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SURV 1550 Surveying Principles W/Lab 4 Credits
The basic theory and applications of measurement with steel tape, transit, level and total station. Topics include pacing, horizontal and vertical distance measurements, traverse computations, and field note. Prerequisite(s): MATH 1720 or 1730 or consent of program coordinator

SURV 2200 Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems 3 Credits
Designed for students who want to become generally familiar with GIS technology and those seeking basics needed for advanced GIS courses. An overview of the GIS profession and the opportunities available in the field, including introductory content on typical business and technical applications, data, software and techniques used to complete GIS projects are covered. Students receive hands-on experience with global positioning and GIS hardware and software. When possible, local GIS professionals present seminars on their work.

SURV 2260 Civil 3D Land Development Concepts 3 Credits
This course covers the essentials in AutoCAD Civil 3D as it applies to land development design and applications. Students learn how to generate subdivision parcels, create roadway alignments and produce different profile views. In addition, students create a stormwater piping system and profiles and a detention basin based on existing and finished ground elevations. This course also covers site grading in which students balance cut and fill calculations, create swales and berms, calculate corridor volumes, and show design sections. Prerequisite(s): CET 1100

SURV 2317 Advanced GIS 3 Credits
Advanced instruction in the use of commercial GIS software (ArcGIS) and associated tools used in various courses and GIS projects. Introduces the concept of work automation through models, VB scripts and field calculations. Presents methods that enable a GIS professional to register and rectify raster data for use in GIS projects. Students perform network and advanced spatial analysis. Students also are trained to use 3D tools to visualize GIS data. Prerequisite(s): SURV 2200

SURV 2510 Advanced Surveying W/Lab 4 Credits
Use of total stations, data collectors, GPS systems, surveying software and AutoCAD. Field applications of traversing, topo-mapping, profiling and crosssectioning, and construction stakeout. Related topics in surveying astronomy, photogrammetry, and horizontal and vertical curves. Prerequisite(s): SURV 1550 or consent of program coordinator

SURV 2520 Legal Aspects of Surveying 3 Credits
This course emphasizes the legal aspects of land surveying, including professionalism, licensing, documents, legal definitions and laws. Prerequisite(s): SURV 2510 or consent of program coordinator

SURV 2560 Geodetic Surveying 4 Credits
This course presents the concepts of astronomy and geodesy that are relevant to the practice of geodetic surveying. The concepts include the theory and field techniques used to establish ground coordinate control. The course also includes a basic introduction to the earth’s geometric and physical characteristics as they relate to the datums and coordinate systems used in geodetic surveys. Prerequisite(s): MATH 1910 Corequisite(s): SURV 2510

SURV 2567 Positioning With GPS 3 Credits
This course covers GPS positioning techniques for surveying applications that require higher accuracy or are used in special situations. Network control and adjustment, the availability and use of reference stations, and sources of errors such as multipath, atmospheric interference, and satellite constellation geometry are presented. The field techniques and relevant computations are introduced and practiced. Prerequisite(s): SURV 2560 or surveying experience and consent of program coordinator

SURV 2730 Surveying Hydrology 4 Credits
Introduces students to the theory and practice of hydrologic analysis and design to develop an analytical understanding of the basic phenomena of hydrology and to study a variety of practical quantitative methods and tools for solving hydrologic problems. Prerequisite(s): SURV 2260, 2510 or consent of CET program coordinator

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