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Video Production Technology

VPT 1015 Sound Production 3 Credits
An introduction to basic audio production equipment, processes and analog and digital systems, including introduction to Pro Tools. Analog and digital systems will be used to record, mix and produce a variety of aural media. Emphasis will be placed on recording on location and in the studio, mixing and effects, and processing of multiple sound tracks for use in film, television/video, and the multimedia environment.

VPT 1020 Special Topics in Video 3 Credits
Selected basic and advanced topics in video, including specialized software and hardware. Topics offered will provide special opportunities for students to explore a variety of emerging media or industry trends not normally available. May be repeated for a total of 6 credits. Prerequisite(s): Consent of program coordinator

VPT 1021 Adobe After Effects 3 Credits
Introduction to one of the industry’s most popular motion graphics software tools. Students produce animations through key framing, text, masking, mattes and 3D space. Compositing video, film and title sequences are emphasized.

VPT 1022 Guerrilla Filmmaking 3 Credits
This is an introductory course for both the general interest student and the VPT student. It is a hands-on course covering all aspects of low- to no-budget filmmaking. Pre-production, production, post-production and distribution will be covered. By the end of the course, the class will have collectively produced and distributed an actual film.

VPT 1023 Guerrilla Sound 3 Credits
This is an introductory hands-on production course for students interested in experiencing the process of creating a soundtrack for film or video. The course may be taken with VPT 1022 Guerrilla Filmmaking for a broader production experience and increased understanding of soundtrack design and creation. Basic sound design, recording and mixing are included using several industry standard software tools, including Pro Tools.

starVPT 1030 Introduction to Desktop Video/Audio 3 Credits
An introductory course for VPT students covering basic desktop computer operating systems and the technologies used to bring photographic (film, video, still) images and audio into the digital domain. Students will learn to prepare audio and video media from pre-production to postproduction, using applications that include QuickTime, Pro Tools and Avid, for analog and digital delivery systems and the internet.

starVPT 1045 Technical Video Production 3 Credits
Introduction to the basic technologies and processes used in video: the system and the equipment, the basic procedures, techniques and the process of design and production. Students shoot, edit in camera; analyze short projects; learn the basic principles of audio and visual communication; and employ the concepts and vocabulary of motion picture aesthetics. The production process and the job roles are examined throughout, from idea through shooting, through postproduction.

VPT 1050 Electronic Cinematography 3 Credits
This course will focus upon the technical and aesthetic aspects of motion picture photography (using an electronic camera), including image composition, lenses, aperture and shutter speed settings, how to “shoot for editing,” camera mounting equipment, field and studio lighting equipment and techniques, video signal test equipment and theory, and other various related technologies and grip equipment. The course will utilize “expert examples” by world- famous directors of photography and feature hands-on assignments with professional-level facilities and equipment. Corequisite(s): VPT 1045

VPT 1090 Campus Broadcast I: Studio Operations 3 Credits
Hands-on workshop providing beginning students with an opportunity to participate in live-to-tape studio television productions and to support VPT 1500 students as production crew for a variety of in-studio production. Camera, teleprompter, and character generator (graphics) operation; sound support and other technical aspects of production are included.

VPT 1210 Video Editing 4 Credits
The course is the second in a three-course sequence and is designed to increase student skills with Avid software, aesthetic theory, and application and practical use of linear and nonlinear editors. Prerequisite(s): VPT 1030

VPT 1220 Final Cut Pro 3 Credits
This course is offered as a beginning-level Final Cut Pro HD course. Covers all aspects of the application, including multi-layered motion graphics, nested effects, multitrack soundtracks and compression for internet and DVD delivery.

starVPT 1400 Scriptwriting for Mass Media 3 Credits
Writing of visually oriented scripts for the following: commercials, training programs, communications and documentary programs, emphasizing the interdependence between the visual and auditory portions of the script. Prerequisite(s): ENGL 1010

starVPT 1500 Campus Broadcast II: Producing & Directing for TV 3 Credits
Studio production course emphasizing the development of producing and directing skills in preparation for developing news/communications programming for Pellissippi State’s on-campus video news magazine. Students will produce and direct studio programming using VPT 1090 students as production crew. Prerequisite(s): VPT 1030 and 1045 and 1090 Corequisite(s): VPT 1015 and 1210 and 1400

VPT 2015 Pro Tools 3 Credits
Advanced sound techniques, emphasizing creative control of audio and sound for picture using Pro Tools. Multiple soundtracks with voice, music, and effects will be produced, edited, and mixed for distribution in various formats, primarily for video and CD. The focus is primarily on stereo editing and mixing, although some surround concepts will be introduced. Prerequisite(s): VPT 1015

VPT 2016 Advanced Pro Tools 3 Credits
Advanced Pro Tools sound techniques, emphasizing creative control of audio and sound for motion picture/film using Pro Tools. Multiple soundtracks with voice, music, and effects are produced, edited, and mixed for distribution in all major professional formats (DVD, gaming, film, music). The initial focus is primarily for stereo editing and mixing. Surround concepts are roughly 50 percent of the course. Prerequisite(s): VPT 2015

VPT 2215 Advanced Editing 3 Credits
Advanced-level film/video editing with Avid nonlinear editors (NLEs). Course designed to train students in advanced-level skills by completing actual projects. Includes instruction in nested effects, keying, color correction and other higher-level processes. Unity LANshare mass storage and at least one HDV project included in instruction. Prerequisite(s): VPT 1210

VPT 2220 Advanced Final Cut Pro 3 Credits
The goal of this course is to develop artistic skills as an editor, moving students from the role of technician to visual storyteller. The course introduces structural and aesthetic challenges and further develops technical editing skills. The course also covers color correction, audio sweetening, motion graphics, Photoshop, DVD menu design and other areas of student interest. Prerequisite(s): VPT 1220

VPT 2330 Budgeted Production 3 Credits
A project course focusing on production management principles and budgeting in a collaborative environment. Students will produce a video for a client while working within a fixed budget and deadline. Prerequisite(s): VPT 1015 and 1045 and 1210 and 1400

starVPT 2400 Advanced Scriptwriting 3 Credits
Course addresses the writing of long format scripts that incorporate advanced concepts in dramatic writing for visual media, including the documentary and high-impact videos for corporate/instructional programs. Emphasis will be placed on understanding long form structure through reading and writing. Prerequisite(s): VPT 1400

starVPT 2500 Campus Broadcast III: Electronic Field Production 3 Credits
Electronic field production (EFP) course. Students will develop story ideas, write scripts, conduct and record video interviews, and edit news packages for the Pellissippi State video news magazine. Emphasis will be placed on establishing high production values, working to deadlines and with a team. Prerequisite(s): VPT 1045 and 1500

VPT 2660 Independent Video Projects 3 Credits
An elective independent production opportunity offered to advanced VPT students in good standing who may wish to work on a project of their choice. Genre may be chosen by students pending approval of supervising instructor or VPT coordinator after submission of complete production plan before the end of the prior semester. Guidelines will be individually negotiated for successful completion of this course. Prerequisite(s): VPT 2330 and consent of program coordinator

VPT 2770 Documentary Production 3 Credits
An advanced project course focusing on the documentary form as an opportunity for an individualized expression. Each student will be responsible for the creation of a documentary designed to communicate his or her point of view on a topical and/or controversial subject or issue. Prerequisite(s): VPT 2330 and consent of program coordinator

VPT 2910 Campus Broadcast IV: Program Production Management 3 Credits
Advanced-level participation in the production and management of a campus video news magazine for and about Pellissippi State. Students will supervise the production of college news/communication programming and be responsible for program content, deadlines, technical quality, and assignment of personnel. Course will involve both field and studio production and postproduction. News gathering and writing skills will be emphasized. Prerequisite(s): VPT 1400 and 2500

VPT 2960 Remote Field Production 3 Credits
Hands-on workshop providing students with an opportunity to participate in live-to-tape on-location productions and to provide support for PSCC special events with an on-location production crew. Electronic field production (EFP) course. Students will develop story ideas, write scripts, conduct and record video interviews. Emphasis will be placed on establishing high production values, working to deadlines and with a team. Prerequisite(s): VPT 1090

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