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starSPCH 1000 Introduction to Speech Communication 3 Credits
Fundamental theories and practices with particular reference to intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, organizational, and public communication.

SPCH 2000 Developing Speech Confidence 1 Credit
Techniques and practices for coping with apprehension about oral communications or stage fright. Recommended for those who are currently enrolled in SPCH 2100 and desire further work in dealing with readiness.

diamondstarSPCH 2100 Public Speaking 3 Credits
Principles and practices of the oral communication process, with a primary emphasis on extemporaneous public speaking. Course will incorporate research and planning, audience demographics, topic selection, small and large group communication, listening, reasoning, and evaluation skills. Corequisite(s): ENGL 1010

SPCH 2200 Interpersonal Communication 3 Credits
Process by which thoughts, feelings, and actions affect and are affected by the face-to-face communication situation. Application of interpersonal skills in group, family and work situations, including job interviewing. Prerequisite(s): ENGL 0800

SPCH 2400 Business & Professional Speaking 3 Credits
Principles and practices of oral communication within business and civic organizations, including public speaking, group decision-making through consensus building and parliamentary procedure, how to interview for information, and reflective listening. Prerequisite(s): ENGL 101

starSPCH 2800 Oral Interpretation 3 Credits
Art of reading aloud; development of interpretative techniques—both individual and group—and their application to selected passages of prose, poetry and drama.

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