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Changes in Course Prefixes/Numbers/Titles

New Old
ACCT 1010 Principles of Accounting I ACC 2000 Principles of Accounting I
ACCT 1020 Principles of Accounting II ACC 2030 Principles Of Accounting II
ACCT 2215 Intermediate Accounting I ACC 2215 Intermediate Accounting I
ACCT 2220 Intermediate Accounting II ACC 2220 Intermediate Accounting II
ACCT 2360 Cost Accounting ACC 2360 Cost Accounting
ACCT 2410 Income Taxation ACC 2410 Income Taxation
ACCT 2500 Payroll & Internal Control ACC 2500 Payroll & Internal Control
ACCT 2530 Accounting Systems ACC 2530 Accounting Systems
ACCT 2571 Internship ACC 2571 Internship
ARTH 2010 Survey of Art History I ART 1720 Western Art I
ARTH 2020 Survey of Art History II ART 1730 Western Art II
ARTP 1010 Drawing I ART 1011 Drawing I
ARTP 1110 Two-Dimensional Design ART 1110 2D Design
ARTP 1020 Drawing II ART 2110 Intermediate Drawing
ARTP 1120 Three-Dimensional Design ART 1031 Three-Dimensional Media
ARTP 1610 Basic Printmaking ART 1610 Basic Printmaking
ARTP 2000 Special Topics in Studio Art ART 2000 Special Topics in Studio Art
ARTP 2120 Life Drawing ART 2120 Life Drawing
ARTP 2130 Painting I ART 2130 Painting I
ARTP 2140 Painting II ART 2140 Painting II
ARTP 2210 Ceramics I ART 2210 Ceramics I
ARTP 2220 Ceramics II ART 2220 Ceramics II
ARTP 2410 Sculpture ART 2410 Sculpture
ARTP 2420 Life Sculpture ART 2420 Life Sculpture
COMM 1010 Introduction to Mass Communication CMN 1500 Communication in an Information Age
COMM 1020 Media Writing JOU 2000 News writing
CISP 1010 Computer Science I CSIT 1020 Intro to Computer Science
CISP 1020 Computer Science II CSIT 1400 Data Structures
CISP 2410 Assembly & Computer Organization CSIT 1600 Computer Organization
ECON 2010 Macroeconomics ECN 2010 Principles of Economics I
ECON 2020 Microeconomics ECN 2020 Principles of Economics II
INFS 1010 Computer Applications BUSN 1211 Introduction To Software Applications
POLS 1020 Introduction to Political Science POL 1020 Introduction to Political Science
POLS 1030 American Government POL 1010 U.S. Government & Politics
PSYC 1030 General Psychology PSY 1010 General Psychology
PSYC 2100 Psychology of Human Development PSY 2100 Psychology of Human Development
PSYC 2130 Life Span Psychology PSY 2400 Human Development Through the Lifespan
PSYC 2200 Behavior & Experience PSY 2200 Behavior & Experience
SOCI 1010 Introduction to Sociology SOC 1010 General Sociology
SOCI 1020 Social Problems SOC 1020 Social Problems & Social Change
SOCI 2010 Marriage & Family CFS 2200 Marriage & Family
SWRK 2010 Introduction to Social Work SWK 2000 Intro to Social Work
SWRK 2030 Introduction to Social Welfare & Policy SWK 2050 Social Welfare

General Information

Learning support prerequisites: Enrollment in most college-level courses requires qualifying test scores or completion of learning support coursework.To determine eligibility for college-level courses, students who have tested into learning support courses should check the advising chart in the Academic Information and Services section of the Catalog or on the following Web page:

Tennessee Board of Regents designations: Courses denoted with the diamond symbol are general education courses transferable within the Tennessee Board ofRegents system. Every TBR institution incorporates a common 41-hour general education core into its degree requirements and accepts all courses designated with the diamond symbol as meeting these requirements. A complete matrix of courses that satisfy general education requirements at all TBR institutions is available on the TBR Web page,

University of Tennessee designations: Courses denoted with the star symbol arePellissippi State courses that receive direct course equivalency at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

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