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LAW 1000 Introduction to Law & Ethics 3 Credits
Introduction to the work performed by legal assistants, regulation of the profession, legal and paralegal ethics and professional responsibility. Organization of legal institutions, introduction to legal procedure, survey of substantive law areas of practice. Corequisite(s): ENGL 1010

LAW 1020 Law in Society 3 Credits
Law as a process through which social problems are addressed in the United States. Introduction to the Constitution, and to its interpretation by the Supreme Court in case law. Exploration of factors affecting decisions of lawmakers, both legislative and administrative, and of law enforcement agencies. Introduction to the adversarial system.

+LAW 1050 Legal Writing & Analysis 3 Credits
An exploration of the details of objective legal writing designed to prepare students to articulate legal concepts and to draft documents in a manner reflecting legal analysis; overview of the elements of legal memoranda; introduction to reading and briefing legal opinion and persuasive writing. Prerequisite(s): LAW 1000 and ENGL 1010

+LAW 1060 Legal Research 3 Credits
A study of necessary materials for legal research, codes, reporter systems, digests, practice manuals and Westlaw. Methods of legal citation are studied. Prerequisite(s): LAW 1000 and ENGL 1010

+LAW 2030 Property Law 3 Credits
A study of real estate transactions and conveyances, including deeds, contracts, leases, deeds of trust and zoning. Drafting and recording of real estate documents and search of public documents. An introduction to property law, personal property issues and bailment. Prerequisite(s): LAW 1000

+LAW 2040 Estates & Trusts 3 Credits
A study of common forms of wills and trusts, analysis of administration of estates by probate courts and the assistant’s role in preparation of legal documents for planning and distribution of estates. Prerequisite(s): LAW 1000

+LAW 2100 Torts 3 Credits
Survey of state and federal law treating civil injury or damage to persons or property; worker’s compensation; intentional torts; negligence; product liability; malpractice; and wrongful death. Emphasis on the legal assistant’s role in personal injury and worker’s compensation cases. Prerequisite(s): LAW 1000

+LAW 2110 Family Law 3 Credits
A study of substantive and procedural law relating to divorce, custody, support and adoption and the assistant’s role in domestic cases. Prerequisite(s): LAW 1000

LAW 2120 Criminal Law & Procedure 3 Credits
Survey of state and federal law of crimes and criminal procedure; the assistant’s role in criminal cases. Prerequisite(s): LAW 1000

+LAW 2210 Litigation Skills I 3 Credits
Introduction to civil litigation procedures and practices in federal and state courts; focus on practical law office skills, interviewing techniques and investigation strategies; evidence; emphasis on the paralegal’s role in civil litigation. Prerequisite(s): LAW 1050 and 1060

+LAW 2220 Litigation Skills II 3 Credits
A project-oriented course designed to require students to draft pleadings and legal documents, including discovery devices, in conformity with state and federal rules of procedure as well as local, state and federal court rules. Prerequisite(s): LAW 2210

LAW 2300 Contracts & UCC 3 Credits
Fundamental principles concerning the formation, performance, and enforcement of personal and commercial contracts; sales and secured transactions under the Uniform Commercial Code; and overview of federal and state law regulating consumer credit and collection procedures. Prerequisite(s): LAW 1000 for Paralegal Studies majors

+LAW 2600 Special Topics 3 Credits
Study and discussion of a selected topic in law. Content will vary. May be repeated with program advisor’s consent. Prerequisite(s): LAW 1000

LAW 2620 Legal Clinic 3 Credits
Supervised practical experience in a legal clinic environment with classroom instruction to support the clinical experience. Prerequisite(s): LAW 1000 and minimum 3.0 GPA in LAW courses and department approval Corequisite(s): LAW 1060

+LAW 2800 Legal Internship 3 Credits
Part-time supervised work experience in a law-related environment in which the student is assigned definite tasks and responsibilities. Individual conferences and seminars are arranged instead of class attendance. Prerequisite(s): Completion of 15 hours of LAW courses with a minimum 2.5 GPA in LAW courses and second-year status and department approval

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