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starPHO 1000 Photography I 3 Credits
An introductory course in the study of photography, with emphasis on the digital single lens reflex (D-SLR) camera. Exposure, metering, focus, depth of field, lenses, basic lighting, design elements and composition are explored. Basic principles of digital photographic capture are discussed. Students are responsible for providing their own D-SLR camera.

starPHO 1100 Photography II 3 Credits
Advanced study of camera controls, photographic systems, lenses and lighting techniques, including TTL flash. This hands-on study of advanced photographic theory explores these techniques in creative visual communication and how they relate to portrait, industrial, commercial photography, and other photographic genres. Students must have a D-SLR camera to obtain a dedicated TTL flash during the semester. Prerequisite(s): PHO 1000 or consent of program coordinator

diamondPHO 1200 History of Photography 3 Credits
Photography as an art form and means of communication, encompassing major movements in the medium, including Pictorialism, Photorealism and Postmodernism. The course provides an overview of the predominant artists, aesthetic intent and techniques encountered from the earlier precursors of the camera to today.

PHO 1700 Introduction to Studio Photography 3 Credits
Students are introduced to the equipment used in studio photography, learn the fundamentals of studio lighting, and gain understanding in the use of the equipment and techniques to execute standard professional assignments and gain more creative control. Emphasis is placed on gaining technical skills, mastering necessary techniques and using studio lighting to obtain the desired aesthetic effect. Prerequisite(s): PHO 1000 or consent of program coordinator Corequisite(s): PHO 1100 and 1890

PHO 1890 Photography Portfolio I 1 Credit
Review, organization and presentation of first-year photography work for critical evaluation. Portfolios will be reviewed for camera mastery, lighting control, composition and aesthetics. A passing grade is required for continuance into second-year PHO courses. Prerequisite(s): PHO 1000 or consent of program coordinator Corequisite(s): PHO 1100 and 1700

PHO 2010 Digital Imaging & Workflow 3 Credits
This course is meant for photography students as an overview to the workflow and imaging techniques used by profesional photographers. Special emphasis is placed upon using best practices for backing up, tagging images for recall, non-destructive editing techniques, application-independent manipulations, working with high-resolution images, prepping images for delivery and obtaining high-quality prints. Prerequisite(s): CGT 1030 or consent of program coordinator

PHO 2060 Advanced Digital Imaging Techniques 3 Credits
Students explore advanced topics in digital photography. Emphasis is placed on gaining an understanding of the industry-standard tools available to manipulate a digital image and choosing the best methods and practices for creating an appropriate imaging workflow. Special attention is paid to technical details, including exposure theory, optical systems, dynamic range, resolution, color models, compression types and file formats. Prerequisite(s): PHO 2010 or MDT 2100

starPHO 2100 Nature & Travel Photography 3 Credits
A study of basic location photography: nature, urban and rural. The emphasis is placed upon on-site photography, coping with changing lighting and weather conditions, equipment and material selection, and documentation. Students must provide their own D-SLR camera and are responsible for arranging transportation to and from shooting locations. Prerequisite(s): PHO 1000

PHO 2200 Studio Still Life Photography 3 Credits
An advanced study in executing still-life photography in a studio setting. Emphasis is on the use of D-SLR cameras, specialty lenses and professional lighting equipment to fulfill practical commercial and fine art assignments. Prerequisite(s): PHO 1700 and 1890

PHO 2300 Portrait Photography 3 Credits
Studio lighting and camera techniques are explored for portraiture. Students will use a D-SLR camera, as well as a variety of lighting equipment. Additional topics explored include posing, expression, emotion, genre, intended use, makeup, wardrobe, setting and evaluating images. Prerequisite(s): PHO 1700 and 1890

PHO 2400 Photojournalism 3 Credits
A study of the methods and techniques of photojournalism as found in contemporary publications such as newspapers, magazines, and corporate publications. Topics include spot news, events, sports, features, environmental portraiture, photo essays, and professional practices. Prerequisite(s): PHO 1100 and 1890

PHO 2500 Wedding & Event Photography 3 Credits
A study of the methods, techniques, and business practices of contemporary wedding and event photography. Topics include the bridal portrait, location lighting, candid photography, location portraits, special event photography, marketing, salesmanship, and working with vendors and clientele. Students should be proficient in on-camera flash and studio strobe use. Prerequisite(s): PHO 1100, 1700, 1890 Corequisite(s): PHO 2300 and 2400 (Each may be taken prior to or concurrent with)

PHO 2700 Special Topics in Photography 1-3 Credits
Advanced photographic projects, emphasizing shooting techniques, imaging techniques, aesthetic exploration or academic research. May be repeated for a total 9 credits. Prerequisite(s): PHO 1890

PHO 2890 Photography Portfolio II 2 Credits
Students produce a working portfolio of their own photography to be used to represent their work in the marketplace. Emphasis is on selection of contents, materials and professional presentation. This course is meant for students who have completed the majority of their photographic coursework and are approaching graduation. Prerequisite(s): PHO 2200 or 2300 or 2400

PHO 2950 Independent Photographic Projects 3 Credits
This course is carried out independently by the student after consultation with a photography advisor to specify the details of the project. The student will report to the advisor during the course of the project to verify progress. Prerequisite(s): Consent of program coordinator

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