Credits
This course covers restaurant and food service operations, including facilities capabilities, personnel management, daily operations, sanitation, and facilities readiness.

starHSP 2320 Quantity Food Production 3 Credits
This course is a study and application of principles of quantity food production using institutional equipment and procedures. It includes quantity food planning, procurement and service.

HSP 2950 Hospitality Internship 3 Credits
This course is a supervised work experience in the hospitality field requiring a minimum of 135 work hours. Work activities can range from entry-level to management training. Individual conferences are arranged instead of class attendance. Prerequisite(s): Second-year status, a minimum 2.5 GPA in HSP courses, pursuit of an A.A.S. degree with a Hospitality concentration, a completed internship application submitted to the coordinator of the BCT internships prior to the beginning of the enrolled term. Application is available on the Web:

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