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MKT 2200 Principles of Marketing 3 Credits
A study of the function of marketing in businesses and organizations. Topics include target markets, segmentation, product and service analysis, promotion planning, distribution and supply chain management, and pricing strategies within the context of relationship marketing.

MKT 2270 Marketing Information & Forecasting 4 Credits
This course focuses on the collection, evaluation, and analysis of data and information about the external environment, products and organizations, target market, marketing mix, and consumer/buyer behavior. It is an analysis of how buying behavior and decision-making affect the development, pricing, distribution and promotion of products. Prerequisite(s): INFS 1010 and MKT 2200

MKT 2420 Customer Service 3 Credits
A practical course designed to prepare students to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. The course focuses on communication, including listening, electronic, verbal, nonverbal, and telephone communication skills and communicating in difficult and diverse customer situations. Techniques for learning involve simulations, observation research and an individual skill-building project.

MKT 2450 E-Commerce 3 Credits
A study of e-commerce and its impact on business. The course provides a framework for understanding e-commerce, including possible marketing opportunities, as well as implementation and organization issues involved in capitalizing on e-commerce.

MKT 2471 Marketing Internship 3 Credits
This course is a supervised work experience requiring a minimum of 135 hours in an e-commerce/marketing training capacity. Individual conferences are arranged instead of class attendance. Prerequisite(s): Completion of 15 hours of MKT courses with minimum 2.5 GPA in MKT courses and at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA; seeking an A.A.S. degree with a Marketing concentration; and a completed internship application submitted to the coordinator of BCT Internships prior to the beginning of the term. Application is available on the Web:

MKT 2570 Sales/Event Marketing 4 Credits
A study of the principles and techniques of effective promotion. Course is designed to provide foundational skills in sales and sales management, public relations and event marketing. Prerequisite(s): ADV 2500 and MKT 2200

MKT 2600 Supply Chain/Logistics 3 Credits
This course focuses on understanding how supply chains are structured and managed and the tools used to improve efficiency. Prerequisite(s): INFS 1010 and MGT 2000 and MKT 2200

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