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Interior Design Technology

IDT 1030 History of Interiors 3 Credits
History of architecture, interior architecture, furniture and decoration within cultural context, ancient through 19th century. Emphasis on Italian, French, and English traditions.

IDT 1105 Interior Design Fundamentals 3 Credits
An introduction and overview to the interior design profession, including history, building systems, design fundamentals, design process, elements and principles of design, space planning, and interior finishes and materials.

IDT 1110 Materials & Finishes 3 Credits
An introduction to interior materials, finishes and textile products used in interior design. Course topics include building materials; criteria for selecting finish materials, flooring materials, wall coverings, window treatments, furniture construction, and upholstery; and selection of these appropriate interior materials and finishes.

IDT 1200 Textiles for Interiors 3 Credits
A study of the fundamental properties found in textile fibers, yarns, construction methods and finishes, and the application of these properties to interior textile products. Also includes analysis of test methods and standards relative to interior textile products to insure the health, safety, welfare and satisfaction of the consumer.

IDT 1216 Visual Communication: Studio II 3 Credits
An introduction to three-dimensional sketching techniques that promote creative, visual and volumetric thinking. Emphasis is on rapid visualization, illustrative sketching, perspective, rendering and paraline drawings.

IDT 1310 Architectural Drafting: Studio I 3 Credits
An introduction to architectural hand drafting and lettering standards, including the appropriate use and application of symbols and drafting techniques necessary to understand and produce architectural plans and construction documents.

IDT 2030 Modern Interiors & Architecture 3 Credits
The development of architecture, interior architecture, and furniture from the 19th century to present in Europe and America. Focuses on design philosophies, cultural contexts, and influences of movements in fine arts, and technological advances. Prerequisite(s): IDT 1030

IDT 2110 Space Planning, Codes & Human Factors 3 Credits
Application of space planning techniques and methods with emphasis placed on human factors and the application of laws, codes, regulations and standards that protect the health, safety and welfare of the end-user while fulfilling the parameters of the design and meeting the needs of the client. Prerequisite(s): IDT 1310

IDT 2116 Interior Design Presentation: Studio III 3 Credits
Application of oral and graphic presentations of interior design solutions. A variety of skills, techniques and methods to visually communicate design concepts. Application of perspective, sketching, rendering and other methods to graphically delineate three-dimensional space. Prerequisite(s): IDT 1105, 1216, 1310

IDT 2306 Computer Applications for Interior Design 3 Credits
Computer-aided drafting skills for interior design applications, using industry-standard software. Course covers 2D and 3D architectural drafting and rendering techniques. Prerequisite(s): IDT 1310

IDT 2500 Special Topics 1-3 Credits
Special projects and applications in emerging technology. Content will vary, as this course is a means for classes to explore certain topics in depth not covered in the general curriculum. May be repeated, maximum 9 credits. Prerequisite(s): Consent of program coordinator

IDT 2606 Digital Methods of Visual Presentation 3 Credits
Application of visual design fundamentals, concept development for interior design and creative representation of design solutions. Emphasis is placed on the development of visual methods of communication, presentation techniques, craftsmanship and computer skill development, using various software applicable to the interior design industry. Prerequisite(s): IDT 1216, 1310, 2306

IDT 2611 Kitchen & Bath Planning 3 Credits
A study of the aesthetic and technical elements of kitchen and bath design with emphasis on NKBA standards. Course includes task planning, movements, sensory mechanism, and aesthetic consideration into supportive and attractive furnishings, equipment, accessories, and lighting in kitchen and bath design. Prerequisite(s): IDT 1105, 1110, 1310

IDT 2640 Residential Design: Studio IV 3 Credits
Design studio experience in residential interiors. Emphasis on problem solving through the application of the design process, building codes, universal and barrier-free design, as well as sustainable design. Prerequisite(s): IDT 1105, 1110, 1216, 1310, 2110, 2116 (or may be taken as a corequisite), 2611

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