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diamondstarPHIL 1030 Introduction to Philosophy 3 Credits
An investigation of the fundamental questions pertaining to reality, truth, freedom, the nature of humankind, the existence of God and social/political theory.

starPHIL 1300 Critical Thinking 3 Credits
An introduction to practical reasoning. This course covers the nature of deductive and inductive arguments, diagramming arguments, the search for implicit premises and conclusions and the role of falsehood, deception and emotion in reasoning. More important, PHIL 1300 is a careful study of argument construction and evaluation.

diamondPHIL 1500 Philosophy & Film 3 Credits
Examines classical philosophical questions concerning knowledge, truth, minds, bodies, persons, morality, religion and the meaning of life as raised in and through the medium of contemporary film.

diamondstarPHIL 2010 Survey of World Religions 3 Credits
A comparative introduction to the origins, developments, teachings and practices of the major world religions, such as Taoism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

diamondstarPHIL 2400 Introduction to Ethics 3 Credits
An introduction to moral theory and/or a consideration of a variety of moral problems, including abortion, suicide and euthanasia, capital punishment, women’s issues, sex and AIDS, animals and the environment and war.

starPHIL 2420 Ethical Theory & Its Business Applications 3 Credits
An introduction to moral philosophy and a consideration of moral issues related to business, including corporate responsibility, employee rights, discrimination, investment, and advertising.

starPHIL 2450 Medical Ethics 3 Credits
This is a study of ethical issues in medicine. Topics include abortion, euthanasia, humane experimentation, and fairness in health care delivery and in the doctor-patient relationship.

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