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starMUS 1000 Fundamentals of Music 3 Credits
Study of basic elements of music. No previous training or experience required.

diamondstarMUS 1030 Music Appreciation 3 Credits
Developing listening skills and an understanding of Western music from the ancient world through the 20th century.

MUS 1110 Music Theory I 3 Credits
This is the first in a sequence of four courses designed for the college music major. Prior music reading experience or MUS 1000 is recommended. Materials of music, including basic elements through triads, seventh chords and non-chord tones. Exercise in writing and analysis of music, with emphasis on Common Practice Period music. Corequisite(s): MUS 1300

MUS 1120 Music Theory II 3 Credits
Continuation of MUS 1110. Prerequisite(s): MUS 1110 Corequisite(s): MUS 1400

MUS 1300 Ear Training I 1 Credit
Development of proficiency in identifying and notating melodic, harmonic and rhythmic models. A computer laboratory component is included. Corequisite(s): MUS 1110

MUS 1400 Ear Training II 1 Credit
Continuation of MUS 1300. Prerequisite(s): MUS 1300 Corequisite(s): MUS 1120

starMUS 2000 Introduction to Music Literature 3 Credits
Study of basic forms of music and accepted masterworks through chronological approach. Prerequisite(s): Consent of program coordinator for non-music majors; no prerequisite for music majors

MUS 2110 Music Theory III 3 Credits
Study of music theory as it evolved from the Common Practice Period into the chromaticism of the Romantic Period. Exercise in writing and analysis. Prerequisite(s): MUS 1120 Corequisite(s): MUS 2300

MUS 2120 Music Theory IV 3 Credits
Continuation of MUS 2110. Prerequisite(s): MUS 2110 Corequisite(s): MUS 2400

MUS 2300 Ear Training III 1 Credit
Development of skill in identifying and notating complex melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic models. A computer laboratory component is included. Prerequisite(s): MUS 1400 Corequisite(s): MUS 2110

MUS 2400 Ear Training IV 1 Credit
Continuation of MUS 2300. Prerequisite(s): MUS 2300 Corequisite(s): MUS 2120

MUS 2500 Conducting 2 Credits
Studies in the basic techniques of conducting choral and instrumental ensembles. Prerequisite(s): MUS 1110, 1300 Corequisite(s): MUS 1120 and 1400; and MUS 2000 or MUS 1030

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